Wednesday, June 14, 2017

๐ŸŒธ Blue Skies by Spell and the Gypsy Collective ๐ŸŒธ

Spell and the Gypsy, Blue skies off the shoulder blouse and cream slit maxi skirt.  I have a major love and addiction for Spell designs.  For many years now I have been collecting their graphic tees with vintage flare and super soft cotton that makes them feel like your favorite old broken in tee shirt.  Over that time I became hooked on their maxi skirts which then led to just loving everything they design and release.  Blue Skies is a very Parisian inspired design, it is not the classic 1970 flower child boho chic style that they are so well known for and at first I was not sure if I was going to order any of the floral pieces but as soon as I saw this outfit I quickly changed my mind.  I also began to see all my amazing Spell friends on social media when they started sharing their posts of the Blue skies collection and regretted not getting more.  

The off the shoulder blouse can be worn multiple ways, off course off the shoulder, on the shoulder, one shoulder down one up, then you can remove your arm and make it into one off shoulder one with arm totally free or you can remove both arms for a tube style look.  I will check for my last pics or you can scroll back here on my blog or on my IG for photos of me wearing the top with one arm out of the sleeve and the other off the shoulder.  I love when you can style one piece so many ways.  This top also looks amazing worn with the matching skirt, or you can style with cut off denim shorts and/or skirt for a fun summer festival look, with a pretty pastel pink, purple or even army green pair of pants, shorts or skirt.  I love this print with army green and I also love the Blue Skies bomber jackets.  

The Cream slit maxi skirt has high cut slits on both sides, fitted waist with side zipper, and then lovely bottom ruffle detail.  The skirt is fully lined and the material is amazing.  The slits had me worried and planned to have them sewn up like I did with my Lolita Festival skirts but this one did not need it.  I did have an elastic added to the back so I could wear it more high or mid waist then low waist.  I like it higher especially with the blouse since the blouse has more of a cropped length.  I sized up in this skirt so I could have the extra material for adding the back elastic.  I have really become a huge fan of elastic waist skirts thanks to Spell, and I also love pockets but felt this skirt had such a classy higher end look that pockets weren't needed. 

I styled my Blue Skies set with some blush, wood bottom, platform sandals I shared in a prior post.  I also am wearing one of my favorite new vintage ethnic necklace with a large silver charm with silver beads and coins.  My bracelet is a slip on vintage inspired silver piece I have had for a few years I got from an online boutique I worked with as a rep.  Love how the Blue Skies looks with my purple hair now that it has faded to a more pastel lilac shade.

Be sure to check out the new Lotus collection, part one dropped a couple weeks ago and part two is dropping later this week.  Have a great week, sending peace , love and light always xoxo 

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  1. This outfit seriously looks amazing with your hair, purple is my favorite color and I was googling purple hair when I came across your blog over 2 years ago. Really enjoy your posts and I have found some amazing stuff from towels, jewelry and of course fashion that I love. Thank you

    1. Thank you so much, blues and purples are my fave colors. I also love how it goes with my hair right now. I didn't even realize till I got it since when I ordered it I was away on Spring break and then my hair has faded a lot since then from a more vivid purple to a pastel purple. I love the fabric and I think it is probably obvious how much I love Spell and the Gypsy clothing. All their clothing makes me feel so beautiful when I wear it and I always feel like dancing around barefoot listening to 70's classic rock vinyls, and wearing flowers in my hair. It is really special when a piece of clothing can give you those vibes. Be sure to check out their latest collection, Lotus using the links located in my sidebar. I love the new designs and graphic tops too. Have a lovely summer and hope you will be back to see some more of my summer fashion faves as well as my new blog content. I am planning to have weekly features and so much more. Peace, love and light always xoxo