Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Week of fashion fun

Wanted to quickly post a few snaps I took of some outfits from this passed week and last week from my Instagram. Love to share what I wear and also follow a lot of others that are posting photos of their daily outfits. Fashion is something j never considered myself to be very into, but discovered I was more into it than I cared to admit. My closet is bursting at the seams and I am always picking up amazing deals and cute finds for amazing prices. I am a savvy, budget conscious shopper always looking for amazing deals. 

I have a bit of an accessory obsession. I love jewelry, hair accessories, shoes, purses, watches and scarves. My purse collection is very large and actually have stopped buying designer bags and started buying used or non designer, cute in style bags. I also have cut back on buying shoes, living in Florida I have so many sandals and flip flops it is kind of insane and then every year I get a new pair of boots, booties, and then sneakers. I try not to buy heels anymore because I went over board four years ago buying tons of them and don't wear them as often as I would like. Usually only for a special occasion or event, or date night. 

I have so many pieces of jewelry from real items, costume pieces and some knock off pieces I have been given, that I don't even have room to store them. Have had a few pieces break cause the jewelry is so cluttered. I have a jewelry box and several hooks and cute organizers I have gotten to organize them but really just have too much. 

My personal style is very comfy and relaxed. I like to call it rocker chic. I love to dress up and use to work as a teachers aid and as a photographer at the schools, so I have a lot of cute pant suits, shorts that are dressier, capris, dresses, skirts, jackets, and other business/formal attire. In fall I love to wear maxi dresses and skirts with either a light weight tank or tee, love layering so I have tons of jackets, vests, cardigans, kimono style tops and other cute layering blouses. My tank too collection is up there with my tee collection and denim collection for sure. When you live in south Florida you can never have enough tank tops, shorts and sundresses along with sandals and flip flops.  My rocker chic comes from a love for destroyed denim, band tees and comfy tees or tanks, lots of rocker style jewelry with chunky chains, skulls and crosses. 

I also have a large collection of sunglasses which I need to start remembering to put in my photos with my outfits. I always leave out my bag and glasses. Below are some photos from last week and this week. Will try my best to post under each photo what each item is from the outfit and where I got it. A lot of my clothes are older. I have a a lot of favorite items, some back from a decade or even maybe older. Every season I try to pick up a couple new items to mix and match items I already have to make new outfits and keep in with the latest trend. 

My fashion style had always been ripped jeans, tee shirt or tank for casual and cute tops for going out, then sandals or sneakers in the spring summer months, then boots or cute closed toe flats for winter fall months.  Again I apologize for typos and my quick posts, using my iPhone for everything lately and have been dealing with issues with my vision. I will have a post coming later this month with an update on my health issues and the Botox for my migraines. Hoping to get glasses in the near future to help me. Went to eye dr and he claims I have 20/20 vision but my neurologist typed up a letter for me to bring describing my neurological issues and how it is affecting my vision. Hopefully this will help them understand my issues better. 

Back to re fashion lol, below are some of my photos and if you see something that I don't list derails in just comment and I will do my best to answer everyone's questions. Again Ty for following and reading. Please share a link to your blog for me to follow back. 

Rock and Republic top from Kohl's. Got this a couple years ago and was in sale because one of the studs or more, were coming off. I sewed them back on and perfect now. The necklace and bracelets are also Rock and Republic from Kohl's. Jeans are black, skinny, Lucky Brand purchasd at Burlington Coat Factory for $16. The studded sandals I found at a store called Mabdee that sells cute sandals all for under $15-10. Headband is from Charming Charlie and watch is MK
Marc Jacobs purse on super clearance two years ago. Posted about this in older blog post. 
Cute Romper I got from Live Culture, may have a older post about this. Got this in the spring. It was a little long in length but had it hemmed. 
This outfit above necklace is Rock and Reoublic. Skirt is lily rose from Marshall's. Top is a black cowl neck top from express with sequins, and shoes are studded grayish black Jessica Simpson. The shoes I purchased almost four years ago from macys.  
Gray Michael Kors bag I wore with the animal print skirt and black top. Matched well with the gray colored shoes. 
Rock and republic necklace from Kohls 
Another angle of the skirt and top, top has sequins and a cowl style neck from Express. 
Bracelet is Rock and Reiublic stackable set from Kohl's. Wear them a lot and love the R&R jewelry line and shoes. 
This is a more professional office attire style outfit. The pencil skirt is from Express, the top is Candies from Kohls and has a ruffle beck line, Chanel black and white logo pearl necklace, pearl and tennis style layered bracelets and rock and Reoublic from kohls, mid heel, suede black heels. 
Another angle of the outfit to show necklace, ruffle in bottom of gray pencil skirt. 
Skull top from Marshall's with pearl beading detail, leggings were from Charlotte Russe during Halloween, black boots, skull and crown scarf from Charlotre Russe, skull necklace from Claire's and rock and republic stackable bracelets, along with a cute skull bangle I got in my mystery Halloween box from julep two years ago. Some of these items may be in older blog posts cause I have had all these items for 2-4 years. 

Michael kors Astor black studded with silver hardware purse. Hubby got me this 4/5 years ago for my birthday and was my first MK purse. Have matching wallet. 
Tory burch clutch with gold chain hardware. Great for evenings out on the town when you don't want to carry a larger bag. I take this to weddings, parties and events. Also clubs and bars or concerts when I need to carry a bag, a lot of times I carry a wristlet or something j can slide in my pocket of my jeans.

Hope there aren't to many typos. Again having issues with my sight due to some health issues and my phone has the worst auto correct. I will try to go over it now before I post. Again my blog is for fun. I am a stay at home mom of two that enjoys blogging about fashion, deals and finds, home decor, photography, party and event planning, interior design, fitness, health and more. Try to cover a little of everything. I even throw in some product reviews along the way. Hope you enjoy. Have a Dlitefiul day. 



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    1. Ty so much Pitbull means a lot to me to hear when someone enjoys my blog or posts. Be sure to follow me on Instagram if you have an account. Hope you continue to come back and so happy for your comment:). Xoxo