Monday, April 4, 2016

Monday mood

Monday's are never fun unless it's summer time which I have been officially counting down the days till that alarm clock can be shut off and my mornings are filled with making breakfast with my girls, snuggling, sleeping in and afternoons at the beach. I can't wait.

Today I was suffering from a major migraine had all I could do to get going but when I did manage to grab some clothes out to where I decided to go with this cute crochet sleeve Pam & Gela top. Love the details in their styles always so many small cute details in their pieces that keep me going back to buy more. Planning to scoop up the last couple pieces from their spring collection and sale this payday if they have not sold out. I broke down and ordered the Optimist top I have wanted for months and then a few graphic tanks. 

Jeans are by Hollister, I am in love with their high waisted jeans and boyfriend jeans have been for a couple of years now thanks to my older daughter. I had to grab some of their cropped high waisted jeans for spring and let me tell you they fit amazing. Really flattering to all body types and love the frayed bottoms. Have them in several colors and also have the ones cut angled with fraying on the bottom. 

Shoes which you see in the above photos and below better are some Camoflauge sneakers that look almost exactly like a pair of Tom's I am stopped all the time and complimented on my camo Tom's but quickly correct them and tell them they were from Walmart. Only $5 on clearance last spring. So comfy and love how easy they are to wash. 

My purse is one I featured here months ago from Forever 21, I dressed it up with a purse clip which was a gift but found it it comes from Maurice's. 

Last up my jewelry. Only mentionable pieces here that you can find online are my armcandy. The beaded hand made bracelet is by @31ementsjewlery on Etsy and IG, be sure to check out her shop. I will be adding a link along with a full post soon. Also my ring and charm bracelets are Alex and Ani. 

Post my daughters and I did for the Mother's Day Alex and Ani contest 

Had fun taking these photos with my girls. Love them with all my heart. They are my sunshine in my life and my heart. They make all the small little stresses in life seem like exactly that small unimportant issues. I am so thankful and blessed to have them in my life. My #1 fans and supporters. Of course my amazing husband is also one of my top supporters. Even when the going gets tough they have my back and won't let be get down over anything. 

Have a fabulous week and praying my Botox injections for my migraines are found to start working was sore all last week and now going on three days of a total horrible migraine. Excited to be coloring my hair again the end of this week and to be able to bring some product reviews. I have an amazing Moroccan Argan Oil hair mask by Grace & Stella I have been using before my appointment to help restore my hairs shine and luster. It is amazing. I can't wait to share with you.. Also lots more fashion and beauty finds coming. Kisses to all xoxo 

Where to shop:  for jeans they are the cropped high waisted jeans with frayed bottom. Moroccan Argan Oil mask

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  1. I normally only read your posts and enjoy them haven't left any comments before but I have to say I love your Alex and Ani photo. It is gorgeous and such an amazing photo. I felt it deserved more then just a like on social media. Fabulous photo and layout. Really shows the mother daughter love. Good luck and again great photo. Enjoy your blog always