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Silver Jeans Co

My favorite brand of denim and jeans

I have been planning a in depth post on my favorite jeans for some time. I have done several prior posts on Silver Jeans and denim but I really wanted to be able to show full length photos not just of the top half of my body.  I have wanted to show you photos that really show the fit and quality of the jeans. It's so hard to take these style photos when you don't have someone to take them for you. My goal since my blog has begun to increase in views, was to be able to have someone take photographs for me. I have done a few shoots and have two upcoming shoots scheduled with local photographers, I have shared a few shots then you will see more of them popping up in the weeks ahead. Also I'm working with my oldest daughter to start a blog. She has been doing my makeup and helping me with taking photos.  She has wanted to start her own blog for some time and she asked me if we could do a collaboration that way it would appeal to all ages, then she loves makeup and I love clothes, and accessories. It should be an amazing mix of styles, our favorite products, and more.  I can't wait to launch the new blog and show how amazingly talented my daughter is. If you love makeup she knows her products, and she has a gift for applying it. She has been taught by a pro, for her 16 birthday I had one of my friends that is a professional makeup artist and has really taken off down here in Florida with her career, teach her how to properly apply all the makeup, then which products were the best. Also what products you can purchase in the drug store then which ones you should splurge on. Okay enough about that future adventure let me get back on subject here. Time to  get started on Silver Jeans Co. Enjoy 

For over half my life now I have been wearing Silver Jeans Co. I discovered these jeans back around the end of high school. I have always had a love for distressed denim, at that time it was Bly a style you could find in stores. I would usually purchase jeans in thrift stores and distress them myself, one day while shopping in the mall I came across a pair of Silver jeans that were ripped and distresed. This is when my love affair with Silver Jeans began. 

After owning several pairs for a few years I realized not only were they a great fit but the quality was amazing, most of the jeans I would purchase would maybe last me a year or less before they would either have holes in the back near the pockets, get stretched out, faded etc. I was donating most other brands to Goodwill every six months to a year. I began to notice that I was holding on to my Silver jeans and looking back now I have several pairs still in my closet that are over ten years old. You would probably think, well aren't they out of style or totally worn looking? The answer is no, they look almost the same as when I purchased them. Some even got better with time, being that I love ripped, distressed jeans I don't mind when the jeans get more distressed. There is nothing better then an amazing fitting pair of jeans that are broken in. I have one style that in my early twenties I was addicted to, I bought them in several sizes because I was one who has always fluctuated from being one size to another through out the year. I would buy the Tuesday Silver Jeans low cut boot jeans that had awesome distressing in multiple sizes. I also owned the same style, the Tuesday jeans in Capri or cropped length, darker wash and even some that didn't have distressing. Once I realized that the quality was as amazing as the fit and look of the jeans I was a loyal Silver Jeans wearer. When I needed a new pair of jeans whether it be boot cut, skinny jeans, flares, capris, shorts, even denim jackets, vests, you name it I would look for Silver jeans Co brand before making a purchase. It didn't take long before my denim collection was over 75% made up of the Silver Jeans Co brand then some other high end denim brands mixed in. 

Even as brands would begin to trend or become the it designers I would try on some, usually my complaint would be the length as well as the quality. I don't like really thick denim but then I also don't like the really thin denim either. I love how Silver Jeans denim is just the right texture and thickness, they have a little stretch to them so that I can purchase a size that fits me perfectly in my waist, to avoid always needing a belt, but still be able to have a little room or for my curves. 

Over the years my collection has grown and grown. Even my teen daughter owns a large part of Silver Jeans in her denim collection. She agrees that the stitching and pocket placement on the jeans really compliment the shape of your body while having an amazing quality and feel to every pair. Every season when I am looking for new denim I head straight to the stores that stock Silver Jeans or directly to their website if I am not able to find what I want locally. I now buy a main percentage of my Silver jeans online in their online store because I tend to find a larger selection, plus they always have great promotions. 

