Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Trapeze Tuesday

Hey it's Tuesday and for me it's a mid week Friday, have to volunteer for field day tomorrow for my daughter's class then Thursday is a study day for my oldest daughter so she is out early from school. Have plans to get our nails done and touch up my hair color for the holidays. Just got the color done but want to tweak it a little. Whenever using the fun colors you never know what it will come out like and I love the darker burgundy and brighter red but not loving some of the pink almost magenta where it bled into my blonde. Unfortunately not a lot can be done this happens especially when you are blonde. I am going to have her do some more of the darker violet red almost burgundy on my bottom layer then some more of the vivid red in the middle. I will still have some pink because the red on white blonde looks pink but before was attempting a ombré underneath instead going to do two layers with the ombré only on the tips. 

My look of the day for this still gloomy Tuesday is this oversized sweater I found at Walmart. I added my arrowhead necklace from Simply Quinn's on Etsy, right now she has been so kind to offer a discount to all my blog readers and followers use the code GYPSY20 at checkout to get 20% off your order. My shorter necklace was part of a set I got at Pacsun but you can find a gorgeous and way better quality, similar style in silver, gold or rose gold at Fawninginlove on Etsy. 

Wearing my eBay scored trapeze dress I features awhile back under my sweater today. I love this dress with sweaters. I have my sweater tied in the back here but you can tie it on the side letting some more hang down in the front or leave it untied for a few different looks. I decided to wear my OTK boots by Forever21 and some high socks from Tilly's. 

This trapeze dress is a light weigh material and has lace panels so I am wearing some white boy shorts I found at Walmart for under $5 depending on which style you go with. They have some that are taller in the waist for tummy control then they have two differ lengths in the legs also. I didn't go with the high rise style I did more of a mid rise and short length. I like the choices they have and you can also get nude or black also. I have a few pairs because I love to wear shorter sundresses over the summer but like to cover up underneath them. 

Links for where to find items will be added when I get some time. Today finishing up envelopes for our annual fashion biz Christmas party with lots of designers, boutique owners, makeup artists, hair stylist, photographers, curators, marketing rep, local magazine editors and execs,  and of course fashion stylists. Last week the first round went out and today I have to get the last of them in the mail since half the office took vacation last week and this week. Then off to hand deliver to my favorites.  I start my vacation in 16 days! Can't wait.

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