Thursday, September 25, 2014

Freebird by Steven, cute boots and booties for fall. Also have comparable styles with more to come

My new love for boots are the Freebird by Steven line. Amazing boots with a western, worn, rocker kind of look. I first feel in love with the Drover but at almost $300 was waiting for clearance or to find a pair on EBay. Finally found a pair of cognac at Marshall's, reddish brown color for way less. Then found a black pair but also found a cute close knock off look at Just Fab shoe store online. Actually found a bunch of cute pairs there and Target, Marshall's and Walmart even has some super cute pairs. Living in Florida we don't have boot weather but still love to wear them with my fall and winter fashion, or when we get our one cool front here and there. Below are some photos of my favorites by Freebird and then some comparable ones. Will list where you can purchase them. 

Also found a new line of cute tees and tanks today from the ladies who start Juicy Couture. Will have a post coming up with photos and where to purchase. 

Enjoy your end of the week and upcoming weekend. Also will have a Marshall's, post of fab finds for fashion and the home stay tuned. Good night 

Freebies by Steven cute booties all found on EBay. 
Freebird by Steven booties from EBay one of my go to spots for designer brands for less. 

Freebird by Steven, my new favorite western rocker chic boots. Must have for fall and winter fashion 

Freebird by Steven found at Marshall's. Fab found 

Freebird Drover boots can be found at Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus and online stores. Retail for $249 and up. Also check out eBay for new and used pairs. Love mine have a worn in, western and rocker vibe. Super comfy and stylish 
Just Fab online has a lot f cute boots in addition to Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Target and even walmart 

Found this cute pair at Just Fab online for $19.95 for new members and close to the freebird drover style. Newer look not as worn in looking but going to order a pair for my daughter to compare. 

Enjoy and happy boot shopping for the fall everyone. 


  1. How much you paid for the pair of Freebird at Marshall's? Which location?

  2. You are so lucky!!! I love Freebird too and hope I could find one pair at great discount too!

  3. How much it cost at Marshall's?