Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Spontaneous no·mad adventures

Spon•ta•ne•ous: /spänˈtānēəs/ adjective

  •  performed or occurring as a result of a sudden inner impulse or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus.

  •  (of a person) having an open, natural, and uninhibited manner.

  •  (of a process or event) occurring without apparent external cause.

No•mad: /no·mad/ noun 

    • a person who does not stay long in the same place; a wanderer.
Adventure: /ad-ven-cher/ noun
  •  an exciting or very unusual experience.

I love spontaneity and so does my hubby, and we would like to think our daughters have learned to love it as much as we do also from years of us taking last minute trips or planning fun events in a spontaneous way. It is always fun and sometimes easier then planning something months in advance. We love to travel. We have become a family that lives for adventure, whether it is a trip to a theme park, the zoo or aquarium, movies, road trips, mountains, beaches, you name it we love it and we want to be able travel and spend as much quality time together as a family as we can. My oldest is almost 17 and before long will be off doing her college and training then life starts to happen and before long they are married with their own families. 

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We always plan spring break and a good two week road trip or adventure for the summer time but it's the in between those two planned trips we always have the most fun. Whether it's a last minute camping trip, or something as simple as getting a nice apartment down on the beach for a couple days, we love adverts and exploring. My dream trips are when we take off to the mountains and rent a rustic cabin or when we plan some fun adventure going from state to state seeing many different places. No matter where it is we always have an amazing time and being a family that loves nature and photography we love hiking, climbing, and many styles of traveling from bikes, mopeds and even boats for seeing the local sites where ever we adventure to as well as capturing those places through our own eyes and cameras. We love to document our sights and what we get to see along the way.

 I'm in the process of finally getting around to painting the accent wall in the entry to our home. We have since changed our color scheme some in parts of the house and want to change from a red wall to a dark teal or turquoise maybe even cobalt or navy something blue for sure, then we want to have photos from trips that were taking by us on canvas or wood even metal, then some framed pieces, paintings my girls do while traveling of sites we have seen, maps and some cool handmade pieces from some amazing Etsy shops I have been wanting to order from. I also plan to not only paint and change the wall decor making an amazing huge accent wall of cool photos, paintings and findings but also my vintage antique buffet from the 1930-40's will be adorned with a hand made table runner from a local artisan, some candles and then a hand painted globe we are going to use to mark places we have been, some cool decoupage map pieces with letters from our names and other cool wood cut outs, some air plants and succulents on cool handmade or unique shelves and hanging pieces then some cool lighting. I'm really excited to start but that will have to wait till after our trip in July to Charleston, SC, Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, and York town then to see family and friends who live in PA and Va. 

Back to my blog post topic, this week I had planned Monday to leave Wednesday morning last minute to take the girls and myself down to the Keys to stay with family in a family friends home but then last minute Tuesday my hubby called me to tell me he would be joining me. He normally works a lot and misses some last minute trips or shorter trips I take with the kids mid week but this time he was able to come. 

Florida Keys view from the small beach, fishing pier at the community pool, beach and park. Also has an amazing boat launch for those bringing boats for their trip. We had access to use the friends boat but we arrived late Wednesday and left Saturday am so we did a lot of other fun things. We went to John Pennekamp and did the glass bottom boat reef tour, snorkeling around and amazing reef with sunken ship and statues, then we went to the local bird sanctuary and rescue which had amazing owls and injured birds being nursed to health. So sad to see how many birds are badly injured from being hit by cars or run over, we really need to be careful and vigilant. 

My favorite was Leopold. He was injured but is now calling the sanctuary home since he can't fly and defend himself well. He is amazing. So cool to watch them and listen. Love owls always have been fond of them and they really are super cool. 

Geico racing boat coming into to town for the weekend. Key Largo, Florida

This was our last night I took a ride to see the sunset at Caribbean Club and while sitting water front watching from the docks and beach I had a $100 bill that looked as if it had been floating in the ocean for months come directly to me. I thought it was fake or an advertisement thing but it was real. It is gone already well I broke it getting gas when we were heading back. 

Hope you enjoyed some of the photos from our spontaneous, nomad adventure to the Keys. Florida has these amazing islands all connected by a series of bridges, one being the seven mile bridge, we stayed in Key Largo which is the closest only being an hour and maybe 30 minutes without traffic, with traffic we don't want to even think about lol. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend, tomorrow I will have my patio touch ups, news on my Ole Henriksen three step treatment I plan to use after the beach, and my Fourth of July pics are coming this week. I have some cute American proud tanks from The Light Blonde, Old Navy and Tara Lynn's Boutique, also some kid tanks for the mamas, some shorts by Vigoss, shoes, accessories, and so much more. I have some really cute pieces that everyone is going to love along with some DIY tips for those who don't have time to run out or forgot then it snuck up too fast, when in a pinch we all have pieces in our closet that will work just takes some creativity and some tips on how to make up some cute looks for basic pieces. 

Happy start to a new week. Take the bull by the horns and let's take control of the week. Accomplish your goals and do what you set your mind to. Anything is possible just remain positive and ignore toxic or negative people. My life has been amazing the last few months since I have completely cut it all out. I don't make time for any nonsense and will NO longer defend myself against mean girls or delusional lies or stories people tell to get attention or sympathy. I'm all about kindness and never want to hurt anyone but I don't have to or want to entertain ignorance and people who lie. I pick to live my life drama free, positive and happy life is too short for anything else. Om... Really need to get into yoga their stuff is so much about what I try to practice now to get the moves down. Maybe I will create an area outside for my yoga since I have a mediation area and my hammock will also be a spot for reading and relaxing. Life is good my friends and I'm loving taking my journey with those who have supported me and enjoy my sharing. Have a great night xoxo peace and love always y'all. Muah 

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