Friday, April 22, 2016

Summer Must Haves Pt. 1, What's inside my beach bag.

Hey y'all summer is almost here and my countdown started right after spring break. But to kick off the official countdown to summer I'm going to be doing several posts on my summer must have items. Starting off my posts with, What's inside my beach bag. Today covering SPF and skin care items I like to carry in my beach bag. My favorite SPF line is by Ocean Potion. My hubby works for a company where he use to work outside all day and they provided the Ocean Potion products to him for sun protection. After using this line for years and trying other drug store brands it is hands down my favorite line and only line I trust for protecting my family and my own skin during long term exposure to the sun. 

Number one when going to the beach or living in South Florida is protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Not only does the sun cause skin damage and cancer but also can cause early aging.

Ocean potion has a full line of products that are amazing and smell so good. I use the zinc oxide face cream and always wear a hat of some form while at the beach to protect my face and hair as well. We also have the lotion SPF 50 but we prefer the spray form of the Broad Spectrum SPF 50 with vitamin D3 for nourishing the skin, it is easy to apply and is water proof. Their line not only protects your skin but nourishes the skin helping to prevent aging or dryness from the sun. 

The hat in my photo I got at the dollar tree a couple of years ago and have two styles. This style is a little smaller around the brim but protects your face and hair from the harmful rays of the sun. Target has some amazing hats in their dollar section for $3 from a wide brim hat to fedoras.  I always carry a few hats and multiple Ocean Potion products. We also use the lip protection stick because our lips are sensitive to the sun also and nothing worse then having a sun burn on your lips. Make sure to protect every inch of your skin. 

Coming up next will be more of my summer must haves from inside my beach bag. I will have my Sand Cloud towel collection along with all the reasons they are my go to for summer towels, also a 25% off code for Sand Cloud so you can stock up on the newest styles that are not only good for laying out or drying off but make the cutest and most stylish sarong/beach wraps. You can always go to their site and use my code Wanderlust25 to save 25% off plus 10% of proceeds from every purchase goes to protecting and saving marine life. 

Other beauty and skin care items I always carry in my bag are a wide tooth comb and wet brush, a leave in conditioner that I apply after I swim to my hair then brush through for detangling then conditioning my hair while in the sun. The salt water dries out the hair, if I decide to wet my hair in the ocean I always make sure to rinse it in the shower then apply a dime size amount of Bella & Grace Moroccan Argan oil mask to my hair to help detangle my hair with the wide tooth comb, then I will brush the conditioner into my hair good using my wet brush and then clip hair up in my hat or wrap with a towel so that the heat from the sun will help penetrate the conditioner into my hair. This way not only am I able to detangle but condition my hair while relaxing at the beach. I also use a foot lotion after using the sand to exfoliate my skin on the bottom of my feet. I don't have a favorite brand yet but have tried many and currently am using a line from Israel a friend gave me using salt from the Dead Sea. 

use code Melissa20 for 20% off Grace & Stella website, link below

Grace & Stella conditioning mask is perfect for using at or after the beach to replenish moisture and restore shine to your hair. Make sure to protect your hair as well as your skin from the sun. The Wet Brush is amazing it is the best brush for managing hair that is prone to tangling without snapping or breaking it. I also recommend using a wide tooth comb. This helps to make sure the conditioner is evenly distributed throughout your hair. Once I am home I will rinse the conditioning mask out then splash with cold water to add some shine. 

Tomorrow we are planning to hit the beach of the weather holds up and will have photos with part 2 of what is inside my bag as well as what necessities I take to the beach. Having kids I usually have a lot of items so I have a beach cart with built in removable cooler bag, it is awesome and great when my hubby isn't home to go with us. It can be hard lugging chairs, bag, toys, cooler and other items from the car to the beach but my cart I got at Sam's club last year works great. It has large tires that roll over the sand and plenty of room for beach toys, chairs, umbrella, blankets and towels, noodles or floats for the water, snacks and drinks inside the removable cooler, and much more. Can't wait to show you this amazing must have beach item. Also will show you the inexpensive cord free speaker we have that for music lovers is a must. We have tried so many different speakers and devices for our iPhones but this blue tooth speaker was inexpensive and works so good. 

Hope everyone had a happy Earth Day, and enjoy the weekend. Xoxo 

Where to shop:

Ocean Potion can be found at Target, Walmart, CVS and Walgreens along with many other popular retail stores.

Grace and Stella conditioning mask can be found at  use code Melissa20 for 20% off all items.

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