Saturday, January 24, 2015

Target home decor

Target always seems to hit a home run with me. I love cartwheel and love the amazing prices they have on some truly amazing and stylish home decor. 

I recently have begun updating my girls bedrooms along with our guest bath which is also the kids bath, my bedding and added some new pillows and decor to our living room. All projects I started before the holidays but once the tree came out and all the decor had to put the updates on the back burner along with the spending to make sure the holidays were amazing for my kids. 

I got all new bathroom stuff, going with yellow and gray, with bushes nickel accents. 

Also got myself a new comforter in white with pintuck style stitching. Many high end stores have the same set got double or triple what I paid at target. The set was on sale and had a coupon. Make sure to upload the cartwheel app if you don't have it already amazing. You can scan the items as you add then to your cart and it will tell you deals or promos for each item. Love it. 

Also got my little one a pink shabby chic bedding set. It's a duvet cover because we all love our down comforters and duvet covers. We also all love our upholstered headboards lol, my little one will be getting a new gray, wingback tufted headboard in the next couple weeks I found online for an amazing price and will be posting. My oldest is taking her black leather, tufted headboard which I found on Craigslist for under 100. It ended up not firing the full size bed frame so my oldest decided she wanted it. 

I found amazing curtains to match the comforter set for my little one and a cute rug. Also got these super cute pillows for my living room. Homegoods is next door to my target so ran in and without even having the new pillows with me, which I usually bring them in but was crunched for time and forgot. I managed to find two pillows that match perfect to use to accent them. Now just need to find two aqua blue pillows and looking for a multi blue pillow to tie all the shades of blue together. 

Enjoy my photos below of my shopping trips from Friday and the week before. Make sure to stop in target and get that cartwheel app. I have saved hundreds already and just started using it every trip right before Christmas. Amazing deals and I love that. I am a bargain hunter 

A trip to one of the many targets in my area is always fun but I like to go to this one cause I have a Homegoods right next door to hit if I need any accessories I couldn't find. 
Saw these a couple weeks ago and was eyeing them, happy I waited went on sale from 24.99 to 19.99 then had a 25 off 100 and 10 off 50 bed and bath coupon I used for bedding and a 15% off home deal from Target.  
Had to get one of these cute Foo dogs to bring navy blue into my already aqua and teal blue Asian, Moroccan living room design. Only 12.99
Couldn't pass up this sale and they have an extra percentage off clearance items also on cartwheel app. Matches my new living room and have a aqua one from clearance before the holidays. Hoping to go back and get the navy throw before sale ends. 
 They look amazing, actually removed the pillows that came with the sofa and only have two left out of the ten that came with it lol. My hubby doesn't like pillows but we compromise cause I love them. 
Here is a close up of the two from target and then the two from home goods to show I didn't do bad matching them. Just need two lighter aqua blue shade pillows and one multi blue ombré maybe style to tie all the shades together, then want a red or orange one I saw at Target to tie in the shades of glass from my Moroccan  lanterns. 
This is the bedding I got for my bed on the left and on the right is similar to the style below I got for my daughter both from target. Both under $100 for the duvet and two shams. My set was after coupons 50 for a King and my little ones pink set after coupon an cartwheel was 60 for a full queen. 
Her bedding on the bed, she loves it and so does everyone who has seen it. Perfect shade of pink. Waiting on her gray wingback headboard then painting the green accent wall gray. 
These curtains match perfect and can't wait to put them up after I paint that wall. Also from target of course. 24.99 but check for coupons and promos. 
Our guest bath stuff. Also have some more items not in picture, another set of towels from target that are yellow with white floral, and a rug that matches. Curved shower curtain rod for that larger shower feel and some other misc accent items. 
These are from before Christmas my oldest decided to take her birthday money and gift cards to re do her room. We found this duvet set and sheets all in sale, amazing rugs, pillow and more. I also got her a chair in gray for Christmas, record player, throw blanket, another shag style gray rug for other side of bed and a marquee much up sign. We are also painting her room soon. Will be light gray. 
Photos of the bedding and rug 
The throw at end of bed I found at Marshall's 
Quick side note ladies, I scored shoes and boots for myself and my girls at 50% off then an additional 40% off that price with cartwheel promo. Got these boots which were 39.99 and another pair in black different style, marked to 19.98 and then 40% off that. Got two pairs or converse for my little one $3.48 each after sales and boots for 5 amazing. Also got some flannels, cardigans, dresses and other hot items from winter for all under 10. Amazing check it out. 
Feather art I found at Homegoods Friday hoping it fits over my bed. Love this and the colors are perfect. 

Hope you enjoyed my target decor finds and leave me comments please on your scores or links to your blog please 

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  1. Love the yellow and gray accents looks amazing