Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hope for Humanity, amazing brand with an amazing message

I am big into tee shirts and cute fashion. I follow and find some amazing shops or stores on Instagram and Facebook. One day when I was feeling down I had searched on Instagram the words you can sit with us, instead of the mean girls quote you can't sit with us. I came across this post below: 

It was posted by Hope for Humanity, an apparel line. I followed them and began to look over their page. So many amazing items with great messages and then saw so many inspirational quotes or posts that hit home for me. I have dealt with social media harassment and bullying along with being lied about and having to defend myself because of things said by people who are jealous. Their quotes really touched me personally and had to share with my friends. 

First shirt I got was a gift, I had told my friend about this site and she told me you have to get that tee. At the time my hubby had just had emergency surgery and I was worried about shopping for my daughter's upcoming birthday and. Christmas. I got home after a day of tests at the hospital, for Ms and auto immune disorders, and found a envelope. My girl that lives out of state had ordered it as a early Christmas gift, my hubby called her from the hospital and they had talked, he told her he was going to order me the shirt and she went ahead to order it. I loved it. My daughter loved the tee so much I ordered her a tank for Christmas. The guidance counselor at her school saw it and I told her about the site. She enjoyed it and has since asked me to ask them if it would be okay to print some of their posts and quotes to post on the boards around the school along with in the peer counseling room. 
 My tee is a ladies classic tee with a almost vneck in athletic gray. Love the saying because usually those who bully and copy, or try to bring others down laugh first and then they copy or bully people. Being mean is not cool people need to really think about what they do and say. Also who they are doing it to, some people are going through struggles that are real and they have no idea about nothing is worse then struggling with health issues or personal things but having to deal with someone lying about you, stalking you and harassing you. Just because in the 90's they made a movie about, I think if I remember the morale of the story was that mean girls finish last, it is always better to remain true to yourself. I have to stop myself from stooping to that level, usually it is to defend myself or show I am not copying by posting a older shot but then I usually delete it because I don't want drama and it isn't who I am.  I am who I am and I do what I love always have. I have had this blog for many years and had several other blogs before. I have always loved fashion and have always been against bullying. I had my experiences a in middle school and I remember how bad it felt, would never want my own children to do that to anyone or be a victim of it. 
 This is the black tank top and it fits amazing. My daughter and I wear basically the same size so we share items. I ordered a size large and will say they do run slightly small but it for good. I would suggest ordering a size up if you like a loose or baggy fit, if you like your shirts fitted and tight stay true to size. 

There are so many amazing quotes on their FB, IG and website you have to check it out for yourself. On fb you can find them under Facebook.com/Hopeforhumanity and on Instagram they are under HFHApparel. 

I will post a link to the website below. I am placing  a order, waiting to hear back about sizing because on my iPhone I could not find a size chart but was told on their regular site there is a size chart for all items. I have used the mobile site twice now and have not seen sizing but emailed them at sales and they responded right away. Will be contacting someone about using the prints at my daughter's school and am a huge supporter of the brand. Being someone who was bullied as a child and now as an adult I have had some very unpleasant experiences most of which have been on social media. I believe if you are going to be someone who is on social media you have to have a strong back bone, be able to let things roll of your back and not let things get to you. Even the strongest of us still have feelings and when someone lies about you, turns strangers against you, has other people bullying and harassing you, stalks you or makes you feel bad about yourself with mean comments it is hard to not let it bother you. Always try to hold your tongue and be the bigger person, I myself have slipped and tried to defend myself or repost a shot of somethibg I have had or worn to prove I don't copy, I buy what I like not just because someone else had it. I don't like to spend money and am a bargain hunter so if I do spend the money it's because I really like it. 

I am want to order the eco fleece jogger pants shown below with the Hope for humanity logo and a worry less dream more ladies sweatshirt, then I also am ordering their confidence and intelligence tee in same style as my tee pictured above. Once the items arrive I will take photos with my daughter to post in a new blog post. I have decided this year I want t show off my photography skills as much as my fashion finds, bargains and home design finds or projects. I am hoping to be able to take my own photos of my daughter and friends in the outfits, then as good as I can take selfies of myself in the clothes. 

Below is the items I have in my cart right now, the pants are $60 and the sweatshirt is $50 then tee shirts are $40. My cart with the sweat suit and two shirts is at $200 before shipping so think I will have to take some items off. I would love to win the lotto or a shopping spree because I honestly want one of every item they have but being a stay at home mom, and my hubby being out of work for six weeks due to emergency surgery right before Christmas we are on a budget and I usually am bargain shopping. I found some cute joggers that are similar but don't have their logo at target for $19.99. I do however really want these pants lol. For now probably going to go on my wish list and I will order the two tops I want. Winter is almost over and we do live in Florida. Maybe they will have a sale at the end of the season, fingers crossed. 

Photo above from @hfhapparel ig and fb page. Not mine. 

Check out their shop and site at http://h4happarel.com  I promise you will find many items you love and a lot of inspiration. I don't find many brands that inspire me and touch me so personally but this one hit home. It was hard to have drama related to it do to social media bullies but it has passed. I will support the brand and wear it with pride no matter who else owns it because I know I had it first and ordered it because I liked it and it had personal meaning to me. That's all that matters. 

Remember ladies and girls, always be true to yourself, be original, be you and don't let anyone ever make you feel bad for doing that. 😘 

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