Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My favorite jeans

Silver Jeans Co.

For a while now I have been working on sharing my favorite brand jeans with everyone. I share them weekly sometimes daily with my ootd posts on social media. Wanted to really dedicate a new post on my blog to my favorite brand jeans. 

I wore their Tuesday boot cut jeans in distressed look for years. I had several sizes and every color or look they came out with. Over the years I have always bought Silver jeans before most brands not just because I love the way they fit but because they last forever. I still own and wear my old Tuesday jeans and they are over ten years old or right around that. 

They make everything from skinny, flare, boot cut, boyfriend, cropped/Capri style and shirts of course. I even have a couple skirts that are amazing. Every pair fit amazing and are made of the most amazing quality denim. 

Silver jeans Flare style.

Silver jeans Capri/cropped jeans.

You all know how I love my ripped and distressed jeans, the more distressed and torn the better for me, I love how the secure the ripped areas so they don't eventually become one large hole over time. 

These capris have the patch under the hole which I also really love. 

These are just a few recent shots of my Silver jeans with a couple shots of some of my favorite styles. If I am not wearing the Tuesday, Aiko or Suki style then I am for sure in a pair of boyfriend jeans. No matter which style I am wearing they fit amazing and look great. I am going to add some shopping links below once I charge my laptop. Also you can find a link to the Silver Jeans website in my favorite shops in the side bar. Right now be sure to check out their newest jean short styles for summer. I am psyched to get my new boyfriend shorts to wear and review for all of you. Have a wonderful weekend xoxo 

Where to shop:

i recommend buying them direct from Silver Jeans link is above and in my favorite shops are you can click here to go direct to their site.

You can also find many styles at


  1. You always wear the cutest shirts and jeans I'm happy you shared your favorite jeans going to try these. Never worn or bought this brand before excited to try their boyfriend shorts and a pair of gray jeans that look amazing. Great share and blog

  2. Another prior post before this person accused me of stealing their content this post alone proves I'm the victim not the person making the false claims