Friday, September 25, 2015

Audrey inspired, black and white polka dot ootd

Audrey Inspired Classy Look

A little black and white style for you this lovely Friday afternoon. Was going through all my photos from the passed few weeks and still have a bunch I have not uploaded or shared on social media or my blog. I hate to post a bunch of outfits each day but was laid up and then had some technical issues with my phone, so I am a bit behind on posts. I would normally just discard some photos which I have done, but there are some I just have to share. 

First up I felt this Audrey Hepburn inspired look was one that needed to be shared. This is just another example of how you can take a graphic tee shirt or tank then style it to make a classy outfit perfect for work, or a night out. 

I have always loved black and white photography has that vintage feel and I love all things vintage. How much do you think, if you had to guess this outfit cost? Keep in mind I have on some simple black heels, with a slightly pointed two and mid heel by Rock Republic that aren't pictured, and then some classic pearl and rhinestone earrings.  I will go over the outfit and break it down, then do my best to add some links where you can find similar or same pieces, then I will tell you how much the outfit cost when I am done. Let's see if anyone guesses right. 

My necklace is a Chanel inspired pearl necklace I found on EBay. Its half black and half white with the C logo enamel black and white charms. I purchased this necklace and another blush with cream pearls from the same buyer back a few years ago and paid $7-10 a piece. 

You can find a real Chanel necklace similar to mine here Chanel Black and White pearls $1790
Mine of course is not real they are inspired by and I got these awhile back, I was not able to find the same style but did find the above one for $65.  Still high priced but lovely necklace.
If I come across any similar deals I will update with a link.  

Love off the shoulder graphic tee $19.99 Tara Lynn's Boutique 10% off link

Use my exclusive link and save 10% off at Tara Lynn's now 

Polka Dot Chiffon Maxi skirt prices vary by size Polka Dot Chiffon Bohemian Maxi Skirt Ebay
Xl was $12 from this seller, but you can go to Ebay and search Polka dot chiffon maxi and a bunch of different sellers pop up, I went with the one of the first ones and less expensive.  

I saw a few of these skirts online and for $45-70. I wasn't sure how it would look on and if I was going to love it so I didn't really want to spend that much for it without really knowing, so I started the search. Sure enough good old eBay always come through for me. It isn't as well made as some of the ones I saw listed for a higher price, or who knows could be the same skirt, the stores have to get find them somewhere and resell them but I really love the quality. It has a nice lining and isn't see through. At first I thought I would maybe need a slip or under skirt to make it look fuller and keep it from being see through but that wasn't needed. I ended up loving it so much I ordered it in an emerald green solid and then a floral print. This skirt I paid under $10 for only down fall was it took a couple weeks to arrive. It is from China and when ordering from China remember their sizes are a lot smaller. I went with a XL and it fits me perfect. It has an elastic waist and I can wear it lower on my waist for a long floor sweeping skirt, or higher on my waist for the perfect ankle length. I can't say enough times how much I love this skirt. I have worn it several times with graphic tees, and I have worn it with black and white dressier tops, which make it actually look like a really fancy dress. 

I purchased this bracelet almost two years ago so was not able to find the same one, did find a pretty rhinestone burst bracelet that would look pretty with some strands of plain pearls 

Also found this triple layer pearl bracelet Lynne Pearl Bracelet


My rhinestone star burst, and multi stand pearl bracelet I purchased at Charming Charlie's when my oldest daughter had a Gatsby themed dance for middle school. Added it for a little extra touch of glam. 


So how much did you guess the cost of this look was? My tee was roughly $16. Skirt was $8, necklace $7, earrings were a hand me down so free but you could find simple earrings for under $5 and the shoes were on sale for $19. So that would make it around $50 give or take a few dollars. If you take away accessories the tee and skirt cost under $25. That's awesome for such a classy look. 