This summer when shopping for denim shorts I always struggle with the same battle, now that I'm almost 40 I don't like to wear short shorts. I also don't want to be wearing long knee length Bermuda style shorts all the time. Just because I'm getting older and I'm a mom doesn't mean I don't want to find stylish shorts without looking like I am trying to look twenty still. I usually like my inseam on my shorts to be 3-5" I also like to be able to find different styles from fitted, looser boyfriend fit, frayed bottom, rolled up hem, and a variety of colors is nice. I found the boyfriend style shorts on their website in the dark wash and purchased them. Once they arrived I fell in love with the fit, then I ordered the lighter wash, then the frayed bottom shorts in medium wash then a pair of grey shorts. What can I say I'm addicted to Silver Jeans Co.  

So I'm going post some photos of my current favorite styles including a new pair of flare vintage looking jeans that are perfect for the fall. I love a great pair of boot cut or flare jeans for fall and winter. 

I got these distressed boyfriend jeans in spring and have worn them weekly since. They have an unfinished frayed bottom and can be worn rolled up for a more cropped look, or left unrolled with the frayed bottom for a trendy distressed look. I am obsessed with the fit, if they seem a little big it's because when I ordered them I was wearing a size 30 in most of my jeans due to some weight gain from my medications but I have since lost over 20-30 lbs and am down to a size 27 in most jeans maybe a 28, so a lot of my older jeans from this passed year are a little big on me. Even though they are loose I still love them and honestly like the baggy boyfriend look. 

*Graphic tee is by Daisy Natives you can find her on IG @DaisyNatives and she has some really awesome graphic tops,  Everyone who follows me knows I have an addiction to graphic tees and tanks. Also I'm against mean girls and online bullying after enduring years of it myself. 
Girls should support girls always, life isn't a competition and instead of throwing hate or being mean we should all support one another. 

Here is another shot of the same jeans so you can see a little more of the details in the distressing and patches. I love the details you will also notice the fraying on the bottom. I made sure not to roll up twice so you would be able to see the frayed hem. 

Below I will add links to where you can purchase all these jeans. Of course going to you will be able to find most of, if not all of the styles I'm sharing in this post. Right now they have an amazing promotion going on where the more you buy the more you save. It's the perfect time to stock up for fall and winter as well as for back to school for those starting to shop for the school year. My girls wear uniforms but they do get to wear jeans for dress down day, I'm going to be getting them both a few pairs to have when they get to have a day to wear something other then their uniforms.  

I have to say my husband loves my Silver jeans because he is always saying how nice they make be behind look. He loves the way they fit me and always says, "Wow I love those Silver Jeans", he agrees they are the best fitting jeans I own. 

Here I'm wearing a new pair of Silver Jeans Co Aiko mid Flare jeans with the released style hem, with rips and distressing. These jeans have a button fly which I love and the buttons are exposed with a frayed open area. I love them with a pair of ankle boots or here I am wearing a pair of wedges by Jessica Simpson with an open toe perfect for summer. 

Front view of my flare jeans. To help everyone reading this post with sizing and length questions, I'm 5'7 almost 5'8, I wear a size 27-29 jeans. With the Suki and Aiko jeans I have in the passed noticed they are a little smaller in the hip and thigh area also they are a mid cut so I sized up. When you purchase or try on these jeans keep in mind some styles have stretch so if they feel fitted or tight at first keep in mind that as you wear them they are going to stretch some. You don't want to buy the ones with stretch loose because they will eventually just become baggier. Without heels they are a tad long on me, but I don't wear flare jeans with flats. Also I'm taller but my legs aren't super long, my daughter is a little taller then me but she is all legs, they fit her perfect.  I love to wear flare jeans with a boot or wedge like pictured here. 

