Saturday, September 20, 2014

T-shirt and Tank Obsessed

For years, since I was a teen I have always loved jeans and a cute tee or tank. Usually with flip flops or a cute pair of sneakers, like vans or converse. I always had cool concert tee shirts or graphic tees. Loved the wife beater style tank tops too in solid colors or cool prints. My closet is so ridiculous that I can't even share a photo till I finish cleaning it out, it is bad. I also have two dressers for my clothes but I prefer to hang them and be able to see everything versus digging in a drawer. But I have to work with what I have. 

I would love to have a huge closet, which honestly my closet isn't small at all. I use to always fold my tees and tanks then have a talk dresser that I had filled with them, but then started hanging my favorites. My collection has gotten bigger and bigger over the years. I have a lot of tees and tanks now with cute sayings. It's amazing how many creative people are out there and the cute ideas they have. Some of my favorites are still my concert and band tee shirts, I am a rocker girl at heart. I was in my mom's tummy when u attended my first rock concerts, my brother was a huge Kiss fan and my mom would take him to shows, and I was so lucky to attend these. I remember being two or three years old and seeing Kiss live, I loved it, the blowing up and fire, loud rock and roll, tons of people it was so intense. I always thought I was meant to be a rock star but never had any of the talents. Instead I just went to every local rock show along with the big bands, I was hooked. I have some shirts that are over twenty years old and still look amazing. 

I love sports so also have a large collection of football tees and other sports teams I like. Recently I have become into shirts with cute sayings. I am not a morning person at all and a friend got me a cute tank top a few years ago that says "I don't do mornings" and it quickly became a favorite. My fashion style has always been very casual and rocker style. I love destroyed denim, I was wearing destroyed denim when I was 16 so over 25 years ago and love skulls, camo, studs, and have always had a passion for cutting up my own clothes and creating a more cutting edge style. 

Figured I was due for a blog post about my shirts. Have blogged about my fashion finds and deals, shoe obsession and my favorite jeans. Now I have to have a post about favorite tees. I find a lot of my favorites on etsy and eBay. Also stores like Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Love Culture, Forever 21 and even good will is a great spot. We also have these consignment stores called Plato's closet here. I will buy a men's shirt way to large for me or even a shirt that is worn or has a small hole then cute it and tie it or knot it in a cool way just cause I like the logo or quote on it. 

My hubby use to be big into joke shirts and shirts with different crazy dirty jokes or sayings also. He orders me tees all the time and some of the ones he has picked out have become classics and favorites. It's funny cause I have always considered myself to not be a big fashion person when it comes to having style, but I get stopped often and asked who makes that or where did you find that. It is what inspired me to start blogging years ago and still inspires me now to post certain topics on my blog. Tees and tanks are great cause you can dress them up with a cute skirt and later with other tanks and tops or cute cardigans, kimono tops and jackets or even vests. I think a cool tee or tank with a hot skirt and great heals is a go to outfit for me. My everyday fashion is jeans, capris or shorts with a tank or tee, flip flops or converse and a cute tee shirt or tank top. 

Some of my personal favorite tees and tanks are my collection of wifey shirts. My hubby has called me wifey since we got married, I have been programmed in his phone as wifey for 16 years and he got me a wifey tee about 12 years ago and since I have a lot of different styles. My favorite is one he got me for Christmas this year off eBay that says wifey and then says the year we were married. Super cute and comfy. I also love my ILY vneck gray wifey tee and then I have a super glitter wifey flowing tank top. I have a few of those in different colors and fonts. 

I like the ones with sayings about copycats and crazy people also since I have had some issues with a crazy myself and they just are perfect for people who know me, or about the situation. I could ramble on forever about my tee and tank collection but think the best thing to do is show some of my favorites and then share some amazing sites you can purchase them at. I don't think I can fit them all in one post but will have several posts over the next month dedicated to my love for the cute graphic and quote tees or tanks. 

As I think I may have mentioned awhile back my laptop has needed an update but recently decided to save up for a new one so I have been posting from my phone, this makes posting harder for sharing links and photos. I will do my best to share the info until I can get online on my desktop or laptop to post. If you have any questions feel free to comment and I will do my best to get you the information. Also if you are a lover of tanks and tees please share with me. I always love to find others who share the same taste or likes as me. 

For now here are some photos of some of my favorite tanks and tees. I will post more in the next coming weeks. Along with some of my favorite band and concert tees, cute outfits and ideas for styling the cute tops along with sites for ordering them. Also will have some cute tees and tanks for photography lovers, cause I have a few of those I love.  Thinking I may revamp my blog soon and try to get it more organized and back to being laid out better. I kind of started slacking since my office became a storage room after we got our garage door fixed and my kids took over all my computers and tablets lol. I love blogging and sharing my love for crafts, baking, photography, home decor, fashion and more. If you have followed my blog over the passed few years then you know I am all over with what I post about but usually everything is something that every female and mom can relate to lol. Enjoy my tees and will have a lot more fashion finds to come. 

Love cute sayings and quotes 
Graphics from pineapples, skulls and nautical themed tops or tanks. 
Bands, and more cute saying or quotes 
More sayings and cute graphics, always love a cute flag or American pride tee or tank. 
More cute sayings and nautical stuff also love Coca~Cola too my favorite drink 

This year nautical was a bit of a fashion obsession of mine, from anchors to anything nautical or boat/beach related. 

Old Navy has had some super cute tops and love their pixie pants a new favorite.

I know there are a lot of different styles and types of tees or tanks but wanted to post some of my favorites from this summer that I wore. Will have more coming soon and will post links to where I got most of them. Believe it or not a lot of them were from Old Navy, Love Culture, Marshall's and TJ Maxx. A few were from some online stores, etsy and eBay also. Thank you for checking out my tee and tank obsession. More coming soon. 

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