Photo from

Audrey wore a lot of black and white, along with being seen in polka dot often.
Photo from Google image search

Just something about that skirt always makes me think of this fashion and style icon.

*Photos are not mine, all photos are from google search or Pinterest.

I love vintage clothing, always looking for real vintage pieces still in good condition and in my size to add to my wardrobe.

Before I sign off since I am posting black and white wanted to share another post that was left out. Call it one from the cutting room floor. 

Dress, similar style $14.99 Trust Black and White striped dress

I got this cute black and white striped tank dress off eBay for under $10 and the faux leather cropped jacket with studs was from Love Culture when the store was closing. It was marked down to $8 and was 65% off that. Another cute outfit for under $25. Love this jacket, has a quilted leopard print lining and snap buttons up the front. Has that eighties vibe with the wide waste band and wrist bands? I love rocker chic looks as much as I love vintage and bohemian chic looks. 

Excited for all the new pieces I have found lately. Stocked up on some new graphic tees for fall and winter, jeans, leggings, mid to long skirts, boots and more. Can't wait to style them all and post more outfit ideas and inspiration for everyone. Also excited to be taking part in a style challenge, I have seen these on social media and was thinking it would be fun to take part. I usually just wake up and do my morning routine then walk into my closet and whatever piece whether a top, bottom, dress or shoes calls out to me, I then style an outfit around it. Also some days it's my mood or the weather that has a lot of play in what I wear. 

Again this is an older jacket but was able to find a faux cropped leather jacket on eBay

Hope everyone has a fun Friday and dliteful weekend. Ty for passing by my blog and make sure to check out my links on my side bar to some of my favorite stores. Lots of great shops I love. I am going to be adding more this weekend. Also have some promo codes to add as well. ✌️❤️

*All Audrey Hepburn Photos are from Google Image search.  None of them belong to myself or my blog, using solely for comparison and inspirational use only.  Thank you.


  1. Great post. I have been looking for this exact same skirt under $50 thank you for sharing. I have been hesitant to order from China because I always see bad reviews but seeing your skirt has set my mind at ease. Looks just like the higher end ones but for way less. I want it for family photos. My kids have polka dot dresses and my husband is wearing black pants with a white dress shirt, I wanted to wear this skirt and a white button down blouse, going to order now to make sure it arrives before our photos. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I am always happy to share my finds with everyone, I know when I find a style or piece for way less than I have seen it online or in stores I get so excited and want to tell everyone lol. It is a lot like the higher priced ones, depending on where you have seen it may even be the exact same one. Sounds like your family photos will look cute, love styling our family photo outfits also. We use to all match but now that I have a teenager we just pick a color palette and then let them pick what they want to wear as long as it matches in those colors lol. Thank you for leaving your comment and would love to hear what you think of the skirt when it arrives. Thank you for your support means so much to me, specially at this time with my health issues I have been so grateful for everyone supporting my blog XOXO

  2. I have had problems trying to comment on your blog from my samsung galaxy. I can only comment from my desktop computer. If I try from my phone no matter what I do when I press publish the comment disapears in to the air and because they have to be approved first I do not know if you ever see the comment or if it didnt work at all.

    1. Brenda,

      I am so sorry you have had issues leaving a comment. I had to set up the comment approval back six months ago when I had issues with some girl I don't even know turning strangers against me and having mean comments left. I prefer to approve them first. I have not had issues in awhile but because I have kids and my oldest daughter along with her friends read my blog don't want them seeing any inappropriate content. I have had a few others mention to me that they have had issues posting from their phones also so I will check with google and see if there is an issue or what is going on. Thank you for commenting and happy your post got through. Have a great weekend and let me know if there is anything you need. Xoxo ✌️❤️

  3. Please post a link for the necklace you have on.

    1. I am working on finding some similar, I have had this necklace for a long time and the seller is no longer on eBay. Once I find something I will be sure to update and will leave a response here for you. Thank you for passing by xoxo