Sunday, July 17, 2016

Historic Jamestown, Yorktown and Williamsburg...

Hello from the road, we are cruising south on I-95 back to Florida. We left Williamsburg area in VA this morning and are currently in SC. We will be stopping to rest in Georgia for the evening and be back home tomorrow evening. 

Here are some more outfit posts from my week and weekend. It was really hard for me to leave my family. I kept it together unlike my last visit till we left, but once we hit the first rest stop I broke down. Since losing my father fifteen years ago I get super emotional to see any of his side of the families relatives.  It's hard to not have a large family, I have always wanted a large family and to be able to celebrate holidays with them but the family I do have is spread out across the country and in other countries that I have yet to meet.  

Now to my vacation outfits and some fun sight seeing shots. 

Sunset off the James River on the ferry back towards Williamsburg, VA area. It was amazing. We lucked out on this trip with seeing some amazing sunsets like when we went to the Liberty University Snow-flex Mountain to ride their tubes and happened to be there right when the sunset behind the Blue Ridge Mountains. Then we watched the sunset on the ferry boat ride back from Smithfield and Surry.

Wore my Silver Jeans frayed bottom shorts with my racer back thin strap O'neill women's tank.Ettika chokers are the Lucia from, also available in stores. The turquoise and gold Surprise you still choker I won on IG which led to them contacting me to b a part of their review team. It made my month since I had been dealing with the mean girl copying, lying, stealing and stalking my social media, had been told she was saying I posted horrible content so when they contacted me to see if I wanted to join their team I was honored. It always feels good to see that others enjoy my posts. I didn't get to over 20k followers on social media posting garbage or to clear up some other lies I have heard have been told, I have never bought ANY of my followers on IG. I like, comment and follow others daily working hard to build my following, run contests, promotions, have this blog and have been featured on many other pages and blogs. 

Friday I'm in love tee by Everfitte with my caged black bra top, and then paired it with my Silver Jeans Co shorts. Choker is the new Stacked Star choker in black and gold by Ettika, available at and in stores also. 

My Wanderer Bracelet stack with their anchor wrap, infinity and Shaka bracelets. You can use my code Melissa20 for 20% off your order and help support local Bali artisans. 

One of the many stops on our adventure this day was the glass blowing exhibit and house. Amazing to see how they came up with the idea to make glass then watch them make it right in front of us. 

Pocahontas statue at the Historic Jamestown. Amazing site and love how it is right next to the water of the James River. 

Pam & Gela bubblegum graphic tank paired with my Silver Jeans Co boyfriend jeans. Also you can see my Mermaid Tail bracelet by Wanderer Bracelets. 

Wanderer bracelets are my newest brand to be working with as a brand ambassador/rep and absolutely love this brand. I love the many styles and how detailed each piece is. The charms are carved from sustainable water buffalo bone in huts in Bali. Every purchase tog make secures jobs for local Bali artisans. As mentioned above you can use my code Melissa20 to save 20% off your purchase. Check back in some of my prior posts and also on my social media accounts for more photos of the many styles I own, and then their site for more styles and designs. 

Those of you who have followed me on my blog or social media know I have been an ambassador for Silver Jeans Co for over a year now and before that have always been a loyal Silver Jeans Co wearer. Over two decades of amazing quality and fit jeans led to me becoming an ambassador for this amazing brand. I love to be able to support and share brands I wear and have worn for many years. I will have a full post soon with more of my favorite styles with multiple photos of the styles on. Keep an eye out. 

Another brand I have been wearing for a few years and tagging is Pam & Gela. I think many of you know that Pam and Gela started Juicy Couture, back in my late high school years and early twenties Juicy couture was one of my favorite brands for handbags and velour sweat suits as I aged I of course outgrew the brand but did still purchase a few items for my children similar to the styles I wore in my late teens and early twenties. Years later they released their book about how they reached their success and of course they had released a new brand. First the had Skaist Levy which I have a couple shirts, pants and a dress from then they came out with their Pam & Gela brand which I was totally in love with, being a graphic tee and tank lover I was instantly obsessed with their line of graphic tops with fun quirky sayings, detailed graphics with rhinestones, studs and distressed tees. Its like their brands grew with me and as I matured and my style changed their styles changed, I was thrilled. Not having a huge budget for fashion I spent hours searching for sales or even pieces on eBay, I have since managed to grow my collection. My husband knows my favorite brands and he knows I work to grow my knowledge in fashion and design but also to save money to support my love of fashion and decor. I have been blessed to find many amazing sales and pre owned pieces online. I have splurged a few times around my birthday or holidays on full retail priced items but u won't lie to y'all I usually am shopping clearance sales, sample sales, end of season clearances, and eBay. I have scored many of my most coveted pieces on eBay. 

