Monday, June 12, 2017

Cheers to sleeping in, late nights and lots of adventures. Summer funhas begun.

Spell and the Gypsy collective Folklore blouse from the Oracle collection, paired with the Lolita Campfire slit skirt from the Festival 17 collection. My necklace is a lovely vintage piece I got from one of my fave online shops for vintage ethnic style jewelry. I have a passion for eclectic fun jewelry and accessories. I have also finally been able to get some photos since going blonde on my roots. For me it is easier to be blonde since it's my natural color then I don't have to spend so much time with grown out roots or getting it dyed. I went lighter then seen here this was after adding some partial highlights but since added more blonde along with some amazing new toner I'm going to be sharing soon here on my blog. When you love the fantasy colors or fashion colors (stylists name) I call them mermaid or unicorn colors to your hair sometimes normal blonde shades can be a little blah, since my ends are purple I have a very light almost bleach blonde tone with a touch of a silver and pastel lavender/lilac tone. Love it and can't wait to share more. No more super long roots, I was trying to allow my hair some time to grow out since I'm trying not to cause any more damage to my hair after being so many colors. Since I have been dieting and working out again since February my hair has been growing faster then normal, not sure if it's from supplements or just the diet regimen I am on now but omg had so much regrowth, not complaining after losing 14-16 inches of hair last year in February. 

When cleaning out my closet, packing early last week I came across these super fun blush tone strappy ankle boots by Mi.iM shoes. They sent these to me a couple of months ago and love them, only worn them a couple of times but wanted to share how amazing they match with the brand new Spell and the Gypsy Lotus collection, Etienne Monaco print. I got the sleeveless maxi dress, then have the mini skirt on it's way just in time for summer fun. You can shop Spell using one of the banners on my blog in sidebar or in my fave shops, also using this link: This week is the second half of their Lotus drop and I can't wait to order the Etienne skirt in Sienna print also to match my other bralette. I will be ordering a few other pieces but will just have to wait and share them with you when they arrive. Head over to their website now, under their blog to see the date and items being released later this week. 

Above is another lovely necklace I got from one of my all time fave shops for these style vintage pieces. The prices are amazing and I will be sure to share a link below later this week for the shop so you can check out why I love them so much. Every piece is so unique and in amazing mint condition. Totally in love with every piece I have purchased from them, it is overseas so shipping takes about two weeks but trust me it's worth the wait and this one cost me $25. You can't beat it, I have seen the same style for $70-140 in other online shops or Etsy. 

I was looking for a cute pair of pink or blush platform sandals for my new Spell and other fun bohemian chic skirts by The Wilde Bella, QuiQui Clothing, Miss June Paris and Mahiya. I am the type of person who loves their accessories to match an accent color not a main color in my wardrobe or outfit pieces. A lot of my summer styles have pink, blush or mauve tones, so in addition to of course purchasing some nice black, beige, brown, white then of course my favorite colors purple and blue I really wanted the pink tone. Since I have so many colors and different styles I wanted I didn't want to spend $100-200 on each pair I just can't afford that when my outfit pieces are my main investment. I splurged on a pair of brown clogs from Free People and then a vintage pair of brown hand tooled leather sandals for summer but the rest of my shoes have come from eBay shops, and also JustFab. These ones above are from eBay and are by Refresh. I love the wood like bottom they aren't totally fake or plastic looking like some similar styles I have seen they actually look just like the real wood styles being sold for way more then these ones cost. I paid $30 with free shipping for these lovely mauve faux suede platform sandals. 

You will also see my Morphe monthly brushes from Liveglam. Love these brushes my fave makeup brushes and usually my daughter will take one or two then I keep the rest. We have the best makeup brush collection thanks to Morphe and Liveglam. Be sure to check out their monthly box with the link below. They have other boxes as well you might enjoy. They make a great gift for makeup artists and lovers


You can check out JustFab online also for some awesome wedges, platform sandals and clogs for summer here:

Last up, last week was the final week of school for my girls. My oldest is going to be a senior next year and she did such a great job this year she was able to opt out of her end of year finals in her classes so she only went to school Monday then Wednesday for a cheer meeting. She is so excited so made the varsity cheer team, even though I never had a doubt she has cheered since she was 4 and has made the team every year for her school since middle school started. I took her shopping on Thursday while we were waiting for my youngest to get out on her final day which was a half a day. We went to Tilly's to get her a swim suit bottom, then Aeropostale to get some light weight tops, and sundresses on sale for both girls, and we happened to pass by Forever 21 where she found this awesome little black purse. She has been borrowing mine that I got at Forever 21 also back a couple of months ago and I kept telling her she needed to keep an eye out for one she liked so we didn't have to keep swapping them. It's funny I go through phases where I have to carry a larger bag then smaller, but over the summer I keep a tote bag or beach style bag in my car with all my beach supplies or park necessities incase we decide to make a quick detour to one or the other. Both of us really loved these cute lace up sandals with embroidered details. I was loving the brown and she loved the black so I got her the black ones, best part we wear the same size so its like I got a new pair also. Lol. Can't not love when your teenage daughter is the same size as you in almost everything. She is a size smaller in bottoms but we don't wear the same cut or style jeans, she loves high waisted skinny jeans and I love mid rise boyfriend jeans of course distressed or with it being summer I have stocked up on cropped jeans and vintage Levi's I have cut into shorts. Goodwill and the Salvation Army are two spots I frequent over summer break a couple times a week in hunt of men's vintage graphic or band tees then old Levi's. I struggle finding shorts that I love the fit and length then that have sown distressing. I always find a couple pairs I love at my fave Silver Jeans Co, but then have to DIY the rest. I'm always game for the hunt and the creative process of cutting, distressing and adding my own touches to denim and tees. 

Thanks for passing by and hope everyone had an amazing weekend. We had a fun kick off the summer pool party this weekend for my youngest, it was a success. She had a blast with her friends and I enjoyed a break from packing and showing the house to chat with some of my mom friends. Summer time just makes me so happy, no alarm clock and lots of adventures. Love it and can't wait to share with everyone. Every year we do our two week family road trip then a few long weekend trips to the keys or camping, this summer since we are selling our home, my hubby is relocating and I'm staying here going to be craziness. I will be in northern Florida for most of July helping my hubby settle in then also back south settling my girls and I into our new spot but will have a bunch of fun road trips to share as well as a really awesome birthday trip for myself and then planning a trip abroad with my oldest for her 18th birthday. 

Happy shopping and bargain hunting ladies. Peace love and light. Cheers to summer break ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰ 

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