Thursday, January 29, 2015

My ootd from Sunday

Sunday night we had some amazing weather here. I know a lot of you are having some crazy weather and hope everyone is keeping warm along with saying safe. Here we don't get much cold weather and it is always a nice change. Sunday I decided to layer up and wear some items I have not gotten much use out of but am looking forward to wearing while in vacation next month. 

We decided to take a trip out west to Holiday Park in the Everglades for the sunset. I got some amazing photos of the sunset along with meeting some amazing ladies from IG while I was there. I always love to meet other ladies who have a love for photography like I do. Also it's fun to meet people from Instagram. 

For my outfit I wore a pair of Americsn Eagle jeans that I love. I love many brands and some are more expensive then others but when I am looking for an inexpensive pair of nice fitting jeans I always hit the American Eagle outlet. Even their regular stores always have amazing sales along with a great clearance section, but the outlet has a huge clearance area and always has the jeans on sale for half of what they retail for. I love their skinny jeans and super skinny jeans. They are soft, fit amazing and for $20-25 can't beat it. 

I paired those with a eBay find white tee that has a quarter of the sleeve ribbed and my favorite thumb holes for your finger, love this because I can keep my hands warm and don't need gloves or hand warmers. I layered with my Old Navy clearance vest in navy and white stripes, and brought my navy peacoat along in case I needed an extra layer as the sun went down. I also had my Burbery scarf in navy plaid and clearance mossimo boots from Target. Another amazing deal with cartwheel I found last week. 

Here is a flat lay shot of my outfit before I got dressed. Posted on IG

The tall navy socks with lace trim and bow were another eBay find, under $3 with shipping. They are super cute and tall. You can't see but the have a heart design on them. 

A selfie from IG of the outfit on once we returned home from taking photos.

I don't like to take bathroom mirror selfies but it is the easiest way to get the entire look without having to have one of my kids take a photo for me lol. I saw at Walmart they have the selfie stick that you attach your iPhone or phone to and can take pictures with. May invest for better photos for you all to see. 

Impressed myself because I got everything seen here on eBay or from the stores on sale at 50% below retail or more in some cases. Old navy had an amazing sale the day after Christmas online and target is killing it with sales. Will have a post shortly about my target finds and deals this week, including that pouf I posted last week that was on sale for $41, well I went back to get a few things with a giftcard I won got target and it was on sale for 29. Hope to get another one today. 

I have been working hard on spring cleaning. All week I have been cleaning my closet and dressing area, donating many items and will be selling more stuff. I will have some photos soon but first have to make a target run. Stay tuned for my cleaning shots and tips for organizing your closet. Also will have some shots of my bohemian inspired bedroom update, target finds and more outfits of the day, along with some weekly mail. Always gl email and to share my newest finds and deals. 

Enjoy xoxo

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