Thursday, June 22, 2017

Brow Micro Blading

Today my oldest daughter and I had our eye brows micro bladed. This was a procedure I had been long considering. Back probably over 10 years ago my friends had their eye brows tattooed on my one of my best friends long time friends that I had helped with her books when she opened her own tattoo shop had all had their brows or other permanent make up done. I remember picking my best friend Dawn up from the shop and as soon as I saw her she looked like she had some type of procedure done or a facial, some new makeup something was different and I loved it. She told me she had her brows tattooed on and I was shocked. My grandmother had this done many years prior to this in Hawaii and I always thought it looked so fake. She had white blonde hair like my friend Dawn and I'm also a natural blonde so our brows are so light you can barely see them. 

After many year of almost getting it done, once I had the appointment and even showed up but left with my kids names or another tattoo I have collected over the years. Back about 3-4 years ago I was beginning to hear everyone talking about a more realistic looking 3D style procedure done called Micro Blading. I started looking into the costs, and also places to get it done. I was so leery because I have OCD and I am a bit of a perfectionist also I'm not a big makeup fan.  I have had the temporary lashes done and yes they look amazing but they just weren't for me. 

I finally decided to give it a shot, I love how my face looks when I do pencil in my brows. I'm not the best at it and my brows always look different then finding a pencil or pomade style brow powder to apply has been hard also. I finally foundation good color and pencil by NYX but wanted to just wake up with my brows done. No work no fuss just natural looking and fuller. My friend just got her license and she is like me a perfectionist very detail oriented not to forget a super talented makeup artist. I trusted her 100% knowing how I am and also that I'm picky, to do this for myself and my daughter. She is just starting out and building her portfolio so I was able to get the procedure done for only $100. The cost is now going to go up to $350 and then will rise again soon. She has a nice location down off Collins and Miami Beach that was very professional, and she explained step by step everything she would be doing and was doing as she was applying each product. 

It started out with booking my appointment and she sent me several forms to read over along with videos of the procedure and some before/after pics of the clients she had done so far. I made sure to ask questions and then my daughter decided she also wanted to have it done, so I did some extra online research as well. Once we arrived in her suite, she had us fill out all the paperwork and go over allergies or medications. Once we were explained all the pre procedure information, I had topical numbing cream applied and waited 20 minutes. 

She had me lay down on a table much like when you go for a waxing, facial or massage. She then began to measure out the area, marking points of the brows. She drew in an outline of where she would be shading the brows. I got to check out the needle or blade used, which reminded me a lot of the tattoo shading needles used. It was a fine metal blade made up of several small needles. Once the brow shape and size was determined she then applied two ink or dye samples between my eyes to show me the two best colors she recommended for my lighter hair color to match my brows best. We went with an ash blonde and very light brown to deepen the tone slightly. She picked the blade she felt was the best size to make the strokes look closest to the thickness of my natural hairs in my brows. 

She began with the first stroke and I was actually surprised it was not as painful as I had expected but the sound was a bit interesting. I had expected that as she went on it would hurt less but it was only certain areas I didn't feel as much where other areas I could feel it cutting almost but was more of an annoying sensation then a painful or uncomfortable one. After the first passing she applied lidocaine and allowed the to saturate the area before the next several passings. I think because the area is so delicate and becomes irritated easily it causes a little more discomfort in some areas where more strokes are applied or needed. Over all it isn't an intolerable pain.  I have over a dozen tattoos several being very large, one is from the base of my spine lower mid back, all the way up to my shoulder blades and since have gotten my kids names across my upper back then have an older tattoo on the back of my neck. It wasn't at all is uncomfortable as getting a tattoo can be and went by rather fast. I would say from numbing to being done it takes about an hour to an hour and a half depending on your artist. I have seen where some do 2-3 hours but then the client look very irritated I was happy to hear I will have a touch up session in 4-8 weeks that will be when she finishes filling them in and any touch ups I need after healing. 

I'm impressed totally with both my daughters brows and mine. I have been told they get darker and go through a few days of heeling that some say is worse then others. I have heard for a week some ladies have peeling and scabbing but we all heal differently as well as how you take care of them afterwards. I have had many tattoos and some have heeled without even as much as a scab or peeling you have to keep the area moist and clean. I am including a few before, after, during and going to try to upload a video clip maybe it will be on my social media if I'm unable to post it here. I would love to hear from others about their experiences and see photos. I highly recommend this for ladies like myself who don't have time or the talent to apply makeup but want to have a more defined brow area to open up your eyes and add some extra something to your face. I'm excited to see them healed and after the touch up because right now they look amazing and my daughter's are so realistic and natural looking. I love how they both turned out   and so happy we were able to get this done for a great price. 

Thank you for passing by and hope you're all having a wonderful week. Peace love and light always xoxo

 More before and after photos, video clips and details coming soon. 

Brows done by @vangochi on Instagram 

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