Thursday, July 28, 2016

Birds of Prey Bikini

Summer is flying by and sadly I only have three weeks and two days left before my girls return to school. We are really trying to enjoy the days left as much as possible. Now that our annual summer road trip has passed, we had an amazing time driving up the East coast from Florida, to Charleston SC, and then into Virginia. We got to visit with with my family and see a lot of historic spots while in Virginia. Made me think of my father who was a huge Civil War and history lover. 

Those of you who read my blog or follow my social media know I was on the hunt for the perfect bikini again this summer. Last summer the big trend was the neoprene Triangl brand bikinis and I was sure to cover as well as review the real Triangl bikinis which sadly aren't made for the larger busted woman, then I also reviewed and posted about a lot of look a likes and dupes. Sadly they weren't my favorite and didn't love the neoprene material. This summer I was set for Target or other affordable suits since my swimwear gets a lot of use which leads to fading from the sun, salt water damage, sand in the fabric of my bottoms leaving dark spots, and then forget the pool damage. We have a salt water pool so I don't worry much as like chlorine damage but my pool has the rough finish inside and it can pull the fabric causing piling on the bottoms. I did a lot research last summer during the annual Mercedes Benz swim week and found some amazing bikini/swimwear designers locally and from California. I have a friend who designs swimsuits and has her own brand based out of Miami. I also came across the brand Boys and Arrows, I loved their sports bra inspired tops being larger busted I like to have good coverage specially at the beach since the water can get rough. Don't want to be exposing more then what is already seen with a bikini. 

My favorite swimsuits this season are by Boys + Arrows. Not only do they have some of the best designs, but the patterns are amazing and you can mix n match solids with prints or even other prints which I love. I discovered my perfect bikini online and had to have it. The hunt for the Bones print bikini by Boys + Arrows led me to Nomad Chic of Mexico, they had the bottoms in stock and I also followed them on IG which led to me winning the Baja pattern Boys + Arrows bikini. I was over the moon because to be able to own one of their amazing suits was a dream come true but then two, I hit the bikini jackpot. Imagine this, I found the other print I loved, their birds of prey bikini on eBay and for only $60. This is amazing considering the tops retail for $98-115 and the bottoms $105. To score a $200-250 bikini for $60 was amazing. 

From top to bottom my Boys + Arrows bikini bottoms. The top being the Petra punk full coverage bottoms, also available in a minimal coverage cut, in the birds of prey print and middle is the same cut bottom in the bones. I ordered the bones in a L because I was worried about the fit but the birds of prey bottom is a medium and my honest opinion they fit almost the same only difference I notice is now that I lost some weight the L covers a little more cheek and when wet the medium stretches to look identical to the L. When they are laying on top of each other you almost can't tell a difference. The bottom is the Baja print in the yaya yuppy bottoms which are low cut and have a very cute cut to the back. Warning they are very low cut so if you have a longer torso you may not want to consider these bottoms. I love them but my daughter has a longer torso and she won't wear them she says they won't cover her behind crack without having to pull them up so high that they fully expose her rear. On me they fit amazing and make my behind look amazing. 

My tops are all the same style, Deb the desperado by Boys + Arrows. I love the strappy back and how it is fully adjustable in the straps so you can adjust it to fit you perfectly. I have two XL tops and one L I prefer the XL because I get the best coverage but the L is very close to being the same and once it's wet it stretches some. These suits don't have lining so I was worried especially of the lighter color suits being see through but they are double lined with the material and nothing shows even when wet. The quality is amazing, the fabric is so nice and the prints are amazing. I honestly have never owned such an amazing suit like these. I'm addicted to the Boys + Arrows line. I want every style and print or solid they make. Working now to get the high waisted bottoms to match my birds of prey suit and want the floral bikini with ruffle straps. I also love the cover up that snaps in to the top of the style I own. Its super cute and such an amazing idea. 

It's hard for me to post photos in a bikini because I had gained weight due to medications I had to take but have since been switched to a new treatment and dropped a lot of weight. I'm feeling very confident and these suits make me feel sexy. They are so my style with a rocker boho chic feel and the cut is sporty but sexy all in one. 

My choker is by Ettika, I'm a member of their review team since April and love their products. I had shared awhile back I had been chosen as a winner in one of their online contests for the beaded Surprise you still choker, I was so honored when they reached out to me and asked me to join their review team because they loved my feed and photos. I really love every product I own from them and can't wait to continue to add new pieces to my collection. 

Baja print Deb the desperado top and Yaya the Yuppy bottoms I won from Nomad Chic Mexico you can follow them on Instagram @Nomadchicmx. The body chain with pearl center accent and these cool sunglasses came from Bikini luxe which is a Miami based swimwear shop. They have some amazing swimwear and accessories. The brown choker is by Ettika and was one of the Good morning America $15 steals and deals pieces from their segment a couple of weeks ago. The deal was so good I got a few to stock up on. 

View from the room on the South end of Margaritaville at Hollywood beach. This is the ocean beach view and below is the intracoastal view. 

Amazing water and South Florida views from this resort balcony. Nothing like a little mid week, mid summer stay cation. This beach is literally the same beach we visit weekly but we decided to splurge and enjoy the amazing new resort they opened last year here in Hollywood beach which is only 15 minutes from my home. 

Like all the signs said its 5 o'clock somewhere, we sipped on frozen drinks and enjoyed a cheeseburger in paradise. Thank you Jimmy Buffet for bringing some life to this amazing boardwalk style beach. It's my favorite beach in south Florida due to the boardwalk along the sand versus a road with cars and traffic. 

On the floor of our room by the elevators is this sign. Breathe in, breathe out, move on. Love this, I always have to tell myself when someone upsets me or makes me mad to count to ten and take a few deep breathes then let it go. Love this and had to share. 

Hope you enjoyed my post, be sure to check out some prior posts of my other bikinis and more will be coming in the last few weeks of summer. Also will have some last minute swimsuits, and other amazing beach accessories to share over the final few weeks of summer break. 

Have an amazing end of the week all. Peace and love always, xoxo

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