Friday, September 18, 2015

Fall fringe and suede fashions

Fall fringe and suede fashions

Miss Selfridge vest

Glamorous leather jacket
$70 -

Bodycon skirt

Basketball shorts
$1.55 -

Vince Camuto sandals

Burberry fringe purse

Decree charm bracelet


  1. Fringe is very fall fashion. Everything fringe and suede. You nailed it. Great post

    1. Thank you so much. I am loving fringe for the fall and suede. Also super into everything vintage, I found some amazing vintage long skirts, boots and a few vintage tees at a local farmers marker on the flea market day. Met a lady who sells some amazing 50-80's vintage stuff. Can't wait to wear. Hardest part is back then everyone was tiny lol, everything is for a size 0-2 must be from wearing those corsets lol. Thanks for your comment. Sorry it took me awhile to respond didn't have access to respond. Xoxo