Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mod camera straps

I love photography and back in December won a new camera, I looked around for a few months for some new camera straps that wouldn't break the bank and found this amazing company, MOD straps. All the strap are made in the USA and they have a large selection of not just straps but accessories also. 

At the time I ordered a houndstooth print for my old Nikon D3100 which my daughter has been using when I don't use it for something, and grabbed myself a cute colorful chevron pattern for my new Nikon D610. While on vacation I decided to pass by target because they carry mod products now and got myself a black and white chevron camera pouch so I didn't need to carry a heavy camera bad while we were walking a lot sight seeing. 

I saw on Instagram rhat they were having a contest over the summer called mod straps on the move, just tag your mod gear photos and they would feature customers with their mod gear, then at the end of summer they would pick a winner for a $100 and two $25 gift certificates. I ended up winning the $100 prize and got myself a matching set in my favorite color, blue! I got a strap, a Velcro strap pouch for storing my id, cards and cash, a cap saver with a cute rhinestone and a matching pouch for my camera. Love everything not to mention the amazing fast shipping and customer service. 

If you are in the market for a new camera strap I recommend this brand hugky. Made in the USA is a plus and amazing prices with huge selection, fast shopping and now they are not only available in Target but walmart too. Can't beat that. Remember to always support the small local and American made businesses. Below are some photos of my mod gear. 

The pouch is perfect for covering your camera and protecting it. I carry it with the strap like a purse strap, the Velcro pocket for my cards and money then the pouch as a bag, even throw a extra battery in there. Hope to get some bags for my lenses soon. 

Love all my MOD gear so much and made in the USA 
At the beach to keep the sand off my camera 
Strap is heavy duty for my very heavy Nikon D610, trust it with my little one using the camera 


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    1. Patrick,

      Thank you for visiting my page and I am so happy you enjoyed my post. I really appreciate your comment and kind words. I will visit your site for sure soon. Have a wonderful week ❤️