Wednesday, June 7, 2017

School's out for summer, my current beach faves

Boys & Arrows Bones Bikini. Deb the Desperado top, Petra Punk full bottoms. 

Black Floppy Hat from Target and Tory Burch Sunglasses.

Sand Cloud Aztec Towel gray use code CR8TIVEWANDERLUST25 for 25% off and 10% of proceeds donated to protecting and saving marine life. 

For all my larger busted ladies, I have been spending my entire life searching for bikini tops that cover my larger chest without looking to revealing or having side boob, under boob or accidents where my top slips and reveals my girly parts.  I found these amazing almost sports bra style coverage tops by Boys and Arrows last year, I now own 4 of their tops, 3 of the Deb the Desperado style like above and one that has a little different shape.  It's a close fit being I am a large DDD but they work and I don't have anything popping out.  I have the XL and recommend for ladies 32-38 DD-DDD the back is totally adjustable and ties so that makes it easy to adjust around also makes it possible to fit almost any size from 32-38 maybe even 40 but a D-DD not a DDD.  In the bottoms I have a L in the Petra the Punk and a M in another print, there isn't a huge difference and they are full coverage.  Be cautious when ordering this bottom online because they also have a minimal coverage Petra the Punk bottom that covers a lot less.  I have the Yaya the Yuppy bottoms in Baja,  they run really low cut and are very cheeky but I love the fit, at first I wasn't to fond of it but after losing some weight and toning my behind I actually love it this summer.  I have a super cute black coverup dress that snaps right into the Deb the Desperado top I will be sure to post some pics when I wear it the beach next time, but it is the coolest idea I have seen in some time.

Victoria Secret halter top with fringe ties and ruche back cheeky bottoms in blue. 

This top is a XL and it fits amazing.  I am again larger busted but this top has tie back closure something I recommend to all my larger busted ladies that don't have money or funds to spend on a designer or expensive suit.  I know being larger busted sometimes we feel the only options for us are to invest over $100 on a top but I have a lot of suits from VS and even Target or Walmart I have found in a XL or DD cup ( Target has a sweet selection of D-DD tops this year) some don't have the tie back but when not spending a lot of money we can alter them.  I have taken scissors and removed the clasp on back.  First I hand sew some stitches right where I am planning to cut so the material doesn't come undone, then I cut the clasp off right next to where I stitched and add material from an older suit I no longer where using a needle and thread or you can use your sewing machine also.  Then this adds a tie instead of clasp which makes it adjustable so if you have to get a XL top and its huge around but fits in the cup don't get frustrated it's an easy and cheap fix anyone can do, you don't need any sewing skills trust me.  When I first started years ago I did some crazy sewing but I have since gotten a cheap sewing machine at Walmart on black Friday that was Project Runway and use it for my adjustments and anything I can alter myself.   Hope this is helpful for you larger busted ladies, cause I know the feeling, frustration and pain all to well.  I'm personally hoping to have my chest size reduced over the summer early fall to a C or small D been saving up for a year almost.  I know all to well how much the Struggle is Real.  

Cowboy hat I purchased at the Chili Cook off many years ago, with turquoise accents, White Ray Ban basic glasses, Ouroboros cowrie shell necklace with turquoise stone from Free People and their foot jewelry from Ouroboros Designs direct website. 

Luna Tie die beach towel from Sand Cloud towels. They will be releasing their newest tie dye Starburst any day with pink and orange tones can't wait. Don't forget to use my code CR8TIVEWANDERLUST25 for 25% off your order. 

Peace love and light to all, xoxo


  1. That bikini is amazing, do you know where I can find one? Now that I have seen this I have to find one

    1. You would have to check eBay, Poshmark or some online shops might have limited sizes left. I had a hard time finding it last year because it sold out when it was released but I had signed up for the restock alert lost it once but was able to score the top the second alert I was sent. Hope you are able to find it and don't buy one of the cheap knock offs you see on IG and eBay they are really bad, my daughter has one and it runs super small and is nothing like the real deal. Thank you for passing by and hope you will follow me or pass by again soon. Peace, love and light always xoxo