Sunday, April 24, 2016

Summer Must Haves Pt. 2, Beach Necessities

 Hey there y'all.  What a perfect weekend for the beach.  I'm going to share more of my beach necessities, these are my favorite items. Some items I am almost due for replacements, like my beach chairs. After a year or two the sun and salt water will start to wear the chairs down but they are worth every dime for all the use I get out of them. Some can be used as a bag, I have back pack beach chairs, these have a lot of metal so they rust from the salt water faster but I have had these for seven years or longer. I usually hit Walmart and pick up 2-3 new chairs every summer and sometimes when I am thinking about it I will look at the end of summer when school starts for sale or clearance chairs. 

Chair is from Sam's Club by Nautica has a side zipper pouch that is also insulated and holder which I recently broke. Chair is almost two years old so almost time for a new one. This one can lay all the way back flat for optimal tanning. Wanderlust tie dye sand cloud towel covering chair. 

love to layout on a blanket so I can get full sun and my Sand Cloud denim XL blanket towel is ideal. This large oversized Turkish beach towel easily will fit 3-4 adults comfortably, it also is perfect for concerts with general admission lawn style seating. 

Pictured Sand Cloud XL denim blanket towel, coral pillow towel and tie dye towel bag. 
Sand Cloud towels are perfect for many reasons for your beach day, because they are multi purpose. All you need is one towel and you can have something to layout on, dry off with (towels dry fast the Turkish material air dries in minutes.)  store your personal items in the zipper pouch, wrap around your waist or bust to cover up ( towels are stylish patterns, colors and tie dye look like stylish wraps), and the towels all roll up small to fit in your beach bag without taking up the room normal beach towels will. I carry 3-5 towels every trip, I bring one per person, then my large blanket towel and my pillow towel, the pillow towel has a removable pillow and is perfect for my little one to nap on the sand under the umbrella.  Use code Wanderlust25 for 25% off your own towel. 

Pictures Wanderlust tie dye towel tied at side as a sarong or skirt. code Wanderlust25 to save 25% off 

That brings me to the umbrella you have to have at least one umbrella for every 2-3 people who come to the beach with you. When we have large gatherings with friends and family we bring the pop up canopy. Shade is crucial specially when the sun is so hot, by noon it is 90-98 here specially the end of July which is our hottest month. Kick in high humidity and the beach can be torture if you don't have the right items to keep you cool, covered, comfortable and hydrated. 

Normally I bring my beach cart with me when my hubby works. This has a cooler that you can remove and has a strap to carry as a bag. This is cool for when you don't take the cart you can detach it and carry it like your beach bag. It is insulated and we have a bunch of ice packs to keep drinks or sandwiches cool. I always recommend bringing waters, Gatorade or sports drinks and juices. When we go for longer then 2 hours I like to pack sandwiches and fruit. 

I will add photos of my beach cart from Sam's club last spring. I have seen them at Walmart also. They have large plastic tires to drive over the sand, usually a mesh large bag for taller items like noodles, floats and beach toys. Has a shorter front area by the cooler for your items you need quick access to and bags. The beach chairs hook on the side, it has an arm like handle that sticks out perfect for 4-6 chairs. They built in a pocket and Velcro for holding your umbrella. I also use the tall pocket area for my extra umbrella. Of course then you have the cooler that attaches to the side where your handle is. This is the best $40 you will spend. Especially if you have kids. 

I have many beach bags, from Michael Kors and Tory Burch straw bags to Juicy Couture Terry beach totes but I usually use one of the many free beach totes j get from Victoria Secret. Some of them are really cute and don't mind getting them dirty. The bag has to have room for my small wristlet I bring with my money, ID, and personal items, 3-5 sand cloud towels, hair stuff, sunblock, small hair tie bag with items for putting hair up, blue tooth speaker for phone to play music, and more. 

Pictures Lily Pulitzer green bag with scarf from Target. Filled with some of my Sand Cloud collection. 

Blue tooth wireless speaker for your phone or iPod is a must. We have tried the amplified style ones that have no power you set your phone on this plastic cool shaped stand and it makes the sound amplify, then we have the hamburger speaker but need cord to plug the phone into speaker. Best $20 you will spend is the Jam wireless Bluetooth speaker my daughter got as a gift. When we forget the speaker I have to have music so will lay my phone by my head to listen. Music is a MUST HAVE, no exceptions. 

When ordering from use my code Wanderlust25 and you will receive 25% off your order and 10% of proceeds from every order is donated to protecting and saving marine life. Got to love that.

Don't forget fun in the sun, you can't go to the beach especially with kids without toys or fun stuff for the beach and water. We have body boards, pool noodles, large tubes and floats, soccer ball, bouncy ball, paddles and ball, volleyball  and more. We also have buckets that come with shovel, tools and different molds for building sand castles and other fun sand creations. 

This week will be covering more summer fashion and beach must haves so keep checking. Also have a feature on a favorite tee shirt and graphic designer I discovered online, Patty Palazzo of Punk Masters. Just finished typing up the post and will be posting shortly. Hope you had an amazing weekend. Xoxo 

Weekend fun photos, after the beach on Sunday Funday we went in the pool to cool off and I had worn my Pebby Forevee muscle tank over my Target tie dye fringe bikini. 

What a beautiful weekend it was for the beach. Water was crystal clear and the waves weren't crazy. Almost calm most of the day till right before we left. 

Started this post Saturday morning but didn't finish until Sunday evening sorry for the delay. More to come on beach,  summer must haves and fashion. Love summer time always excited for the fun in the sun time of year. Counting the days till June 9. Only 44 days to go. 😉

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