Thursday, June 9, 2016

Boys + Arrows Swimwear

Boys + Arrows

I'm excited as summer has finally started here in Florida, to bring you one of my new favorite swimwear lines.  For some time I have admired these suits and I even own some solid bottoms along with a couple different style tops, but have never taken the dive and ordered a complete set.  I fell in love with the brand Boys + Arrows after first finding a post on Pinterest that directed me to their site. After reading about the Designer's influence for her brand and style I was even more excited about the brand.  She sounds like such an amazing, creative and fun, free spirited woman like myself.  Back a few months ago I received an email and saw the amazing new pattern for their Deb the Desperado top, bones.  I have longed love south western patterns but for sure have a passion for cattle skulls and antlers.  By the time I got to sit down and order a suit it was sold out.  I then received an email that they were going to start a pre-order for the next cut of these suits, I was excited because they had the fuller bottom to match, the Petra the punk.  I went to order and the size I needed was already gone.  For months I have been scouring online and hoping maybe one would pop up on eBay that it didn't fit, or that someone would return even just a top, but was unable to find both pieces or I could only find the bottoms.

This is the suit I went with, Deb the Desperado top in Bones pattern, matching fuller fit bottom, Petra the punk. Love this design and colors. Retails for $220 for suit, $110 each. Some sites have top for $98 and bottoms $108.

I scored and was able to find both.  I called Boys + Arrows, spoke with Tess and she is so kind.  She told me to try the size L top because it is adjustable in the back and is meant to be more of a sporty fit so it is made for most cup sizes.  I was so excited and have my fingers crossed my girls will fit in it.  I was sad today when I got an email the L bottoms were not in stock at the shop I ordered from, Diane's Swimwear in California, but I did keep the top.  I went on the hunt for the bottoms and remembered the actual brands site had them but then I went to their online store and the L was gone, sadly I then checked my email to see they had gotten a L top in stock but that also sold out, then I find another online shop called Nomad Chic and they had the L.  I ordered and even called them to make sure which the owner was so kind, she was at a swim show and went to take the bottoms off the racks for me so it didn't sell out before she got back and saw my order.  I now have the full suit in route.  I love how this style of suit is cut, the top has a strappy adjustable back, but fuller coverage sporty look front, then the bottoms are a tomboy fit with a fuller bottom.  I have read that their suits are triple lined in the front to keep your private area private, which I love especially since this suit is white with a grey and black print.  

Another really cool feature is this style top has a button on the center front inside of the tops that you can purchase the below dress to wear with it, it snaps right into the top and makes your suit a stylish long maxi dress for the beach or dinner after the beach.  I love this.  Every style and pattern by Boys and Arrows is amazing.  After being so in love with every piece I own I decided maybe becoming a rep would be a great idea.  I reached out and I am now an affiliate for the brand, if you click on my link in the sidebar or here in this post you will be directed to the page, just make sure if you sign up and are emailed a promo code to always use my link when ordering so they know you found out about their amazing brand on my blog or social media.  below are some of the other items I own from the brand and my affiliate link, thank you for reading and I will have more photos, with a detailed review on this suit and sizing when it arrives.  I will tell you that if you have any sizing or product questions call the contact number on their site, because Tess was amazing and so kind.  I was beyond impressed with their kindness and how she was suggesting other places to look for the suit, even reassuring me since I was worried about ordering from a site I have never visited or ordered from, but both sites were recommended and I had to speak with both, they were also so helpful and beyond kind.  It has been a little head ache but this happens to me often, I see a pattern or design that is sold out but want it so bad I can't get it out of my head so then the search begins.  I am blessed I am good at finding bargains and deals online so that training comes in handy for searching for something I want that is sold out almost everywhere.

I first found the bottoms on eBay for this suit when looking for a tan color basic bottom, they are so comfy it doesn't feel like a bikini and it doesn't push in your hips like a lot of suits do giving you a muffin top look, these smooth the hips.  You will love them and want to wear them all the time, if only underwear were this comfy and cute.  I also own them in lavender and navy.  I found the top on eBay also in a L and it looks great.

These are the bottoms and I was worried that would be thin from this photo but they are lined (triple lined as posted on their site) and I have had no issues with feeling exposed.  

I have this top in the same pattern, need to order bottoms currently wear with a cream color bottom I have that I'm not sure the brand, believe they are off eBay also and came with a top I didn't like but the bottoms were nice,  I like to mix and match prints, solids and textures.  It is fun and then you can avoid having the exact same bikini as someone else.  It doesn't happen often with brands like this but if you find something in Target you love you better bet someone else or many people may have your same suit so I always mix them up.  

I got this top also and in a medium, was worried it would not fit me but it has a lot of stretch especially when it is wet, so I like that it is smaller, a large would be to loose and wouldn't look as nice, I also like that it has more coverage so I can throw on a skirt or shorts and be able to eat or grabs drink at a bar off the boardwalk without having to throw on a top also.  The pattern is also amazing, I love the higher rise bottoms with cheeky back in the pattern also.  Below will be links for where to find and off course all the links direct to Boys + Arrows online are for my affiliate links.

Happy swim suit or bikini shopping, remember not to be too hard on yourself either.  Us women can be our own worst enemies and swim suit shopping is hard, we wish we had the perfect abs, legs and bust.  I know many women wish for a larger or fuller bust, trust me I have it and wish for a smaller bust lol, while I wish sometimes for a smaller behind also lol.  I have been blessed even after two kids to have a little waist and flat stomach, even when I gain weight it never really goes there it goes to my arms, chest, thighs and behind lol.  Thank you for visiting and give me a week for the full suit review.  Hello summer, xoxo

Peace and love always 


  1. Love this suit, where can I find it? I see why you were looking all over.

    1. This particular print is sold out most places, I found my top on the Boys + Arrows site, I had signed up to be notified if they restocked the XL top but I ordered my bottoms with Nomad Chic MX and then my first top in a large off Diane's beachwear site. Links are both in the post. Be sure to check eBay and Poshmark also. I just scored the same style suit in the Birds of Prey pattern for $60 which is an amazing deal. Also make sure to sign up for the notifications on the Boys and arrows site because they do get some sizes in here and there from returns or exchanges. Hope this helps. Xoxo peace and love always Missy