Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Living room changes.

From house of brown and earth tones to house of blue and colors! Super excited this summer we were able to get rid of our dark brown, large rocking sofa, love seat and chair, with large tables and get this lovely large sectional. We have always had leather since we first moved in together but finally decided to try fabric on our sofa. We wanted something more comfortable, less slippery and lighter in color. We still have young kids and pets so wanted something durable. I couldn't wait to get rid of the leather, I love pillows and throws but with leather they are always sliding off. I wanted something we could lall have room to cuddle up together as a family for watching movies and family game nights. We looked for a couple months but everything came together finally. We ended up getting a large custom sectional, with a chaise, then a large storage ottoman, a small round banana leaf style table for the side and then a really large tv stand, my hubby wants to get an even larger tv then we already have so he wanted something that would be large enough to for under a larger tv so we wouldn't out grow it. I also found an amazing shag rug at Homegoods that matches perfect, repurposed my old curtains from the dining room and got a couple new accent pieces.

Like everything in my home it is a work in progress. I want colorful different shades of blue pillows, we need to hang family portraits along with a canvas beach print of one of my own photos I took, hang some Moroccan lanterns I have had and need to finish recovering these Moroccan style poufs j got at good will which originally were for outside on the patio but will work amazing in the living room. I found these large floor pillows and was inspired by the Moroccan look. I have my bak patio sort of decorated in that theme now which you can see in old posts but now trying to do that in the living room. Again a work in progress but wanted to share a few photos. If you follow me on ig than you have seen the transformation develop and know my plans. Been hard because we traveled a lot this summer and my husband works a lot. Right now trying to get my Halloween decor out because I was injured a few weeks ago then we all got a care of this bad cold going around. Enjoy the couple photos I have and will have more soon:). Blessed day to all. 

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