Sunday, December 6, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up and Festivities

Sunday is always a fun day but once it reaches 10 p.m. I become a little down because I know its back to the 5 a.m. alarm tomorrow. Luckily for me I only have two weeks left before winter break for my girls starts and I will be home with them. I opted to work from home for the two weeks. I can't wait because I have a lot of fun stuff planned with my girls along with some cool stuff for my blog and work. I recently was given a new account and I am super excited to be able to head up my first marketing and promotional gig for a local designer. We have been working on curating some beautiful stuff for her online shop along with some revamping of her Miami store front. It's going to be a lot of fun and great experience for my portfolio. 

I have finally finished decorating my home for the holidays. We got the outdoor decor complete and both trees are up with all the ornaments, stocking are hung by the fireplace and I have mostly all the rooms accessorized with some old decor we have had along with some fun new pieces from Target I highlighted in a previous post. I will be sure to take more photos this week of some of my favorites to share with everyone. 

It's funny because we got this tree new this year from Walmart on sale for $77. Our old tree had most of the lights burnt out and was getting to be a pain so we needed something new, I didn't want to spend a fortune since I would rather spend on gifts for the kids so we got this Black Friday deal without seeing it first. I am so pleased with the tree, it is full, has realistic branches and it can be colored or white LED lights. We love it. After decorating it with the family I kept thinking something was missing, sure enough when decorating the second tree for our family room I found my ribbon I have used the last few years in a box. I was going to add it but now I think it looks good the way it is. 

Above is our second tree in our family room. This tree has more of a Christmas winter theme with a snowman hat on top and lots of hand painted ornaments from Poland. I got all the decorations and tree on clearance nine years ago at Dillard's. I love the white garland with the white lights it looks like snow glistening on the tree. My stocking holder is from Kirkland's and I have had this for over a decade. Its perfect since we have a fake electric fire place my hubby got me awhile back because I have always wanted a real one but in Florida it's not really needed and it would be so hot. This fake one is perfect because it gives the warm feeling to the family room and effect it wanted for the holidays.

A family tradition for many and has been one for my family for many years is the Elf on the shelf. We have a plush one and an original one. They have lots of fun and get into a lot of craziness over the month leading to Christmas morning. 

As you can see even our Elf loves graphic tees. She has many different outfits but this year she has changed a couple of times already. Got these cute tees and a small suitcase for them at Target. 

Saturday planned to do a photo shoot I have been working on down in Miami for my blog but got rained out. Instead I spent the day at the salon, I had my new color touched up and tweaked a little. Wanted some meek dark red underneath with some bright red mixed in and to remove some of the color that runs into the blonde which looked magenta almost. My hair feels so amazing thanks to Olaplex and Pravana. 

This is all my own hair, I have been growing it out since I started using the Olaplex a little over a year ago when my stylist first told me about it. I have been so many colors and with lots of bleaching to remove colors it is still silky soft and has very little damage. I have gotten so many compliments on my new color. In was nervous because red has never been my favorite but I love this combo. My gorgeous necklace is by my Etsy fave FawninginLove link in my favorite shops and many prior posts.  Her work is unique and just fabulous she really keeps me looking well accessorized always.  

My Sunday was festive with shopping, a visit to Santa and his elves, Christmas crafts and of course some Christmas wrapping when I got home. Even had time for a nail appointment with my oldest daughter. My sweater above is from a company I came across on FB last fall called 2chicksandacause, love that they donate proceeds to different charities every month. My jeans are Vigoss tomboy jeans with distressed finish in black, boots are last season Freebird by Madden, necklace is from Precious Heart Shop and my bracelets are all Alex and Ani. My bag is my fringe tote from Bohemian Vibe Boutique. Since it is late I will be sure to add links for shopping and where to find my look or similar looks tomorrow.

Quickly want to say thank you to everyone who has used my Sand Cloud promo code to purchase items from Sand Cloud, my code is Wanderlust25 for 25% off your order.  I am over the moon to say I am about to get another reward to use for more items.  I just got one last week and then one two weeks before that not to mention the two I already used.  You have all been really supporting me with this company and would love if you would help support with Smile Sciences and PuraVida also.  Check my favorite shops side bar here on my blog, I have lots of links and promo codes for discounts.

I am off to bed. I wanted to thank you for coming by. If you missed my previous post I have teamed up with Smile Sciences, link in the next post and my favorite shops in side bar. I will add a link below also. If you use my exclusive promo code GYPSYSTYLE you can save 90% off the retail price of $299 and get your own kit for $29. I am excited for my kit to arrive and share my whiter smile with everyone. I have sensitive teeth and my dentist told me that this product would work great. You can chose between bubblegum and peppermint, kit includes everything you need and the LED light which is magic. If you have used this product I would love to hear what you think or about your own results.

Have a fabulous week and again thank you for the support. I really have loved all the kind words from everyone and emails. I got a few touching emails this week after some saw some comments left and my migraine post. I really do love how kind everyone is and I am so grateful. Thanks to all of you I am able to share my love for fashion, decor, bargain shopping and photography. You all really rock and you should be proud of your kindness. Kisses and hugs xoxo ❤️😘✌️


  1. Beautiful Christmas trees. Contemplating purchasing a fake tree from Walmart or Target, do you know the name or model number of the tree you got for $77? I am sure it isn't still on sale since Black Friday was a couple of weeks ago but I am looking for same style with color and white lights. I saw one but didn't have realistic looking branches like you said your tree has, they were the fake bendable branches.

    1. It is a 7.5 foot prelit tree that was normally $169 I don't have a model number but I can try to get into the garage this week and check for the exact name on the box. It has the realistic branches, three different styles then the fake bendable ones also. It can be white or color lights then it has a mode where it switches between the two. We use to always use colored lights years ago but I got into the white lights but both our trees had them it is a cool feature to have both for sure. I will try to check tomorrow when I get home. I know they don't have the deal anymore because my mom is a manager and she looked for me because I was going to get a second one to replace my other tree because it is older also and they were all gone. Thanks for passing by and hope you will come back in the future. Xoxo