Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cute in style tees

Yesterday I blogged about cute in style tees that are popular all over now. There are so many amazing places from eBay and etsy to order. As well as pop up shops and websites like Also locally the store Love Culture is going out of business and I have gotten a few cute tops that are $14-15 on sale at up to 60% off. Check out some styles below from style lately as well as some cute similar tees you can find at Love culture on sale if you have a local store closing or you can find on their website for regular price. I got my hi haters bye haters tee for $7 I believe and the you can't sit with us tee for $6 at my local store which is going out of business. 

Will have a lot of great features this week from Marshall's and TJ Maxx also. Not sure if I mentioned it in my previous post but if you like converse you can always find the one star style at target for less but Marshall's had the black and white high and low style for $24.99 and $29.99. Also a great find I got two weeks ago were some super cute freebird by Steven boots, Steve Madden has a line of cute cowboy rocker style boots that usually retail for over $199-$299 and found a super cute pair at Marshall's for $99.99 two weeks ago. Just wanted to share this deal, they only had the cognac color but still super cute and amazing price. 

This week I will be going to a few stores and taking some photos to show some amazing deals and cute styles for great prices. Stay tuned 

Love culture cute hi hater, bye hater oversized tee and Friday night, healing time oversized gray tee. 
These tees are available at and for amazing prices. Keep an eye open cause they add new styles often and have sales often. 

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