Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday, multiple ways to wear large scarf and shawls.

Happy Monday, today is my official final day of work before my three week vacation for the holidays. Tomorrow I have an appointment for my Botox for migraines treatment and wanted to post this quick article on ways to style a poncho style scarf. 

I received this gorgeous scarf style shawl,  from Pam at the Ehlers Co Passion for Fashion. It is so easy to style multiple ways and for multiple looks that I wanted to share a few photos with you. 

Above I have it just thrown over my shoulders or around my neck and left hanging like a scarf or should cover shawl. The colors are perfect for this season with a beige base and hints of red, rust and blue. Goes amazing with blue jeans, rust or red denim and neutrals. 

Here I used a simple brown braided belt and cinched it a little above my waist for a cardigan look. You can leave over the shoulders for a sleeve look, or you can easily pull it up on the shoulder for a vest like look. I wore a basic 3/4 length tee with wide neck in white that has a rolled up button sleeve and some Rag and Bone rust jeans. My triangle orange necklace is from Forever 21, and the gorgeous brown and gold arrowhead is handmade by Simply Quinn's on Etsy. Remember she still has been promo code working for 20% off perfect time to grab some last minute gifts. The code is GYPSY20. 

Never really do the mirror selfie but trying to get some different perspectives and views for everyone. Here you can see my gorgeous rust Rag and Bone skinny jeans I won on EBay for an amazing price. They fit fantastic and complement the body so good. I know they are so many inexpensive options for jeans currently out there and online in boutiques but you get what you pay for. Higher end designer jeans aren't only made well but they almost always have the best fit and give your body the best look. I refuse to pay $150/300 for jeans but I am always hunting eBay and the clearance racks. Silver jeans are at the top of my favorite list and not just because I am an ambassador, over a decade before being invited to become one of their ambassadors I have worn their brand. Rag and Bone, J. Brand, True Religion, and Miss Me are a few more of my favorites. I also love Hudson, Buckle, American Eagle, Vigoss, Paper Denim Cloth to name a few more and there are always other designers like Seven and seven for mankind or Citizens of humanity I enjoy as well, but I can never go wrong with The first brands because I have never tried on a pair I didn't love the way the fit and felt. 

Here I twisted the scarf in half and wrapped around my neck starting from the back then around again to tie off behind my head, then I simply pulled out some of the material to make it look full. Sometimes I will leave the fringe pieces loose towards the front for another look. Scarves can be worn so many ways. I love these wider style ones because I am always cold so I can use them as a wrap or shawl to keep warm not just a scarf. 

Example of why I love Rag and Bone jeans. They have amazing pockets with the perfect size, cut and stitch got accenting the back side. If you find the right style jeans the pockets will lift your behind and keep you from having what many call the mom butt or look like you are wearing mom jeans. These skinnies have some stretch also which helps accentuate and lift the back side also. 

Here you can see my fringed brown boots from Maurice's. They don't have this style anymore but they are carrying s similar style with fringe in black and brown now. Today I found some amazing black mid height combat boots at Beall's outlet for $15.99 one pair had leopard the other a plaid design, they can be folded over or just left normal. I had to scoop them up because I have brown mid and high then high black but didn't have the mid height in black. The price was amazing. Also got a gray purse clip keychain that is a little furry ball. It was $2.99 and love these for dressing up my bags. 

Hope you enjoyed my pictures of my ways of dressing up and styling an oversized scarf or shawl. I will have links below of course for the same or similar items and don't forget Ehlers Co is offering 20% off to all my readers just message Pam the owner if you win an auction on eBay or buy something. Have a great week. Xoxo 😘

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  1. Blog looks amazing and I love the new photos. It has been much easier to leave a comment from my phone also. Thanks for making the changes. Your ootd shots are great.

    1. Thanks so much and yes commenting should be a little easier now took down some of the security steps to post and talked to google. Glad you like the new blog look. Continue to watch for more changes have a lot of exciting stuff coming up for 2016 xoxo

  2. Super cute outfit, the multiple ways to wear this scarf are great. Those jeans are my favorite looking for a pair now hard to find in the rust or red only seen in yellow or bright orange. Are they an older style and color? I know you are a bargain shopper and ebayer going to check eBay.

    1. I got them new with tags on eBay for under $35 love them. Not sure how old they are but check eBay. Thanks for the kind words means so much to me. Been on cloud 9 today and this week. Having a lot of good things going on and excited to share soon. Have a happy holiday xoxo