Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sunday sunset

Was going to include some of the photos I captured with my iPhone when we went to take photos of the sunset Sunday evening in my last post but forgot. I also took some amazing shots with my Nikon D610 but have not uploaded any of them because I have been so busy cleaning and organizing my house this week. 

Below are a few shots, please do not steal or repost my photos without my permission. I like to share my photos but don't like to find them being used by others without being asked or acknowledged. 

Thank you and enjoy this stunning sunset from our amazing Everglades national park. 

I was excited to have a few pages feature my shots. It has been hard to get as many features with my Instagram set to private but hoping I will be able to remove the privacy setting soon. 

It was such a stunning night with the sky starting out pastel colors and as the sub lowered turning to red and orange bright colors. Was so lovely. Will have more to share once I upload my camera shots but wanted to share a couple of t favorites. 

Please share your blog link or photos with me along with leaving comments. I love to hear from everyone and please remember keep it kind. 

Always be you and be happy 

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