Thursday, June 8, 2017

Alex and Ani

I love to store my bracelets on vintage soda pop bottles I have found in NC on our adventures.  It keeps them all together and organized.  I have the wraps on the lower part of bottle since those expand easier then the charm bracelets on the top.  As you can see since my mom purchased me my first bracelet many years ago for Christmas my collection has grown.  Every bracelet was a gift and has some type of meaning or memory attached to them.  I have purchased one or two for myself but most of them have come from friends, family and loved ones.  I have not added as many to my collection this current year due to my health expenses and all but I'm sure I will add more over the summer when my birthday comes.

My mom has gotten me a fewAlex and Ani rings for my collection and my husband got me the rose gold arrow for Valentine's Day last year.  Then for Christmas 2015 he got me the chain station necklace and charms since those were brand new, and my mom got me the lovely Crystal Infusion piece on sale.  Love the necklaces because you can customize and change out the charms, that makes them so multi purpose.

I just love how you have so many choices and pieces to choose from, as well as charities and foundations you can support.  Alex and Ani is my go to for gifts for teachers, friends, coworkers, family, and basically any time I am trying to find something for someone that has some thought because all gifts are to be thoughtful and come from the heart, Alex and Ani make it so easy for me to find something for anyone and everyone.  Thank you Alex and Ani for making gift giving easier and so much more meaningful.  XOXO

I was gifted this lovely Alex and Ani Precious threads adjustable cord style necklace and Calavera charm recently.  It totally made my month to receive these amazing gifts and so not expected.  I lobe this and wear it as a choker with my silver chain station necklace and charms or alone.

Alex and Ani Silver Chain Station adjustable necklace with Love, Lotus and Pineapple charms, all from hubby for Christmas 2015 when they first were released.  I have other charms for both my gold and silver including a P for kids names, their birthstones and some other faves.

Wanted to put together some of my person favorite Alex and Ani bracelets in silver to share for this post.  I love the moon and anything celestial, feathers, butterflies and always all about peace, love, music and being yourself.  The free spirit was a gift from my Aunt since she has always said since I was a little girl I have such a free spirit and soul.  Again every charm bracelet has some type of personal meaning or memory behind them, that is what makes them so special and fun to buy for those you love, because you can personally pick something to give them with meaning to your friendship or relationship.

For many years silver, white gold and platinum was all I wore, I even changed the band on my engagement ring to platinum when my amazing husband upgraded my diamond many years ago and took me to pick the setting.  I sold off most of my gold in gold parties I had at my house over the years with friends but then a few years ago after falling in love with rose gold I started to wear gold again and regretted getting rid of a lot of my old gold pieces.  Lucky for me I kept some special pieces my father got me growing up and family heirlooms.  Above is my favorite gold Alex and Ani pieces I styled for this post, everyone has super special meaning to me and these get the most wear.

I truly love Alex and Ani they do so much work with charities and around the country working with many different locals and communities giving back.  This really warms my heart and makes me feel even more happy to support them.  Having MS, I love their work with Race to Erase MS with their cupcake bracelet, one of my dearest and specialist bracelets I own.  Make sure to check out their charity by design pieces and ask in store which ones are for which charities, I'm sure everyone has charities that are dear to their heart.  My father passed away to leukemia years ago and that organization also has a very special place in my heart.  

 Peace love and light always xoxo


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