Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pebby Forevee Tee shirts

Hello trend lovers, today I am posting about one of my favorite shops, Pebby Forevee. Today I received my newest tee shirt from her line and once I saw it I was so excited I had to share. If you haven't heard of Pebby Forevee yet you must jump over to her site and take a look for yourself. I am a tee shirt lover and have a huge collection of cool shirts and tanks. I found this shop on Etsy awhile back and ordered my first tee, it was so hard to pick one because she has so many amazing styles and choices. Not only does she have a huge selection of cute graphics and sayings, but she also has the choice of several styles as well. You can pick the color,  you have the option of black, white, gray and pink. Then you can pick which style top you would like your design on, there is the super cute off the shoulder tee, regular crew neck tee and the cute muscle cut tank. All the tee shirts are handmade and unique. 

 I had to have the John Muir quote, "The mountains are calling and I must go". One of my favorites. I purchased this one back in the early fall. I went with black and the off the shoulder cut. Super cute and looks amazing with jeans or dressed up with a cute skirt. 

I have a long wish list of tee shirts from her line. Every time I visit her site I find new styles that I add to my list. It will probably take me awhile to own each one, but hope to eventually have all of my favorites.  I love how they fit and that they are unique. 

My latest order was a hard decision because there are so many I want. I almost have to just close my eyes and point to one from my wishlist. I decided after a lot of going back and forth to order, "Blame it on my gypsy soul". I love gypsy style and feel I have a little gypsy soul in me. This tee is super cute. I got it in pink which has black lettering, I went with the pink since I have so many gray and black tees. I always try to order a color if it's an option, a lot of tee shirts tend to only be available in white, black or gray so it is nice to have a color option. 

Super cute and love the color. For sure pops out and the black writing looks amazing. You can tell the shirts are made by hand and a lot of thought goes into everything from the design and cut, to the packaging.  

Every envelope is hand stamped and includes hand stamped labels tied around the tee with a thank you card. Even the invoice has a hand written thank you on it. Love the time taken and put into the line. You can tell she really does put her heart and soul into her shirts and I love that.  

Customer service is above and beyond. Shipping and processing, considering that each shirt is made to order is amazingly fast. One of my favorite smaller businesses for sure. When contacting customer service I got a response right away. 

This is my laid out outfit I posted on Instagram when I got "The mountains are calling" tee back in the fall. Super cute paired it with some ripped Vigoss jeans, Steve Madden boots, a thick leather studded belt and jacket. I have this cute VS leopard print bra that looked cute with the off the shoulder cut as you can see below. The straps don't look like a bra strap they look more like a tank top or sports bra strap. 

I ordered a medium because I wanted it to fit loosely and love the way the shirt hangs of the shoulder just right. The cut is amazing and looks professional. I have washed my tee several times inside out and it looks amazing still. One thing I can recommend is that I don't dry my tee shirts in the dryer I always hang them to preserve from shrinking or fading. 

Above I wore the tee to a ugly Christmas sweater party. I did not have a sweater, I have some cute ugly sweater looking leggings I found online and the tee was great paired with the leggings. Also looks super cute with a skirt tied to one side or with a chunky belt. 

Above are some of my favorites from her website that are on my wish list and hope to order soon. My next purchase will either be the Indian headpiece design or the cow skull. If you follow her IG page she does have contests and BOGO promotions, try to check back often. I am hoping to catch one when I am going to order. 

Be sure to check out her website at All these photos are from the website, they are not mine. Using for the purpose to show other designs that I love and you may enjoy also.

This brand is a great addition to your wardrobe if you love unique and cute tee shirts like myself. You can wear these with jeans, shorts, skirts, leggings. Whether you are going for a casual or dressy look. I love to dress up my shirts with statement necklaces, chunky belts, heels or boots. Great layered with kimono style tops, vests and jackets. There are so many options which is why I love tee shirts. Today I wore my new pink tee with a black basic tank, jeans and sandals, but came home to chill and threw on some black jogger style sweats. Ready for relaxing around the house. 

Be sure to pass by the site or her IG to check out her amazing line. You won't be able to leave without ordering one. Would love to see photos of your tees or hear about your favorite shirts also. Leave comments below. Enjoy the weekend xoxo ✌️❤️


  1. Thank you for posting been wanting to order one of these tees for awhile but was unsure of sizing and quality. Your post was helpful and love that it is a business that the owner puts a lot of time into, the pricing seemed a little high to me but from your post it seems the tees are worth the extra money. I will share a photo once I get my tee, going to order the mermaid tee. Love your blog

    1. Thank you for your kind words, I always love to read comments from readers. Yes order a tee you will love it. This is a brand that a lot of passion and love is put into every detail. I love the mermaid tee also super cute, make sure to share photos please. If you don't already follow me on IG.

  2. Saw these all over imstrgam and been thinkong about getting one after reading your post i am ordering now. So helpful with any doubts i had on sizing, quality for price amd more. Thank you smd will post a photo of my tee when it comes. Do shops ever ontact tou after you post about their items or send you samples or offer a discount? its like you are adversitiing for them. thanks again found you on instagram lobe your shirt collection amd style.

    1. Ty so much and yes make sure you place an order, tell them I referred you or you saw it on my blog, you will love your tee whatever style you pick. To answer your question, I do get freebies but not really clothes, more samples and new items to try, review and write a post about. Most of the clothes I buy myself because I love tees and fashion, along with finding new small businesses to support. I post daily outfits usually on IG for fun and a few brands or items I really like or the company really impresses me I decide to blog about. I would love to get a discount and hope to one day get some stuff sent to wear and help spread word about, especially my faves. Also would love to get discount codes to offer my readers, have had a few shops do that in the past. Ty again and let me know how your order goes and share a photo of your new tee xoxo

  3. These tee shirts are so cute. I checked out the site after finding your blog and already want six designs. Thank you for this amazing post. I was curious about sizing along with washing details. Was curious how the design holds up after washing but you covered it all and more. Loving your blog and relaxed approach at fashion blogging. Informative posts and love all the photos. Going to order tonight since she has a sale going on that I saw online. Will be sure to let her know I found her tee shirts on your blog if there is somewhere to leave a comment. That pink tee looks anazing.

  4. I love Pebby Forevee found her on Etsy last year and have several styles now. Great post and have some of the same ones. She does have the cutest packaging and I also love the off the shoulder tees. I have a muscle tank but most of my collection is the off the shoulder cut also. Thank you and enjoying your blog

  5. I posted another comment on a earlier post, I was googling searching for Pebby Forevee pink tee shirts and came across your blog, love all your tee shirts. Thank you for posting so many photos and thank you for sharing your experience with ordering. For some time I have been following Pebby Forevee on Instagram and love her tee shirts. Want to order the same Gypsy tee in pink but she doesn't have any photos of it in the pink so I am beyond thrilled to find your photos. Was awesome to read about the brand and quality of the tee shirts, wasn't sure if I was going to order an off the shoulder tee but after reading your post and admiring all your photos you have me convinced now. Thank you again and please continue to post all your tee shirts and tanks I have really enjoyed viewing them.