Thursday, July 28, 2016

NibMor organic Chocolate treats


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Quickly want to share these amazing organic chocolate bars, and drinking chocolates I'm sampling. Will have a more in depth review in the weeks to come. This is some of the most amazing, rich and did I mention it's organic chocolate. 


I was sent this amazing variety of products to try. I have tried a few as of today. I love the extreme, sea salt, almond, Krispy, and love the daily dose one square for a quick chocolate sweet tooth fix, and the smaller bars. In all honesty the full size bars are my true faves. My entire family has been trying these with me and everyone loves them. 

I'm was not a dark chocolate fan but that was prior to sampling the Nibmor brand. I think the quality and organic chocolate has such a smooth and rich deep chocolate flavor. I tried the fresh Maine blueberry flavored bars and am addicted. 

Be sure to use the code SMILEMOR for 15% off your order. ( All Capitals) 

This is my daughter's favorite along with the Krispy which is made with brown rice. I can't even describe how great the flavor with addition of the texture of the rice is so good. If you love chocolate even in small doses that is for you for sure. All you organic and healthy product lovers this is the treat for you. 

Original dark chocolate is a favorite of everyone I have sampled with in my home or my friends that have been by since I received them. I have to say between this original and the blueberry it's a close race. Then the other flavors I have tried are all right behind. Funny story I had a bite of a popular store brand bar and it tasted weird to me after trying these. I can tell the difference in the flavor and quality ingredients. 

The blueberry flavor made with fresh Maine blueberries. This is so good I wish I could describe the flavor to you. It is the perfect blend of blueberry and dark chocolate. Remember to follow them @Nibmor on IG and Twitter.

Variety of full sized fruit and nut, blueberry and cherry. Still have to try the Cherry flavor. 

These little daily dose packages are my favorite. I'm on a diet plan thanks to my trainer and Doctor but this is perfect for when you have a sweet or sugar craving. 
Pictured above it is the cherry smaller bar. 

Yummy mint daily dose bar is perfect for after lunch at work to please your sweet tooth but also leave a fresh minty flavor. 

Tried this tonight and it has an amazing texture from the cocoa beans. Also it is just such a rich smooth flavor. I tell myself one square then end up eating another lol. Saving for my family and friends to sample for a good review from multiple tasters. So far only had one person not love it but he was 6 and doesn't like chocolate. If I had known he wasn't a chocolate fan I may not have even had him try it but he was watching others sample and asked me for piece. Everyone else from ages 6-97 have loved it. Everyone is amazed when they find out it's organic. Also low calorie for chocolate. 

As I'm quickly typing this post I'm working on making my first chocolate drink, I went with the mint and I have seen some amazing recipes including instead of using milk, using coconut milk, then heard about a peanut butter recipe which I will include a link to in my next post. You can find more recipes and details on the website. Don't forget when you order to use code SMILEMOR to get 15% off your order. 

Hope you enjoyed my photos and post. I'm off to indulge in some drinkable chocolate now, will have a few blog review in the weeks to come and more posts on my social media. Good night and hoping some warm chocolate mix with milk will help me sleep, exhausted after long day at Margaritaville resort pool and beach. 

For ordering visit and use code SMILEMOR to save 15% off. For social media you can follow them on Twitter and IG @NibMor make sure to tell them you saw their products on Melissa from Dlitefultrends blog or Cr8tivewanderlust IG GypseaWanderer on Twitter. 

Peace and love, with lots of yummy organic chocolate wishes. Xoxo 

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