Friday, September 25, 2015

Designer strappy ankle boots for fall

Falls hottest ankle boot trend, look alike for less.
Strappy ankle bootie with chunky heel

I have been wanting to order these high end, strappy ankle booties for a while but purchased a fringe pair a few weeks back and already own so many boots that I don't really need any.  How ever I have been wanting a good pair of dark or light ankle booties for my collection.  I found a cute pair at Marshall's and scooped them up under $40 in a brown shade then found some cute straps that you can tie on to your old boots for a new look, that are super cool.  I will have an upcoming post to feature these cute accessories that I wish I would have thought of designing, last year I had to have the FreeBird by Madden tall boots with rope and chain ankle detail, and these new add on straps could have turned any average pair of boots into a similar look for way less.  I also just love how you can buy a few pairs of these tie on straps to take one pair of boots and give them so many looks.    More to come on those in the next week or so...

For now these are my favorite boots I have been eyeing from Free People, the Hybrid boot.  They retail for $175-200.

Photo credit and shoes also found here: Hybrid on sale $140

Then you can find all the color choices at Free People Hybrid Boot $198

I want every color but was wanting a dark pair and a beige pair.  I went on the search and found several sellers from Sears, Overstock and Zulily, but most only had Navy and sizes were limited.

Finally after contacting several Ebay stores I buy from often that sell wholesale to a lot of the online boutiques and shops you find on FaceBook and Instagram these days, I was told the lighter beige and brown in the common sizes 7-9 would be out of stock till mid October.

I hit Amazon because my husband has the Prime membership and is always on me to check Amazon also.  I am a Ebayer and Etsy gal he is an Amazon guy.  Sure enough I found a pair in gray which doesn't look gray to me, looks more like a dark brown but we will see when they arrive.  I love gray for fall, and wanted a darker color.  Love the look.  Went with a 7.5 usually I am a 8 and in boots I tend to order a 8.5 because of socks but these won't need socks since they are open maybe a slip on nylon style no show sock but nothing thick.  The size chart showed for a women's 7.5 that it measures 9.5.  Fingers crossed, measured my shoes and all are 9-9.5 unless I got them bigger for room for socks.

Image result for urban 04 gray
Image result for urban 04 grayImage result for urban 04

Photo above is from and is the Urban 04 in gray.  These retail from $30-42 depending on the site and color.  I paid $40 for mine. They only had a size 6 left but found these on Amazon.  They had sizes 5-7.5 and 10 then all sizes in navy. Update:  Received my boots and added a new post and a photo to this post along with a link to the shop.  They have some sizes in stock still so be sure to hurry to get a pair before they sell out.  I know some shops I spoke with on eBay are hoping to restock the other colors in all sizes mid October.

Image result for urban 04Image result for urban 04

The Amazon store sent me the boots so I now have the name they have a Instagram @shopsophiemay and their website is

Above are two of the other colors that are available, the beige is the hardest to find in stock and navy you can find almost everywhere.  I also saw a dark brown and black but were out of stock.  You can google urban 04 and then the options will pop up.  Check Ebay, Amazon and then google has other shops that carry them.  Several sellers I spoke to told me that these are popular cause of the high end version being a top seller for fall, so they are sold out of the popular shades in the most common sizes but are expecting more mid October.  If you can't find your size or color just be patient they will be in stock soon.  Happy to have saved $150 then save $140 on my other boots thats almost $300 saved for a trip for Spring Break or for Christmas.  Love to save.

Would love to hear from anyone who has similar finds or bargains, or that own the higher end design or the inspired by ankle boots.  I love to hear what everyone thinks and what you like.  I know I like to save always.  Off to bed late here, happy tomorrow is Friday.  Typing at almost 1 a.m. so going to have to proof this tomorrow but wanted to share this hot trend and amazing deal with all my fashionista bargain hunters.  I am excited to share some beauty stuff next week along with sharing lots of new items I ordered online and picked up while puling pieces for a job, got some cute new jeans, joggers, flannels, accessories, and a long maxi that has a total vintage vibe, from all places Target!  Got to love Target fashion.  Good night and happy bargain hunting. XOXO


  1. Wow amazing price and they look so close. May not have that worn look but a tip on learned working for Doc Marten as a teen buy some boot oil and use that one the straps in some areas and on the tip of toe will give them that worn look. Thanks for sharing this I couldn't find my size in the lighter shades but grabbed a pair in gray. Anxious to see what they look like in person they don't look gray like you said.

    1. Yay! Awesome I can't believe I just posted and already comments makes me so happy love to share. I have also heard that tip and I have learned using brown or black shoe polish on lighter shoes can give that worn textured look. Ty for sharing that and yes let me know when they arrive would love to hear what you think. I will be posting for sure when they arrive and styling away. Lol. Off to bed my alarm will be going off in four hours. Save me now. Happy it's Friday. Happy TGIF and have a good night xoxo Ty for commenting also.

  2. What a great find I am psyched to order a pair. I found a pair in my size on Zulily like you had mentioned and on sale for $24.99 I am very happy to have found your blog before spending $200 on the same style. I know I will maybe wear them once or twice a week, I collect boots and these will be a fantastic addition. Amen for google search and amazing bloggers like yourself that take the time to find these deals, then post about them for others to be able to save money and find amazing deals. Will be sure to let you know now they work out.

    1. Excellent I am so happy you found my post before paying more. I am always happy to help. Hope you enjoy your new shoes and can't believe you paid $24.99 I saw that but they didn't have my size almost went with a larger size just because I love the lighter shade so much. I found a eBay seller that told me she will have more in stock in the brown, tan and black in a couple of weeks. I will be sure to update the post to add a link. Thanks for the comment. Xoxo