Back view and as you can see the pocket placement is perfect. I also love the mid rise I have kind of gotten away from low rise jeans I don't like having to worry about exposing my back side or panties. I have learned a lot working in styling, if you are a little larger in your mid section a high rise fit will help flatten tummy and make waist look smaller, low rise is good for longer torso ladies, and then mid rise looks good on most body shapes. 

Here is a collage of some more shots of the Aiko Flare jeans. I have a cool post I am working on for those who are cleaning out their closet and have some jeans that still fit but maybe you want to donate or are thinking of getting rid of them, maybe you should set them aside till I post my DIY Jean update post. I was inspired by a blog post on the Silver Jeans Co blog about adding some stitching to your shorts or lace. I spent a few hours this am sitting poolside adding some iron on decorative and band patches, stitching in colors, along with some fabric swatches and different denim patches. Over Easter weekend I used a pastel ombré thread I had to add a decorative stitch to my pockets, then like I mentioned above I'm always adding patches, fabric and lace for a new look to older jeans.  I can't wait to show you how in no time on minimal budget I was able to take some of my older jeans and give them a revived new look perfect for the next season. 

These jeans above are another pair of amazing Silver Jeans Co Aiko fit jeans (below in where to buy)  that I rolled up for a cropped look. I love the dark patches and distressing. These are another favorite of mine. 

Side angle and as you can see they have amazing stitching and details. I also love the faded look on dark denim. I think it helps make the thighs appear to be thinner, no woman I know will ever complain about her jeans making her look thin in some trouble areas. 

As you can see there is a bit of a pattern with my jeans, they are all ripped or distressed. I own maybe 5 pairs of jeans that aren't distressed mostly because I have always loved a rocker look which distressed jeans fit into that look perfectly. I would live in ripped jeans, graphic tees and converse everyday if I could. If I was to tell you how many pairs of jeans and graphic tees I own you may think I'm a little insane lol. 

I got these boyfriend jeans last summer in July they are my favorite because they are super broken in, I love the holes with the threads and they have a true boyfriend loose fit. I recently purchased a smaller size since I lost weight but these are so amazing broken in, I won't be parting with them anytime soon. I'm going to use some fun ideas to add a little flare to them and will be posting my DIY Jean updates mentioned above in an upcoming blog post. Working on taking photos of all the jeans then showing what I used, a lot of items were things I owned already or had around the house. 

Let me wrap this up, thank you for passing by and keep an eye out next week I'm going to share the Tuesday jeans I mentioned above that I have had for over ten years to show you how well they have held up and how amazing they look even after years of wear. You won't believe how amazing they look, and trust me they have been worn a lot. Back when I purchased them I wore them all the time and over the years they still are in heavy rotation. Luckily I purchased a few sizes so I was able to wear them most of the time but I did have a short time they were too small for me, thankfully they have so many distressed styles now I had no issues finding a replacement in a larger size while undergoing medical treatments. I'm happy they fit me again and will be sharing them soon. I have worn them many times in my ootd posts over the years but I talk about them every time I post about Silver jeans I think I need to show you why I'm always bringing them up.  Below are links to where you can purchase all the above jeans, be sure to head on over to you can find most of them under the women's boyfriend fit tab, then above I have the Aiko Flares and a pair of Suki cropped jeans. For more on my favorite styles and fits of Silver Jeans feel free to look back in my prior posts for shorts, dresses and of course more denim & jeans galore. 

Have an amazing week. Peace and love always. Xoxo 

Where to shop:

** Being an ambassador for Silver Jeans Co has not influenced this post, I have not been paid to give my opinion, all written above is my honest opinion and review of Silver Jeans Co products.  I was wearing this brand over two decades before becoming an ambassador and was over the moon when they contacted me to be a brand ambassador, there is nothing better then being able to work with brands you have loved for many years, for me over half my life now.  I loved and will love my Silver Jeans long before and long after being a brand rep/ambassador.  Hopefully I will be a brand ambassador forever.

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