Sunday, November 2, 2014

Be still & know

Be still and know camo tee paired with Vigoss jeans, fossil belt, and the army green vest is from target as well as the brown boots. 
Love this tee so much, the camo goes with everything and love my target vest and boots. Both were on sale. The vigoss jeans are the tomboy Thompson in destroyed medium denim. 
Here I have on the Be Still and Know company, Jesus loves this hot mess tee. Paired with vigoss boyfriend jeans and Steve Madden boots I found at TJ Maxx. 

Found this amazing shirt shop online from a friend I follow that makes some amazing scrubs. She posted this cute tee a little while back and the shirt had been sold out every time I went to order. A few weeks ago they restocked and I was able to order two shirts I had wanted for awhile. Still want to get a few more but so happy I was able to get these two.

The name of the store is Be Still and know clothing. I found them on Instagram. I ordered the camo tee with the Be still and know phrase, which for anyone that doesn't know is a verse from the bible. Psalms 46:10, He says, Be still and know that I am God.  I grew up with a very religious up bringing, my grandmother married the minister of her church, he also was the minister that married my mother and father. He went on to retire and became a deacon. From a very young age, before they were married my father's family was catholic and my mom's family Protestant, but when we moved to Florida my grandmother was married to the preacher who was my grandfather, being that they had been married before I was born. I spent every Sunday all day at church and many nights a week in the church for bible studies and my grandmother ran the church choir so I also sang a couple nights a week. 

I was enrolled in Christian school my entire life and have read the bible, studied the bible and even briefly studied religion my first year of college. I got into the study of religion because being part catholic and Protestant, then going to a Presbyterian, Catholic and Baptist school I was always curious about the different religions. As an adult I don't go to church every Sunday like I did as a child, we do still go for the holidays, and I have been looking into finding a church that I like. I have been between the type of church I would like to take my children to. I know I want them to go and I have always read them the bible. My oldest daughter went to baptist school for two years in preschool and for a couple of years my husband and I had found a church we liked but we moved, fell out of it and have since talked about going back but haven't found one we like. 

The other shirt I ordered is a gray tee that says, "Jesus loves this hot mess", love it because from time to time I can be a bit of a mess. I swear, which I always tell myself I have to work on that. After I had my first daughter I had gotten a lot better because I became more aware of what I was saying but over the passed few years I have slipped and gotten back into the bad habit. Also no one is perfect we all have our times when we make mistakes or aren't the best version of ourselves we can be. I really just loved the shirt. I have another tee I got many years ago that say "Jesus loves me and my tattoos" at a tattoo convention because my grandma use to tell me when I was 18-21 and getting them, what would Jesus think honey. I don't think he would be upset, I would tell her lol. 

Below and above  are some photos of the shirts and make sure to check out Be Still and know on Instagram. I will post a link below to the website. 

Love it paired with this rock and republic necklace I got a couple years ago at Kohl's. Also you can see some of my new blue shades I added to my hair. 

Website is

Have a great week and hope everyone had an amazing Halloween. We have had amazing weather and got to break out some winter wear. Will have some cute fall and winter fashion stuff. I love bohemian style and have some cute twists of bohemian for fall winter style. Picture lots of fringe, booties, kimono style long sleeved tops, Aztec vests and sweaters, flowy tops and fringe scarves. For sure my own little twist of the boho look, but with my little rocker chic look thrown in. Always got to have the ripped up jeans and tees. 

Thanks for passing by 

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