Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Vacation outfits

Hello from Virginia the state for lovers. I have been enjoying my vacation and spending time with my father's side of the family. I love coming to visit my Aunt because I don't have a lot of family and being here reminds me of my father, who passed away 15 years ago. It gets a little emotional for me but it's a happy emotion. 

        Rest area off I-95 north in NC 

We have done a lot of sight seeing and fun adventures. Today we went to some vintage and antique stores, also some great local thrift stores. I didn't buy much surprisingly because I know I need to really do a huge closet clean out when j get home. Besides losing a lot of weight since changing my to new medications and treatment plan, I just have accumulated so many things this passed year. I love clothes and seem to always find so many amazing deals I just can't pass up. 

I don't have access to a laptop or computer until I get home but figured j would share some of my outfits as well as some of my photos from our trip. Once I return home I promise to add links for where you can purchase some of my pieces or similar items for the pieces that are not available anymore. 

     The Light Blonde & Silver Jeans Co. 

I started my vacation in my Livin on a prayer graphic tee, this tee is made by The Light Blonde and you can find her on Instagram @thelightblonde. She has so many amazing graphic tees and tanks with the best messages. I love positive vibes and messages, you will find a large variety of amazing graphic tops in her shop. I paired my tee with a pair of dark Silver Jeans. Silver jeans are my favorite they are so comfortable and fit amazing. 
My tassel necklace is by @31ements on IG and bracelets are some of my gold tone Alex and Ani favorites. 

                Lovers Gonna Love

We stopped off in SC on the way to VA to break up our ride and I was dressing for another day of mostly riding in the car. I decided to go with another amazing message graphic tee by The Light Blonde. With all the recent events in the news I really felt like spreading good positive vibes and this shirt says it all, Lovers gonna love, a flip for the positive people out on the Haters gonna Hate. Why would anyone want to be thinking about hate in a time where we need to come together and love one another. I paired this cream and burgundy graphic tee with some matching burgundy brick red Rag and Bone jeans. These particular jeans by Rag & Bone are so soft and they really don't even feel like jeans. Also they fit great. Bracelets are by Alex and Ani, I recently added a few more to my collection from the Bonaroo festival collection. I got the peace love music with floral border along with the green free spirit. I also got a beautiful beaded mermaid wrap, I love beach themed everything since I piece of me is always at the beach. 

       My Aunt's beautiful home in VA 

My Aunt has such a lovely home in western VA. Every time we come to visit I think of Gone with the wind. 

Above are some of my bracelets by Wanderer bracelets. I recently became a brand rep for this amazing brand that has all their bracelets hand made in Bali using sustainable water buffalo bone. I love their designs and they have a style for everyone. Here I'm wearing the shell, anchor wrap and feather. You can use my code MELISSA20 for 20% off your order. If you are looking for a gift these make great gifts and it's not just for beach lovers they have their custom coordinates bracelet that you can enter an address for a location and it will give you the coordinates on the map for the location, then you can order it on your own custom bracelet. These make great gifts for someone special. 

              Ettika Jewelry Choker 

Love my Ettika, Surprise you still beaded turquoise and gold choker, available at Shopbop.com and GMA had a special for $15 with Ettika for some other colors and styles of this multi use beaded piece. I also wear mine as an anklet and bracket. I was so excited to see one of my own photos featured in their recent email send out for these styles. 

 Junkie Threads Tank ✖️ Silver Jeans Co.

Junkie Threads was kind enough to send me a few styles of their graphic tanks to wear for my blog and social media. This feather design being one of them. Love it and paired it with my boyfriend jean shorts by of course, Silver Jeans Co. I have every pair of their shorts for summer because I loved the fit and styles. Usually shorts aren't easy to find, you can't go wrong with Silver Jeans Co. These are the perfect length and if you like shorter shorts you can just roll them up one or two more times for that look. I also have the frayed bottom shorts in blue denim then a light grey. Love the fit of all their summer styles. 

                Appomattox Virginia 

Love history and especially anything from the Civil war days. My father was a big history and Civil war fanatic so it's awesome to visit places like Appomattox battlefield and town to see where it all went down. 

           Alex & Ani "Charmed Arms" 

Above is a shot I took at my aunt's house in one of her many beautiful garden areas she planted herself in the spring and they are so gorgeous. Two years ago I shared some amazing pictures of her garden when I visited my last time. Then I was big into macro photos this time I was more into my film camera and did take some bird shots also. Love my Alex & Ani collection. Can't wait to get home to some new pieces I got while away on sale and also grabbed a couple new bracelet designs for my collection. 

   Pam & Gela Ice cream tank with Silver                                                 
        Jeans Co frayed bottom shorts.

A favorite graphic tank I got for summer by Pam & Gela. Been entering their summer contest on Instagram tagging my shots with their I'm not sorry hashtag with hopes to win $500 value wardrobe pieces from their current collection. 

Paired with the shorts I mentioned above by Silver Jeans Co with frayed bottoms. These are slightly different then the grey style I have, these are a little longer then have a frayed hem with some slight distressing. I tend to distress all my jeans if they don't come distressed and sometimes I will distress more if they only have a slight distressing to them. These I did distress some more then they came with. I also add patches sometimes but not on these. I love how these fit and they are so comfortable. Perfect length. 

Junkie threads RAD tank paired with a lace kimono from Pac sun and of course Silver Jeans Co boyfriend shorts in a lighter denim with distressing. My choker is the Role Player choker available at Revolve.com. 

Feather tattoo my daughter drew for me a couple years ago and I loved it so much I got it tattooed on my arm for Mother's Day that same year. 

Stacking Ettika Lucia and Surprise you still chokers. You can get the Lucia choker at FreePeople.com and the other is available at Shopbop.com. 

Tank is by O'Neill women's and my frayed bottom Silver Jeans shorts. 

Forgot to post this before we left my Aunt's house didn't hit post. Will add links to click and take you to websites once I'm home and have access to my laptop. Thank you for passing by and my next post will have some more outfit pics and then some shots of where we visited the end of the week and weekend. Hope everyone has had a great week and weekend. 

Peace and love always. Xoxo 

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