Thursday, April 7, 2016

Teekinis by Betty Bangs

Betty Bangs Bikinis
The original Teekinis 

Many years ago I met one of our dear friends ex's and she is an amazing super talented designer. She makes the most amazing swimwear line here in South Florida. She is super awesome and has a one of a kind wild child personality. Little bit hippie, gypsy, free spirit bad a@* chick. I loved her from the moment we met. I remember meeting up when I worked at the Hard Rock bartending for a fun afternoon with the boys and Beth arrived before long we were doing shots and riding the bull at Tequila Ranch, another spot I later worked briefly before finding out I was pregnant with my second child. 

Now fast forward a few years and she had told me about her love for fashion back then and how she use to cut up her tee shirts and make super cool bikinis because she couldn't find anything that was her style. She was so creative and talented. I later saw her line and was so amazed at these creations. I have always had a love for graphic tees especially band tees and she was making these killer sexy bathing suits out of tee shirts. Every teekini was hand cut from tee shirts and sewn by hand by Beth. She would hand apply all the rhinestone and live every suit from her home or studio using her sewing machine. Info course had to have one of these suits for myself.

Not long after her line started and was becoming very popular I was pregnant so I was not going to spend money on a suit until I got my pre baby body back by as soon as I did I contacted her and she sent me the Ay Dios Mio suit. When it arrived I was blown away this hand made suit was so gorgeous, and the details were just amazing. You would never know this suit was handmade and that it started out as a tee shirt. She used this amazing lining then hand studded and blinged out the details in the suit. It is hands down the best bikini I have ever owned. Not just the quality but the original unique style, and detail is amazing. She also had the cutest packaging my bikini came with an old vintage looking hotel key, with all the suits information and care instructions it was such a cute and totally Betty detail.

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Check out her IG page @BettyBangsBikinis 

I of course wanted many more but then over time we lost touch because her suits became so popular and her business got so busy. I reached out to her last summer but right around swim week here in Florida so she was super busy prepping her booth and getting ready that I dint want to be a bother but I am reaching out to her this summer with my fingers crossed she will have time to make me a suit. 

Her teekinis are her trademark suits. Like I mentioned above every suit is hand cut from vintage tees and then she had studs them then sews in a lying to each suit. These suits are totally wearable for the pool and beach. Below are some of my favorite styles. I have always been a huge Kiss fan for those who don't know and love Gene Simmons so her Kiss and Gene Simmons suits are some of my faves. I literally love them all, to pick one is almost impossible. If I was rich I would kit early spend thousands and have her custom make me like ten suits.

You can also get the teekinis without the bling or rhinestones if you don't like blinged out suits or if you want to save a little cash. Her suits start around $140 for the no studs teekinis and then go up from there. You can get a fully hand studded one of kind style suit for $250 give or take a few bucks but it is worth every dime. You can even have the creative Ms. Betty Bangs make you a suit also. Trust me you won't be disappointed. She is so cool and kind you will really get a hoot out of her personality then when you get your suit you will wonder why you never got a suit from her before.

She not only makes the teekinis but she also has some Lycra suits and these short cute denim bottoms that if I wasn't shy I would so be rocking them. Take me back to 18-25 and these would be my go to bottoms not just on the beach but all summer. She is basically a creative genius and her style is for sure a total rocker, gypsy and hippie bohemian vibe. They are so my style I literally like I mentioned above would kill for one of every style she has designed. I have never seen a suit she has created or designed I didn't absolutely love. 

Above are some of her more recent styles in the Lycra material. The Desperado is a favorite and I am obsessed with feathers, she has a falcon high waisted suit that the top is feathers and I am so in love with it. 

Be sure to head over to IG and follow my girl @Bettybangsbikinis and make sure to tell her Melissa sent you. Her website is Betty Bangs Bikinis I will be adding a link under my favorite shops in my sidebar on the desktop version of this blog. I plan to add several of her Lycra and Teekinis along with some of her separates to my fashion trends tab above for must have summer styles and favorite trends for the beach. 

Hope you enjoy my favorite local bikini designer and I can't wait to share my custom suit fingers crossed she will be able to find to time this summer to make me one. Sadly I don't fit in my old suit she sent me, I had lost all my weight after my second child five to six years ago and was a size 00/1 but still larger busted, the top is even a little small on me now since gaining weight but I was a little tiny back then and also younger. This was also before my many health issues that have caused me to gain more weight then I would like but I am at the age now where I like to have some curves and to me the perfect size for my taller height being 5'8 is a 5-8 anything smaller I look a little sickly plus my 16 year old is taller then me and she isn't no size zero anymore, she works out, cheers and is a police explorer so she is always training or working out. She is in fabulous shape and she is a size 9/10 but looking at her you would never know. Size is just a number it's all about how we feel about ourselves and I personally feel sexier being more curvy then I did when I was s skinny little girl. I embrace my womanly curves how ever being larger busted can be a pain in the neck come bikini season or other fashion pieces can be hard to find. Like button down tops and one pieces like dresses or jumpers/rompers are a mission luckily I know an amazing seamstress since I have to always order several sizes up to fit my bust so have to take in the waist area so it is not looking like a frumpy sack on me. Lol. 

Again I hope you will check out my girl Beth's amazing and unique suits. Make sure you tell her Melissa, Kenny's friend sent you. That way she knows you saw my blog post or social media posts sharing her amazing designs and site. Excited that summer is so close and can't wait to share even more of my favorite fashion styles and designers for summer looks and designs. I have many more amazing posts coming. Thanks for the love and support. Also thank you to everyone for all the continued love and likes on IG, I have reached over 13K followers and climbing then the amazing kind comments and likes make me smile. I truly am so thankful and honored. Cheers to the weekend which is almost here, peace and love always 


  1. CaliforniadreaminBGApril 7, 2016 at 1:48 PM

    These are awesome thanks for sharing been looking for something different for summer, I wanted something no one else would own at the beach and I think I found some amazing choices

    1. I'm so happy you like them. I think the same way this year I want to have my own unique suit also something no one I know has. These are amazing and wait till you see them in person, the teekinis are made out of tee shirts with a swimsuit lining so they are different then any suit you have ever seen or owned. The owner is super cool also known her for many years, she is so talented. Make sure to tell her Melissa sent you xoxo