Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Ettika Jewelry

Another post I did using photos taken prior to the post you can find them dated and shared on my social media accounts. My original Ettika post was made back in April 2016. The person making these accusations began to work with several brands and is now trying to claim my most recent posts using older photos and posting content I have posted on social media and this blog prior to these posts, claiming I stole it copied their original work. This is untrue I posted these photos and all content prior to this and other posts before they did, dating as far back as April 2016. If anyone has been the victim of being copied it would be me. I posted the beaded turquoise choker photo on my Instagram April 25 and 27 this person didn't post the almost exact photo till end of June. Person has copied my style, tags, photo style and blog 

I was so over the moon back a few months ago to receive a notice on IG I had won the Ettika contest for their Saks win your wish list contest. They sent me their amazing turquoise and gold Still surprise you choker. I was over the moon about winning and then got an email from  Ettika telling me that they loved my feed and photos asking me to become a part of their review team. I was beyond excited and honored. I am obsessed with accessories and I was so in love with my choker I had won and couldn't wait to see more of their products. 

Ettika Still surprise you choker, retails for $30.    Link for

My first review team choker was the Lucia black and gold choker that you can purchase online or in stores at 

If you follow me on social media you have seen my posts of this amazing choker which can also be worn as a bracelet or anklet (same as the Surprise Turquoise choker). 

My teen daughter borrows them from me all the time and every time I wear them I get so many compliments on them. 

The Lucia choker comes in black and gold or silver and blue, again you can purchase your choker from Free People Lucia Choker

Next up was my Role Player suede choker, every style is so unique and can be worn with so many different looks. I really have become such a huge fan of all the Ettika jewelry. This choker you can find at  Revolve Role Player choker

I love to wear it with my off the shoulder tops for the summer and with all my amazing graphic tops. 

Here I paired the Role Player choker in tan with my denim Silver Jeans dress. I got a ton of compliments on my choker and kept it simple just wearing the choker, then pairing with a leopard clutch. (Clutch from Tara Lynn's boutique, link in my favorite shops in side bar.) 

My most recent choker is the Star stacked velvet choker in black and gold. This choker you can find in store or online from, it is also available in other colors. I will have more photos of it coming in the days ahead on since it just arrived yesterday. I love how this one has a thicker look and the stars really add that something extra to make this piece versatile for day or night or casual to dressy looks.   Free People Stacked Star Velvet Choker

I recently took my daughter to a concert last Friday and wore my Surprise you still choker in turquoise and gold to accent my outfit. Truly love this brand and can't wait to share more amazing designs by them. Be sure to check out their IG @Ettika and

Hope everyone has an amazing week and so excited to be leaving this weekend on our annual summer road trip. Peace and love always xoxo 

Stacked star choker available at 

Stacking the Lucia choker from with my Surprise you still beaded turquoise and gold choker. 

Role player choker available at 

** I have not been compensated for my review or opinion, all opinions on products or reviews are my honest and true feelings about products or items.  I will never post or become affiliated with or a brand rep/ambassador for any brand that I do not and would not purchase, wear and stand behind for quality and style.


  1. I love Ettika! That star choker is amazing great share, love your blog and IG

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words. I love Ettika also, and they have some amazing styles in all types of jewelry. Chokers are a hot trend for summer for sure though and they have some amazing styles. Can't get enough wearing mine daily. Have a great week xoxo

  3. Your hair is amazing, I have seen a lot of photos over the passed months of your hair colors and really am considering dying my hair. What brand color do you use? Do you color your own hair or have a stylist color it? Also is it your real hair or is it extensions. Thank you for any information. The Ettika chokers look great on you and have really become a huge trend recently. I love the fringe suede style choker and the beaded styles. Looking forward to more posts.

    1. Thank you, I usually dye my real hair only recently have I been wearing my old extensions that I dyed myself to match my hair because I had to cut 12-15" off my hair after I removed the dark red I had underneath back during the winter. Check out my hashtag melissashaircolor on Instagram and you can see some of the many colors I have been. Some I have dyed myself and I also have an amazing stylish. I use Pravana at home and in the salon along with Kenra metallic toners, keep in mind my natural hair color is a light blonde the darker your hair the more damaging and time it takes to achieve the colors. You need to really start with white hair to get the true colors especially the Metallics and pastels. I would recommended trying some clip in colors or even dying the ends of your hair or small sections first to see if you like it before doing your entire head. Due to previous jobs I have had I use to dye my underneath hair or just some small sections for a peek a boo highlight but now I'm all in for a few years lol. I also have a lot of knowledge in hair color and care since I have been dying my hair since I was 14-15. I recommend Olaplex and I don't use shampoo of any kind except for at the salon. At home I only use conditioning cleanser similar to wen but by Matrix and I only wash as little as I can I really try to go a week or longer. I use dry shampoos like Dove and suave brand, they work as good as the more expensive brands. I also use leave in treatments and so deep conditioning treatment often like Fusio dose by Keratesse and Grace and Stella Moroccan Argan oil masks. Thank you again for all your kind words. I love Ettika! I won a choker back in the spring and was thrilled when they contacted me to be a part of their review team. They have a lot of amazing jewelry and the company is amazing. Be sure to check out their site and all their amazing products. I have a link in this post above and in my favorite shops section in my side bar of my blog. Have a great weekend and summer. Happy Sunday Funday. Xoxo

  4. CheriefromChicagoJuly 19, 2016 at 2:21 AM

    I love your posts and would love if you added a few of your more recent photos from your Instagram and Twitter to this post. I am obsessed with your silver hair also. Hoping to see you featured on their page soon. Saw your photo on Twitter and got an email with your bracelet photo. Rock on girl you really are awesome and so sweet. Happy to have met you in Virginia and found your blog. Enjoy your summer hope you arrived home safe. I thank you again for letting me know about the $15 sale when I complimented your choker when I saw you at the exhibit. New to following blogs and already obsessed with your style and shopping/styling tips. Mom of 3 Cherie from Chicago.