Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year, winter style shots

Happy new year to all. Sorry been gone for a couple months took a break to spend some time with my family and prepare for the holidays. Even though I have taken a brief break from then blog still been busy finding some cute fashion deals and enjoying playing with some different style for the winter season. 

I recently have purchased many new items online and in stores on sale. Old Navy, H&M , Urban Outfitters and Anthro to name a few of my favorite stores have had some amazing after holiday sales. I was super excited to finally find an amazing quilted puffer jacket with fur trimmed hoodie for $20 from H&M, scooped up some J Crew quilted vests in pin strip, and camo, had the herringbone but sold it recently on eBay. Got a few cute sweaters, a jacket, vest and other cute items on sale from Old Navy. Target had some super cute boots I got back in the fall on sale for $24.99 in cognac, they lace up and have a mid heel. I also found a tall black pair with buckles on sale for 24 this passed week. All the stores are starting to mark down boots and winter clothes here. My mom got my little one the cutest pair of black boots for $10 at walmart. They have a little heel and super cute straps with buckle. 

Also added some new cute graphic tees to my collection, rocked some older flannels and sweaters, some new jeans I love by Machine denim. Of course my regular  favorites by Vigoss, Miss Me, Hudson and lucky brand to name a few. Love layering and wish I had cooler weather where I live but we have yet to have many cool fronts this season. As I type this the temperature is dropping here but not suppose to get that cold. 

Quickly going to post a few photo collages of some of my outfits from the month of November and December, along with some recent purchases either I ordered online or scooped up in store while returning items from the holidays. Found a super cute lace trim sweater online from Utban Outiftrers in black and olive green then found a similar one at Marshall's for $19.99, it is a cable knit sweater with lace trim and grabbed that in cream first then found a pink color this week. 

Enjoy the photos and I will update this post tomorrow with all the details for the photos, for what I am wearing, brands, stores to find them and deals. Hope everyone had an amazing holiday and New Years. I am excited to be updating the look of the blog, plus I will have more winter styles, deals and spring finds coming soon. 

Wish the best for everyone in 2015,

Some cute graphic tees I have been wearing. Like to layer for the cooler months with cardigan, button down chambray or flannel tops and kimono style, open front tops. 
Top left is from Target and is my first spring purchase, it's a cute long romper that is strapless and I layered with a yellow cardigan also from target.  Next to it was my Christmas Eve outfit, kept it comfortable and simple with a Marshall's sweater and leggings, the bottom left is a simple black tee from Old Navy and this cute Lucky Brand Aztec style cardigan, my mom purchased me for Christmas. Love it. Then next to that is my eBay find tassel, kimono that I got for &10. 
Been wearing sweaters when ever the weather drops the slightest, some u have had for awhile. The top left and bottom left sweater is a loose knit, off the shoulder white sweater I have from Kohls and purchased last winter, I paired it with Machine ripped jeans and a simple white tank top. I got a lot of comments and likes on my Instagram for this outfit. Very comfy and not to warm for those Florida winter days. Top right was the lace and cream sweater I mentioned in my post above, I found this at Marshall's and was only $19.98 , paired with lucky brand jeans also from Marshall's. Bottom right is another old sweater I got last winter from Marshall's and paired with some skinny jeans by Seven denim. I have been wearing a lot of leg warmers and talk socks with boots this season also. I will post a entry soon with my socks, leg warmers, leggings and boots. 
Top left and right along with bottom left is a outfit I threw together for holiday shopping and a end of the school year party before Christmas break. The sweater is a cable knit Michael Kors sweater I purchased on eBay last winter, paired with Vigoss jeans, cream lace trim leg warmers and talk, brown leather, Guess boots. In the evening it was a little cold here so grabbed out my Tory Burch brown leather jacket to keep warm.  Bottom right is a simple pair of holiday leggings, and a warm oversized, black sweatshirt. Both items purchased from a online boutique I follow on Facebook called 2Chicksandacause. They donate some of the proceeds to a set foundation or fund every month. Love when some of my money goes to a good cause. 

More graphic tees I love, top left was my Good Vibes only tee from Mulberry Press Co, next to it a new tee I got in October from Pebby Forevee. Love it and worn it several times, has a off the shoulder cut look and love the saying, it's a John Muir quote, "The mountains are calling and I must go". Excited because the mountains have been calling and we are going. Bottom left is from Be Still Clothing and is my camo be still and know tee. I believe I have posted this before. One of t favorites, love the camo print tee with white font.  Bottom right is a tee I found from a shop on eBay that makes tons of cute graphic tees and tops, it is a forest green unisex tee with, check your ego amigo. Saw it and had to order. 
Top two sweaters are old sweaters I have had for awhile, both are from Express. I love stripes every time I look through my closet I laugh and tell myself no more stripes. The bottom left is a outfit from Old Navy, a simple white tee, flannel and jeans. Bottom right is from the FB boutique mentioned above, 2chicksandacause and it's a vest, with Aztec print. Their prices are great. Ordered a sherpa jacket, this vest, oversized cream sweater with a black heart, some leggings, black sweatshirts, boot cuffs and Aztec legwarmers all from them and was an amazing price. All the items fit amazing, super cute and well made. Highly recommend.

Aztec brown and cream leg warmers, and cream lace trim leg warmers. The Aztec ones I got from the FB boutique, then got the cream ones off eBay, also got my little one a pair, and grabbed myself several colors since the price was so amazing. When ever I see something super cute online but it isn't priced kind of high, I always check eBay. The leggings, leg warmers, boot cuffs, fingerless gloves, scarves and even kimonos have all been found on eBay for a fraction of the cost in online boutiques. I love to support small businesses and independtly owned businesses with an original or handmade item but sometimes being a stay at home mom that has her own small business, I need to look for a deal or bargain.  Then bottom right is my old navy haul, just a glimpse. I got four sweaters, three tank tops, button down plaid shirt, striped quilted vest and navy coat. Amazing sale after Christmas. 

Last of all another glimpse of my John Muir quoted tee from Pebby Forevee, love the cut and style of this tee. Machine jeans and then Marshall's sweater in pink with lace trim. 

I will update and edit this post tomorrow. Sorry for any typos but been wanting to post all week, been under the weather due to flu season. A lot of new things to come in home decor and design. In the process of remodeling kids rooms. Got the paint and bedding along with some accents an decor pieces. Will have before and after shots hopefully but will have after photos for sure. Also painting bathroom and hallway, hangjng chandeliers and art so lots to come. Again hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and holiday along with a very happy new year! 

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