Monday, September 29, 2014

Casual what I wore

Today was a cloudy, on again off again rainy but sunny day. Haven't been feeling well so took me awhile to find something comfy but that I wouldn't be cold or hot in as the weather changed all day. Decided to go with a tank top I found at Marshall's and some camo leggings also from same spot. The jacket I have had for a long time, actually freaked cause when I was thinking about it remember my oldest daughter was four and she is almost fifteen. Yes I have had it that long but love how it fits and it is broken in so the denim is soft. Found it at Dillard's. The sandals are cute ankle strap, with studs and rhinestones, found those at Kohl's a couple years ago and they are made by Candie's. The bracelets I have gotten off eBay or etsy shops, one being a hamsa hand, the other sideways cross, then I have a rhinestone bar, and last of all my saints protection bracelet. The tank top and bracelets are all kind of the mood I am in. Just breathe with a Buddha, I love Buddhas.  Have needed some peace and inner strength with health issues lately. 

Hope everyone has an amazing week and I will have more posts coming but please excuse if I miss some this week have several mris and tests scheduled this week. As I struggle with my health I do my best to remain postive and stay up to date on whatever I can. 

Have a Dliteful week:). 


  1. Super cute and love it all came from Marshall's and target. Love your tips for shopping on a budget and keeping on tend amazing. You are anazinf at bargain and real finds thank you for the tips

  2. Thank you so much this warms mt heart and so happy to read your comment, thank you for your support. xoxo