Saturday, June 17, 2017

Forever Free, Lost in Arizona...

Rocking my vintage Spell and the Gypsy, Forever Free graphic tank with roll up sleeves to convert from a short sleeve tee to tank.  I paired it with one of my favorite newer designers, House of Skye.  This is one of 3 skirts I own from her, called the Jipsee Flamenco and from the Lost in Arizona collection.  One of my faves with feathers, cattle skulls and cactus in the print.  My brown flat leather sandals are Mossimo and from Target.

Friday casual was more of a fancy free style for me, spent the day showing our home to multiple people and ended it with multiple offers.  We have now accepted an offer and have a back up offer on the table.  Even more exciting I have the house lined up to move into July 14 for my girls and I.  Going back to my roots where I spent my preteen to teen years in the west area from where we live now called Sunshine Ranches.  I am so happy we will be moving into a home instead of a townhouses or apartment because I won't have to get a storage unit to store what we aren't using.  Now I can fit most of our stuff and we plan to sell a lot of things to buy new stuff when we move north next May.  I'm sure I will buy stuff for the new house, going with a very boho chic, south western and traveled eclectic look.  I can't wait to share my decorating adventures to showcase my talent and love for interior design.  

Of course right before I am going to be moving I found a new photo corner for taking pics, my neighbor has this cute little wall on the side of her house and love the mid day lighting here, was a little bright yesterday because it was a little later then I wanted it to be when we took the photos.  Florida weather is so unpredictable literally rained right after this.

I love the high low design of these swish or castaway style skirts.  They are ideal for summer and the fabric is so light weight.  I also really love the colors which work nicely for summer but really can't wait for fall to style with the reds, burnt oranges and rust tones. 

This graphic tee is one of my favorites and always love vintage spell anything.  I will grab the pieces up I can when I find them if they aren't priced too high.  I'm really excited to be getting my eye brows done this coming Tuesday.  Been wanting to tattoo my eyebrows for over a decade when a good friend of ours started her own tattoo shop and did everyone's eyebrows.  Literally appeared as if they had a face lift or some sort of procedure done because their face looked so young and their eyes so wide.  About 4 years ago the same girl who is going to do my eyebrows and my daughter both showed me the newest technique, micro blading and I loved the more realistic natural look versus the solid tattoo style of the older techniques used.  I have blonde hair naturally and my brows are so hard to see then I am not the best with makeup, my daughter is so talented but she is an artist who draws or paints a lot of faces and realistic style art work, where my artistic side is more nature sketching or painting,  photography, architectural design, marketing design, cakes and baking, partying planning and of course interior design.  

Cheers to the weekend and we just got home from celebrating the offer on our house, finding the perfect spot to move and things just falling into place.  Good things happen to good people and when things are meant to be everything always has a way of just working out or coming together perfectly. 

Peace love and light always, xoxo

Where to shop:

House of Skye

Spell and the Gypsy


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