Thursday, December 10, 2015

Silver Jeans Comfort and Joy

Silver Jeans
Comfort and Joy

     Silver jeans go great with everything. 

Today I am rocking my new Aiko mid skinny distressed jeans by Silver Jeans. I am lucky to be an ambassador for this amazing brand. For me it was a dream come true to be selected to represent this amazing brand because I have been wearing and loving their jeans for over a decade. My first favorite style was the Tuesday boot cut distressed over ten years ago. I got a pair on sale and went back two days later and got every color multiple sizes because I fluctuate in sizes all the time especially this last year since being diagnosed with an Auto Immune disorder. I also am in early menopause so my hormones are all over the place so weight is a never ending battle for me. One month I am around 128-130 then two months later after treatments I can get up to 160. I am lucky to be 5'8 and I carry weight well it is pretty evenly proportioned. 

These jeans fit like a dream. I sized up because the Suki and Aiko styles tend to run a size small. They are slightly tighter in the hips and thighs. This style I am wearing has a good amount of stretch but not so much that they are falling off by the end of the day. To me they don't feel like a mid cut they seem a little lower but it could be just me. The distressing is the best they have reinforced patches sewn in and really feel like so heavy duty jeans. They retail for $109 but they are sale right now. I will post a link below. 

I paired my Silver Jeans with a peasant style 3/4 bell sleeve top from Forever 21 and some platform high heel leather brown boots by Guess. 

My necklaces are two of my faves the top one is a blue agate slice with a gold feather and is hand made by Laura from FawninginLove on Etsy. Right now she has a 15% off sale for the holidays and if you are looking for a gift for someone all her orders come wrapped in the cutest packaging ever perfect for gift giving. 

The arrowhead is also handmade by SimplyQuinns on Etsy and you can use my exclusive promo code GYPSY20 at checkout for 20% off your purchase from her shop. She has some amazing one of a kind designs and some amazing diffuser pieces with essential oils that are great also for gift giving. 

Today I am wearing a few of my favorites Alex and Ani bracelets.  I love the Alex and Ani bracelets and jewelry. I have a necklace with a couple of charms and a few of their rings. I adore all their pieces. They became very popular in my area last year and my mom got me one as a gift which started my addiction after I went to their website and saw all the amazing designs I had to have more. I have a ton now from silver, gold and rose gold. I even have a gunmetal and turquoise metal bracelet along with a few of the beaded bracelets to add some color. Some days I will wear as many as a dozen on one arm but mist days I like to wear four to six on each arm to break them up. Working as a stylist and curator I am all day handling clothing, I have gotten snagged a few times on an expensive knit or sweater which is a disaster especially when working with some of the higher end designers that their tops cost over $250. I try not to wear to much jewelry that will catch and even remove my wedding ring some days because it is not a flush mount diamond it is elevated in the prongs and catches often. 

The weather is gorgeous here in south Florida today, we have had some rainy gloomy days but today it's sunny and cool. Feels like a true fall day finally. Wish I could be outside or able to do my shoot I had planned over the weekend for my blog today. I am working in Boca today curating and styling for a ladies night out party for a boutique client. I have a few amazing pieces laid aside to take home that I plan to feature next week. She has these amazing leggings, jeans with the ankle cuff elastic that are so soft, and this black vegan leather vest with the large fold over front I am in love with. 

One last close up of my Silver Jeans, want you to see the amazing quality of the distressing. Every hole has a reinforced sewn in patch which will make them last forever, usually distressed jeans don't have this and after a few wears or washes they end up huge holes. These won't end up looking like that. They are fitted in the legs and hips then have some stretch for a little extra comfort. I really love them and plan to order another pair next week when I get paid. 

A flat lay I posted on IG last night, the jeans and sweater vest are both made by Silver jeans, boots are fringe brown boots from Maurice's and the burgundy purple tone top is by Fashion Junkee. My necklace is a gold spike detail 16" piece from Forever21 and looks like similar pieces that are selling for over $40 I got this for $6.80. Love it. 

This is just a small portion of my Silver Jeans collection. Most I owned before becoming an ambassador. I had over 20 pairs and now have well over 30. I also own skirts, shorts, capris, this vest, tanks, jackets, and some other tops. I will post links below for shopping and where find after work. Hope you enjoyed some of my Silver jeans faves and my look for today. Head over to my Twitter or IG to like some of my posts and share some comments or feel free to comment below also. I know some mentioned having difficulty posting comments, all my comments are moderated due to an issue with someone I don't know leaving spam or comments that are not so kind. I love to hear from everyone good and bad. I am always open to suggestions but a reminder I do this blog for fun and to share things I love with others not as a professional writer. I have never claimed to have a degree in journalism lol. Like right now I am posting this while taking a break at work from my iPhone. Nothing fancy. Just a regular woman who loves fashion, bargains and sharing. 

Have a wonderful Thursday and hurry Friday I can't wait for the weekend along with the official countdown to vacation and winter break. Only one week and two days. Xoxo 

Where to shop:

The top and jeans are exact but the jacket and boots are very similar since mine are a few years old.  If I left out anything comment below please and I will be sure to add a link 


  1. Silver jeans rock! I am also an ambassador for their brand I work for Maurice's. Love your blog and we love all your Maurice's and Silver posts keep up the amazing photos and promoting. You have amazing taste.

    1. Thank you so much. Sorry I'm just seeing your comment and responding but I love Maurices and I'm a huge Silver Jeans fan have been most my life and really my favorite brand to wear in denim. I'm so excited you enjoyed my post and like my taste I hope you continue to pass by my blog. Have an amazing week and hope your summer has been awesome. Peace love and light always xoxo

  2. You have beautiful hair, the color is so unique. It really is nice.

    1. Thank you, I'm always changing my hair color and it is currently purple just transitioned from silver grey. I appreciate you kind words and comment. Hope your summer has been awesome and have an amazing week. Sending lots of peace love and light your way. Xoxo