Yorktown Victory Center statue in entry. 

Beautiful Church inside Colonial Williamsburg VA. This church is still open for worship after being in this location for many decades. It is the original location and foundation but the interior has been changed many times over the decades. 

One of my first visits to Williamsburg was a few years into having my Nikon camera and the beginning of my love of photography being revived. That trip I photographed everything from buildings, statutes and small details. One thing I took lots of photos of was the old locks. They are all amazing and have such great details. If you look back a couple of years ago on my blog you will see macro shots along with other photos of my trip to VA. 

While in Williamsburg I found this Buffalo nickel charm bracelet that matches perfectly with my collection of Alex and Ani bracelets. This day I was wearing gold tone bracelets but love to mix and match metals. My gold tone bracelets include the compass, Godspeed, scarab beetle and the addition of my newest Indian and buffalo nickel bracelet. 

Yesterday I did a double arm stack wearing some of my favorite silver Alex and Ani bracelets. My left stack is starting from the top with the Wings of change charity by design, Hand of Fatima, feather charm, full feather bracelet, and my initial M charm. 

My right stack with my birthstone, the peridot for August, the painted feather, butterfly UNICEF and my new Buffalo nickel charm bracelet. Love to stack different metals, bracelets and styles daily. 

My graphic tank is by Chaser Brand, Big Dreams & Late Nights & Good Music. Jeans are a favorite of mine by Silver Jeans Co, I rolled these up for a cropped Capri look. 

Bracelets are my Alex and Ani charm bracelets. 

Here is a side view of one of my favorite style Silver Jeans Co. Love ripped and distressed jeans I use to buy my jeans and distress them all but back over a decade ago when distressed jeans weren't in style and all over I had found my Silver Jeans Co Tuesday low boot cut jeans that were super distressed. I had owned many other Silver jeans over the years but that style sold me and then made me a dedicated fan of this brand. I still have those jeans. I bought them in several sizes since I fluctuate in size often, also some days I like a looser fit then other days I like a tight fit. These were before boyfriend jeans were made and I enjoyed the baggy feel that now we can find in the boyfriend fit. 

Here you can see how they have darker denim patches to reinforce the holes along with some sewn on patches of darker denim. I love how Silver Jeans Co distresses their jeans. You can find lace, patterned fabrics, denim and other patches under holes, reinforced sewn areas around holes that don't have a patch under so the holes don't get too big. I know I love a good broken in pair of distressed jeans and let me tell you these jeans only get better with time. Again I own so many pairs that have been in my closet for up to twenty years, and as recent as last week. My collection is huge and any sale they have I make sure to stock up on my favorite styles. I will again be doing a post with photos of my favorite styles over the passed two decades as well as showing how well these jeans have held up over the years in comparison to other brands. I have been working on a detailed post but it has taken me some time to photograph every style and fit to show. I will also go over some sizing tips and some other tips for distressing jeans, cutting jeans to shorts, tips for rolling regular jeans for cropped look and what to look for in a seamstress if you are shorter and need to have your jeans altered. I know for years I never used a seamstress but after reading an article about having your more expensive brand jeans altered to fit your body perfectly I took one of my pairs of jeans to my seamstress that has altered many jumpers, rompers, dresses and work pants, I was amazed when she took in the waist let out the hips slightly, then took at the original hem shortened perfectly to my height and used the same string and threads from the original hem, you would never know they were altered and when you see the fit you will see why I have become addicted to having many of my clothes altered to fit my body. The before and after photos will amaze you. 

Luckily Silver Jeans offers options for inseams, and once you get the sizing down you will be amazed how this brand jeans really stretches and adjusts to hug your curves, making your body look amazing. Another of the many reasons why I love this brand. My husband is always telling me how much he loves how these jeans fit me. Lifting my rear, showing off my curves and complimenting my smaller waist. I honestly don't purchase any other brands really unless it's a sale or looking for a color or style that I couldn't find with Silver jeans first. 

She Laughs, Proverbs 31. This off the shoulder graphic tee is by She Does Justice and since we are riding in the car all day today as we are going to be arriving home this evening I wore my faithful fave Silver Jeans. 

Another final Alex & Ani arm stack. Looking forward to sharing some new looks and styles when I get home. I have some amazing Ettika pieces, new Flare Silver Jeans, Spell and the Gypsy tees, tanks, dresses, and shorts, along with some other new brands. Hope everyone has an amazing week and thank you for passing by to take a look at my blog. I will be sure to add links to the items above along with my where to shop guide that is normally below on my posts. 
Peace and love always, xoxo 

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