Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ettika Jewelry Contest

My original Ettika blog post from April 2016 you will see this person posted same style photo of choker photo taken April 25-27 on wood slice. This was taken by me prior to their post. Have all proof on my social media and right here on my blog 

Ettika Jewelry

For those of you who are on Instagram you may have seen the contest Ettika Jewelry had to win your wish list from Saks. I was so excited to discover I had been picked as one of the winners of this awesome contest. I received my prize recently and I'm so in love with this choker that I have two more in my cart to add to my collection for stacking or layering. 

Above is my beautiful Turquoise and gold Ettika, Still surprise you choker which retails for $30. They have so many amazing pieces to pick from. I paired it with a handmade crystal necklace made by one of my favorite Etsy shops that you can find under my fave shops in side bar, Fawninginlove. 

Stacked star choker available at 

Stacking my Surprise you still choker with the Lucia choker, and both can double as a bracelet, then I wear my beaded chokers as anklets also. 

You can get your Lucia choker at FreePeople online and in stores. 

Role Player tan choker available at 

One more late addition shot of my Role Player Choker from, I am beyond excited to have not only won the Surprise you still choker in the Saks and Ettika contest but I am so honored to have been contacted and chosen to become an Ettika Review Team member. I really love this brand and their jewelry is amazing. Keep an eye out for more styles and looks on my social media. 

A few more of my favorites below and of course a link to their site using my link.

Be sure to follow them on Instagram and Twitter @Ettika.

Link for

Happy shopping xoxo and make sure to dress your neck as lovely as the rest of you. 

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  1. TrendyTeenLatinaJuly 19, 2016 at 2:37 AM

    I ordered some of these after seeing your post on social media about the $15 special. Love your style and love these beaded chokers thanks for inspiring me.