Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Stay Wild Moon Child🌙 Spell Lotus drop 2 almost here

Spell and the Gypsy Collective Lotus Collection

All photos are from Spell Design website, not mine.  Using for promotional purposes only

The second drop of Spell's Lotus collection is set for June 15 Australia which means June 14 here at 6 pm west coast and 9 pm east coast.  Head over to their website in link above or below to see the pieces releasing tomorrow along with lots of amazing styling inspiration.  Be sure to check out their amazing video shot at a mansion in Paris, omg it is amazing and really sets the tone for this amazing collection.  One of my favorite Spell collections in some time, I always love them all but really love the vintage vibes with a mix of the Parisian vibes they brought into the Blue Skies collection.  I like to call this Boho Luxe instead of Chic.   Thank you for passing by and happy shopping, can't wait to see everyone rocking all these killer styles.  

Where to shop:

More Previews of Spell and the Gypsy Lotus Collection Drop 2 scheduled for 6/15 in Australia which for us in the USA is 6/14 9 p.m. East Coast 6 p.m. West Coast use my link to shop located above.


  1. Exciting I can't wait for the second drop tonight. What are you going to purchase? I have wanted to get the jade dress Forever. It is my fave and I love the sienna print blouse sad they aren't going to release the beaded pants those are amazing. Can't wait to see how you style the rest of Lotus. Hope you get the pieces you want most.

    1. I was so excited also, and now I'm so excited for my new pieces to arrive. I purchased the Sienna and Monaco mini skirts, then both the singlet and tee with the wild child graphic, I also have the sleeveless maxi in Monaco, the bra and bloomers in sienna and monaco, noir bodysuit and strappy, then hoping to get the ruby slit maxi skirt and/or playdress. What did you purchase? I can't wait to see all the ladies in their new styles on FB and IG, actually some of the Aussie ladies should have some pics up tonight. I will be sure to post the new styles when they arrive and thank you for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful summer and make sure to come back by to see some of my new adventures I have planned for my blog. Peace, love and light always xoxo