Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Silver Jeans Summer Faves

Hey there and hope everyone had an amazing July 4 weekend. Wanted to highlight some of my favorite shorts and cropped jeans for summer. Silver Jeans Co has been a long time favorite of mine, if you have been following my blog or me on social media I have been sharing my favorite denim over the years and you will always find my main brand being Silver Jeans. It's been well over a decade and pretty close to being over two decades since I started my love with this brand. I still own many of my favorites that I had over a decade ago. Once I find a pair of jeans or shorts that fit me perfectly I always tend to buy a couple pairs in that style or cut in different colors or finishes so that I will have them for years to come. One of my older pairs of Tuesday jeans are over ten years old and still look like they are new. I always loved ripped or distressed jeans and back when I found this style I was distressing my own jeans but Silver Jeans had them already distressed. The quality of the denim is the best I have found, it's not the real thin denim that wears quickly and it's not the stuff kind of denim that never feels broken in. This denim is soft, thick and durable. The distressed areas usually have a reinforced seam so you do not end up with one huge hole or recently they also have been adding patches or denim under some of the holes which I love. 

Being a Silver Jeans Ambassador is something I really have been so blessed to be a part of. For me it was my first big ambassador deal and it really is a brand I 100% stand behind. Their products are amazing, the quality, fit, and they always have the latest style trends in denim. I also love their customer service and shipping. I order 75% off the my Silver jeans online the other 25% I purchase in stores, if I have questions on sizing or concerns for fit I always contact customer service and they go above and beyond to answer all my questions. I have never received a pair of jeans that they recommended the fit or going up a size or down, that didn't work out amazing. Returning is also a breeze and they have great shipping that is always free. 

Some of my favorite summer styles are the Aiko and boyfriend cropped/Capri style and the boyfriend shorts. I have been living in my boyfriend shorts if you follow my Instagram and see my ootd posts. My most recent new purchases have been the denim shirt dress and boyfriend distressed cropped jeans. The boyfriend style have a darker stone washed look with lots of reinforced style holes with patches, they also have a few holes that don't have the patches and show some skin under. I love how these boyfriend jeans have a stretchy fit versus my boyfriend jeans from last summer. Either way I love all the boyfriend fit jeans, cropped/capris and shorts. 

Above are the boyfriend shorts and a skirt I have owned for over 10 years, I have a photo of my oldest daughter and I at the zoo that I'm wearing this skirt, she was 3 or 4 at the time and is now almost 17. My skirt looks like new and trust me I wore this skirt a lot during that summer when I got it and over the past decade. That's one thing I cannot stress is that I have been a long time loyal Silver jeans wearer long before becoming an ambassador and I didn't decide to become an ambassador so I ran out and got one pair to tag a couple of times. I was tagging their jeans as soon as I learned what tagging was on IG back 4-5 years ago. This is a brand whether I was an ambassador for or not I would be wearing all the time and supporting. I love the way they fit me and how they look on my body, I have also noticed that they look amazing on pretty much all body types. My daughter borrows my Silvers all the time and so do a lot of my close friends. My mom has some Silver jeans I gave her that were mine after I lost weight and she loves them. 

My light wash boyfriend shorts by Silver Jeans Co. 

Denim dress I mentioned and the fit is amazing. Love the tie waist to adjust since I'm a larger busted woman and anything like dresses, rompers or even button down tops I struggle with, don't like having to order them so big because then they look huge on me. This dress is perfect I can button up and cinch the waist so you can see my shape more then also like to wear it partially unbuttoned over a tank or bikini with the waist not as tight for a more relaxed look. It is great and I get multiple looks, in the above photo paired it with a clutch, Ettika choker and some heels for a girls night out with my coworkers, then wore with flats and a cropped cami partially buttoned for a work shoot and then over my bikini with some flip flops to the beach. One of my new favorite pieces. 

Hello weekend, I love graphic tees and tanks always been a jeans and tee kinda girl with a pair of cute kicks. 

Another flat lay of an outfit I would wear any time more of a weekend look but this was for a music festival I attended in spring. 

My newest boyfriend cropped jeans that I adore. Totally obsessed with their distressed denim, love ripped jeans always been my style and Silver Jeans has me stocking up on as many pairs as I can get. Be sure to head over to www.silverjeans.com now and remember they have free shipping. I will add below a link and also in my side bar under favorite shops you will find a direct link to their site. I promise you will love the fit and quality of their jeans that you too will become a Silver Jeans lover like myself. 

Keep an eye out have some more summer looks and styles by Silver Jeans Co coming soon. Then check out my Instagram and Twitter pages for my outfit posts daily. 

For those who don't know Silver Jeans also has an amazing jewelry line that I'm excited to share with you soon. Me to we is the name and they have a lot of cute styles that have a boho chic look. I have been wanting to share some looks but with my work I was hectic till the summer interns were all trained. Now I will be able to have more time to devote to my blog, social media and working hard to launch some new projects. 

Hope everyone had an amazing July 4th holiday weekend, and hope you will all be checking back for some photos from my summer road trip coming up starting this weekend. Have a good one and remember...

Peace and love always xoxo 


  1. Silver jeans have been a favorite of mine for years, how can I become an ambassador, do you have to have a blog or a lot of social media followers to become a brand ambassador? You have some amazing posts and photos. New to your blog and loving all of your cute styles. I was drawn to your blog looking for ideas for my hair and your style really has caught my attention.

    1. Good morning and thank you for your messages, and kind words. Means a lot to me that people enjoy my blog. Have dealt with some negativity from one person over a few years so use to getting nasty messages from that person or some fake comments they leave. It's always refreshing to have real readers leave kind words. In a world with so much violence and craziness going on we need to all focus on supporting and being kind. Silver jeans rock, I have been wearing mine for over two decades and love every pair. Some of my faves are my boyfriend styles and love the Tuesday cut, but they are all amazing quality and fit. I was contacted to be an ambassador for their brand after tagging for many years. It is something I got lucky with because I have been an ambassador for some time now 1-2 years and really love the company. Everyone is so kind and they have not just amazing products but great customer service also. I would recommend just tagging the brand on social media and if they like your posts and style they will reach out to you. Some other brands I work with are always looking for brand reps/ambassadors like Sand Cloud towels and you can use my link to apply. Good luck and if you love fashion and blogging it takes time to build up to having ambassador and rep deals it took me 3 years of blogging to get my first big brand reach out to me but I started with smaller shops and brands. Also try Influenster they send out Voxbox samples to try and review that is a great way to review products and build up a following. Thank you again and have an amazing summer and weekend, Peace and love always xoxo

  2. Stumbled on this post and recognized your jeans from meeting you while on vacation I didn't want to seem like a creep since I asked about your tank and choker, I also loved your shorts and now to see your blog I know all your style and fashion secrets. Thanks for sharing and happy to have met you. Hope you arrived home safe

  3. I posted this prior to being accused of copying someone else's work this is one of many posts featuring Silver jeans I have done over the last year