Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Boys and Arrows Bikinis arrived

Today was a wonderful mail day. Not only did a few new great summer trends come in that I have been waiting on but my new Boys + Arrows bikinis arrived. I saved for a couple of months for one perfect bikini and the hunt was on those two months. I found the Boys and Arrows bones pattern on Pinterest a few months ago so I kept going back to that style. I love the top and the pattern is so me. I had a hard time finding the size I needed but after a few orders one top and bottom from Diane's beachwear which the bottom was out of stock then found the bottom at Nomad Chic Mexico. I had a L in the top on order hut was on the waiting list for a XL through Boys and Arrows directly. I met the amazing Tess, she handles the online customer service and not only answered all my sizing and ordering questions, she also was someone I spoke with on the phone and she always went above and beyond for me. Amazing customer service and thank you Tess. I got that email notice a XL top was available and ordered it without a second thought. Tess told me how everyone who signs up for that notice gets an email at once and they sell out really quick, so I felt I had hit the bikini jackpot. I felt bad canceling with Diane's swimwear whom originally had the top and bottom sizes I needed but then had issues with not having the bottoms were so kind to refund my money and cancel my order since it had still not shipped at the time. They also went above and beyond. Tess had recommended both shops to check for my sizes and she really did know the shops well. Both Diane's was amazing helping me with my order and refunding was not an issue. Then Nomad Chic is in Mexico I called to make sure the size and style bottom I wanted was available, she got the bottoms from a weekend event they were set up at and set them aside for me. 

Most exciting part was I followed Nomad Chic MX on IG @Nomadchicmx and saw they had a contest to win a Boys and Arrows Baja bikini, so I tried my luck. I was so shocked and grateful to wake up one morning last week to see I had won. We joke I hit the bikini jackpot for my Boys and Arrows suits this summer. For a long time I have wanted to invest in some new suits but never wanted to spend a lot of money. Last summer I got a few Triangl brand suits and paid $60/100 for two suits then got two samples one real and one that looked the same. After calculating how much I spent out of pocket on swimwear last summer I set aside the same budget and came out with two new Boys and Arrows suits. A few new L Space bikinis, misc bottoms and tops by the same two brands and six new VS bikinis, and 4 new Target bikinis not bad. Trust me you get what you pay for and these higher end suits are worth the money. The fabric, the quality, fit and service. I am for sure recommending these suits to everyone. I have size M and L bottoms then L and XL tops in a few styles that you can feel free to ask me about. I always love to help any way I can. My affiliate link for Boys and Arrows is in my side bar, I will also add links below for both Boys + Arrows, NomadChicMX and Diane's beachwear. You can find the styles in all three shops. Be sure to tell them I sent ya. Happy summer and bikini shopping. Peace and love always 

Both tops are the Deb the Desperado one is a L, Baja print the other is a XL, Bones print. There is a good difference in sizing I think the L is perfect for 32-34 B-D and XL can fit 34-38 C-DD for sure. Bottoms are Petra the punk in a L full coverage in bones, then Yuppy bottoms in a L Baja. The Petra the punk bottoms fit amazing. They don't have any bulging in hip area, fabric is soft and so light weight, well lined and perfect fit. The yuppy bottoms aren't my favorite, they are super cute but a little low for me, if I wear them normal the back my crack is almost out and feels off. Then if I pull them up higher in the back to cover me they are really low in the front. I'm going to see if I can exchange since they have 3 styles in this print. I also have bronze, black, blue and violet solid bottoms. I wear usually a M to L depending on cut. Some times you have to be aware or keep in mind that swim wear tends to stretch in the water and a L may look more flattering on but once wet you may have a saggy tush. 

One last photo, Cattle Skulls obsessed and adored.. 

Necklaces by: bison by Fawning In Love on Etsy 

Choker: Ettika Jewelry 

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  1. Any interest in selling bones top???

    1. Betsy,

      I'm sorry I just got this top a few weeks ago and have only worn it a few times. I had originally ordered a L but then signed up for an email alert when the XL would be back in stock, as soon as I was alerted to the XL being in stock I got it, so I got super lucky because I have been told many wait for awhile for their sizes to come in and this print won't be restocked so now it's returns or if one comes back from a store. Check out eBay, poshmark, and other sites similar. I just got the birds of prey suit in a XL top and M bottom for $60 new worn only to try on. Super excited. Hope you are able to find it. Do you need a XL? I will keep an eye out for you. I have a large top and it fits pretty good depending on what size you are, they are made to be adjusted in the back. Thank you for passing by my blog and fingers crossed you are able to find the bones top. Again let me know what size you need and I will check around for you. I'm always hunting online and have a few amazing stores you can check. Try Diane's beachwear and also Nomad Chic Mexico. Then be sure to sign up for a email when they stock your size it worked for me. Have a great week xoxo