Thursday, January 29, 2015

Target and Homegoods inspired feather, bohemian bedroom

Below is a collage I made last week after seeing the painting on top left at Homegoods, the pillow at target and then saw these super cute Etsy pillows on Pinterest so hit Etsy to hunt and found several pillow covers. Love the concept of pillow covers so I don't have to buy more pillows when I own so many. 

Last week I was inspired by a painting I saw at HomeGoods, went back this week and it was marked down to 18 from $39.99 had to buy it. I love bohemian style not just for fashion but home design. I have been trying to finish my bedroom for some time, usually I finish every room in the house and my bedroom is half done or on the back burner. 

Luckily Target is next door to Homegoods so I made a quick run and still had my 25 off 100 and 10 off 50 coupons that expire tomorrow, and grabbed some sheets, had the duvet from last week, got two shag gray rugs for each side of the bed, that feather pillow and some pillow cases. I stuck with white and gray sheets, love white bedding. Also love cause my old bedding is aqua and white then gray and white so it all goes together. 

However I am looking for new euro shams in aqua or darker gray. Love how it looks just have to decide how to rework the pink accent now, thinking once I order the Indian headpiece pillow off etsy which has pink, it will all look fabulous. 

Quickly threw it all together between cleaning my closet, dressing area and bathroom.
Love how it looks already and just started. 

Black and white shot I posted on IG. 

As you can see I am catching up on posts for the week. I have a post post I am saving for tomorrow with before and after shots of my closet and dressing area. Then I finally am ready to paint and finish the kid's rooms, guest/kids bathroom, my room and bath, closet and other rooms.. Have had a to do list since summer and finally almost done. Tonight crossed off a lot of items. This was the first week I didn't buy or spend on clothes since I am cleaning my closet and trying to make room along with get rid of stuff I don't wear. Won't lie hit target today and grabbed some marked down items for next year, my favorite new jogging style sweats they had in my size in a color/pattern I didn't have lol, and got a couple cute spring items. 

Stay tuned tomorrow for some closet updates, super cute navy and white blazer from Target outfit of the day from Tuesday, and hopefully I can get on track, I would like to post a outfit daily. Also post home decor and design post as I finish with before and after shots, bargain and shopping hauls, with details on prices and where to find. Then more health and fitness articles. 

For those who have followed my battle with migraines will have a update next week on my Botox treatments. Had been over a year now since my first post about it and it has been a life changer. Have some tips and some facts about it along with some of the downs and outs of it but all around it is amazing. I am only saying downs because my next treatment is coming in a few weeks and I am getting mild headaches and had my first migraine since my injections on NOv 25. Always a downer when it wears off. 

Hope you like my room and the direction it is going. I am excited for the changes and love sleeping in my new bedding so cozy. Happy home decorating and bargain shopping, don't forget Target had that bed and bath sale with coupon, then cartwheel app has many deals for clearance apparel and lots of deals for home drove. And those fabulous poufs I posted last week marked down to $41 are $29.98. I have gotten two and waiting for them to lower the lighter blue one which was still ringing up 41.98. 

Off to bed. Thank you again for your support and please leave me some comments. I have seen my views have sky rocketed since the new year again and a lot of you are reading or passing by, feel free to follow me here or on blog lovin, and I always love to read your comments and feed back. 


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  1. I love the feather pillow and painting looks great