Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Limited Edition Pink Lokai, Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Lokai Bracelet
Limited Edition 

 Hello everyone. I wanted to do a quick blog post because today I was pleasantly surprised to come home to an unexpected delivery after a long day. I ordered my Lokai Pink, Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet back Sept 12 I believe and thought it was a Pre-sale so was not expecting it to be shipped out till after Oct 1. If you collect these cool bracelets then you know they have a limited edition bracelet that they release every couple of months in addition to the Classic (clear) lokai bracelet. 

I was gifted with the Blue Lokai back in March and didn't know much about them at the time but my daughters were both given one too from a good family friend who was born on Israel and always gives us stuff Dead Sea related when she travels to Israel. She had placed a large order of these cool bracelets and gave them out as gifts for one of her many events she has every year. I got the card explaining the foundation it was for along with what the bracelet represents. The black bead is the grounded bead and comes from the lowest point on the earth, it contains mud from the Dead Sea and then the white bead has water from the highest level on earth. Mount Everest. It is a reminder to always be grounded and humble in good and bad times. I really loved the meaning behind it and I always love companies that give proceeds to a good cause. The blue bracelet was giving proceeds to Charity Water, a non profit organization devoted to bringing clean drinking water to developing nations. 

My oldest daughter came home from school not long after spring break and told me all the kids at school had similar bracelets but were clear, so I googled the Lokai company and came across their website. I discovered back in 2009 they had released the Classic Lokai with clear beads and it was the same deal with the black and white beads. These became popular with people as a reminder to always remain grounded and humble. Whether through your highest points in life remaining humble and lowest points of being hopeful. To always be grounded. I really liked this and everything I read so I decided to order the clear classic and sign up for their emails. 

Not long after my classic bracelets arrived along with a pamphlet about the bracelets and a sticker I got an email that they were about to launch their next limited edition bracelet in a camouflage design. I love camo and it was to raise money for the WWF. I of course had to order them, I love again anything that I order and know that proceeds are going to a respected foundation that I support along with receiving a positive and cool bracelet in return. Both my kids love them as well so I always get three. 

Not long ago my blue one broke and I was super upset. I was getting ready for our camping trip and was wearing camo so of course I had to wear my Lokai bracelets. I went to slip my bracelet on and I have ordered the medium cause I have small wrists, I don't ever have to stretch them to put them on the slide right over my hand but it just snapped as I slid it on. It could be from wearing to the beach between salt water and sun, plus I had this one the longest. My oldest daughter told me a lot of the kids at school had their bracelets break. I was sad because it was a limited edition one and they don't sell them through Lokai. My hubby knew I was upset and told me before we left not to worry he ordered me replacement off Amazon that would arrive that next week. It came within a few days but as soon as I opened it something looked off. I still had my broken on so I compared them and sure enough it was smaller in size and I he had ordered me another medium, then the beads were smaller and it looked cheaper. I was sad I had a fake but was happy I had something. I happened to mention to the same friend who had given it to me a few weeks later and she told me she had two larges left if I wanted one. I took the large and honestly it isn't much bigger, I actually prefer the large because I goes right on and I feel like it won't snap cause there is no spot it feels tight going over my hand. I now wish all of them were a large because with my OCD I like them to all be the same size lol. 

I was wondering what would be the next lokai and actually messaged them on FB and Instagram asking if it would be pink for Oct, Breast cancer awareness month but no one answered me lol. I had a feeling and when I saw the announcement I was excited. I set a reminder on my phone of the three dates and luckily ordered that first weekend. I got a small, medium and large, one for each of my girls and myself. I didn't think it would arrive till mid October but was excited to open my envelope to find a pink envelope, lokai sticker and Susan G. Komen letter. The pink is lovely and again I love knowing that proceeds from each purchase goes to an amazing cause. 

I hope in the future they have a bracelet for MS. Leukemia and even Lupus. Below are my photos and remember you can officially order your own Sept 27 is the last Pre-sale date and then after Oct 1 they will be available on the website for the entire month. Don't order off amazon or eBay. Already saw some people selling them for double the money. I have all the limited editions. You don't need to pay more for them unless you miss the date or time frame. You have plenty of time to order. Don't purchase anywhere other the Lokai cause they are likely fake and the proceeds aren't going to the charity. 


Thanks for reading and my prayers and thought are with everyone battling or that know some who is or has battled Breast cancer. 🎀✌️❤️

Blessing always 


  1. Awesome collection I only have the classic and hope to order the pink October 1. Love all your Lokai bracelets.

    1. I love my Lokai bracelets, I was very excited to see they added the pink for breast cancer awareness month. I love they donate money to the charity for the limited edition bracelets. I have already worn my pink lokai a few times and love the color, it's a great addition. Enjoy.

  2. I have all 6 I love them...I buy 2 of each always..smalls.....I have the and I just ordered 3 of the neon rainbow ones...

    1. Oops didn't hit the reply button lol the comment below is to you. Thank you again and enjoy your new bracelets they look gorgeous, perfect colors for summer.

  3. Lisa,

    Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment I always love to hear from others, especially anyone who stops by my blog. I own one of every style and then my daughters each have some of their faves. I just ordered three of the neon bracelets one for each of us. (I have two daughters) I can't wait to receive them I love the mix colors, the camo is one of my faves. I actually got the blue one as a gift from a friend and then my daughter told me that a lot of the kids in her high school had clear ones so I looked into them and before long they released the WWF. I had one break on me cause it was too small on my wrist and I had worn it to the beach so I think the sun and salt water may have been damaging for it but we actually opened up the beads to see that was inside cause my hubby doubted anything was in them but we proved him wrong. I really love the concept of living a balanced life and the high low points, plus love that they donate money to different charities with their limited edition bracelets. Thank you again for passing by and taking the time to comment. I ordered my neons on Monday I believe it was the day I got the email so I'm excited to see them in person. Have a wonderful week. Peace and love always xoxo