Sunday, September 13, 2015

Lacey Ryan Fall line at Maurice's.

Last year I discovered this amazing designer from NY, her name is Lacey Ryan and she designs amazing jewelry. Every piece is so creative, unique and I love how all her pieces can be stacked, or mixed and matched. I have many pieces from her line, and from her Maurice's exclusive line. I got my first piece as a gift and once I discovered that she had a line at Maurice's I was hooked. I love that she has collaborated with Maurice's to make a line that is not only affordable but high quality also.

I love how her pieces have a bohemian look and vibe to them. My favorites are her beaded bracelet collections, and I love her long layering statement necklaces also. I have a few of her hand chains and just ordered a hand cage. I have wanted one for a while and was so excited to see she designed one for her new Fall line at 

Below are some of my favorites from her new line. Be sure to go to You can also follow Lacey on Instagram at @Laceyryaninc and she has a link to her website on her profile. I hope you enjoy some of my favorites, who am I kidding I love the entire line but I did try to narrow it down some. I ordered a few pieces and can't wait to wear them. Have a fabulous week, and stay tuned for some high lights this week from Ny Fall fashion week. Along with more of my favorite shops and designers this fall. Xoxo ✌️❤️

I love all the gold and bronze tones for fall along with the reds, greens and browns. Turquoise is my favorite color and stone along with tiger eye. I love how she put together this line using so many amazing tones for fall.  I own two layering necklaces and a few lariat style necklaces by Lacey Ryan and my favorite is a triple layer gold tone necklace with a bronze horn and arrowhead. I get so many compliments on it. I love that all my previous pieces I own will mix and match so well with the new line also, so then I can still wear my favorites from prior seasons but have some new pieces to freshen up my looks. Lacey Ryan really is my one of my top faves for jewelry designers. I was super excited to see all these new pieces. 

Above are some of the silver and turquoise pieces I loved with one gold and turquoise piece thrown in. I don't wear a lot of earrings but I have to have these arrowhead earrings love them. Also as soon as I saw this turquoise bracelet set it went straight into my cart, I have been wanting a turquoise set by Lacey. It really was hard to only get a few pieces but I had to narrow it down because I was not planning on ordering. Hope I can scoop up more pieces next payday. 

I grabbed the long lariat style arrowhead necklace, the turquoise bracelets and the hand cage, I hope to order the two layering necklace sets, tiger eye ring, and the turquoise hand chain next payday then maybe another bracelet set in browns. Be sure to check out all these items on 

I have to have this set above, love the tiger eye arrowhead and will match so nice with my gold tone feather earrings from her prior collection. Feathers are my favorite and again I adore her layered necklace sets this one is one of my new faves. 

I love this silver ton triple layer necklace also. For $29 you can't beat it and will match amazing with the five set bracelets I ordered.  

I won a gift certificate on my birthday to Stella and Dot when we went to dinner at The Melting Pot. They had a ladies night event going on and I had the raffle ticket in my napkin for a chance to spin the wheel and win a prize. I picked out a lovely silver and rhinestone triple chevron design ring, this necklace will match amazing. 

I was really excited for this hand chain. Love her hand chains and cages this one has the cage style and looks amazing. Can't wait to receive it. 

This is the bracelet set I went with, I own a few sets of her beaded bracelets and every one is gorgeous, like I mentioned above they also are all great for mixing and matching or stacking. 

Hope you enjoyed some of my favorites from the Fall line by Lacey Ryan and XOXO

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  1. What a gorgeous line and the prices are amazing. I am going to order a couple bracelet sets and two necklaces, I am getting married next month and have my shower, rehearsal dinner and lots of get together a before the big, I need lots of pretty jewelry to accessorize my outfits with and of course the honeymoon. Love your blog and Instagram feed always so much inspiration for the everyday woman. Thanks for sharing and have a successful week.