Thursday, April 7, 2016

Festival, Summer Lace and lace up looks...

Lace with summer is coming so fast I am getting excited. It is my favorite time of year. Nothing better then long days at the beach, summer road trips, BBQ's, pool parties, fireworks, and music festivals. I have been highlighting this week and last week some of my favorite looks or trends for this upcoming festival season as well as summer time... 

My last post was dedicated to the Festival F word fashion trends, this post were going to the end of the word festival for the L word looks. Lace is a huge trend as well as crochet pieces. You will also see the spring lace up shoes and sandals trend carrying over into the summer with open toe looks and gladiator style or height lace ups. Laces aren't just a hot trend of shoes right now but also on clothes. From lace up bodysuits, cropped tops and shirts with side laces, lace up shorts, if it has laces it's probably in style or trending right now. Again some more of my favorite styles I am picking to highlight from Forever 21. I pick Forever 21 because they are affordable and every one can budget for these pieces as well as they tend to have a lot of look alike styles from higher end designers or shops. 

Starting off my post with lots of lace up style shoes. These open lace up style sandals are super cute for summer. Available in multiple colors.

Gladiator style lace up sandals, which I live with a pair of cut off shorts, mini skirts and summer dresses. 

If you don't like having something all the way up your calf they have these shorter option lace up open sandals. 

Lace shorts with lace up waist. I really love all the lace up pieces for summer. I just got a bodysuit and a pair of side lace up denim shorts from Hollister for summer. 

Same shorts but front view and adore this open bell style long sleeve cropped top paired with the shorts, very boho festival vibes. 

Another cute lace pair of shorts with the lace up waist, also paired with a sheer light weight, long sleeve top with tie string neck. 

Loving these side scrunched lace up shorts. They also have a matching top, I personally am not a fan of matching pieces like this I would buy both pieces but pair them with different pieces not together. 

Love this cut reminds me of the Spell and the gypsy style shorts. Ordered a pair for the summer for the beach or fun summer parties and BBQ's.

Lace up rompers are very cute. I personally wouldn't recommend a romper or body suit unless it has the snaps, for a music festival because trying to remove these after being hot and sweaty inside a porta potty isn't something I want to have to do. I want to be in and out of those porta toilets as fast as possible if I can possibly just avoid them all together lol. 

Rompers are great for the summer and this floral one is perfect now for spring time. Sheer lightweight material so it wouldn't be to hot for summer. 

Lace up front body suit in black. They also have a lot of varieties of cropped tops and tanks with lace up front detail.

This tank was one of my favorite styles with the side laces. Perfect for pairing with a fringe skirt from my previous post or as pictured with cut off shorts.

Closeup of the lace details on the light weight cropped tank. 

Lace top dress with lace up front detail. This dress also comes in black if you aren't feeling tan enough for white, I love to wear white over the because it does compliment my summer sun kissed skin perfectly making me look more tan then I am. As I get older I try not to get to much sun if only I had listened to my Aunts and mom when I was a teen and in my twenties lol. 

Last up I loved this tie neck low cut body suit with zip up faux suede mini skirt. Figured since it has the tie neck and low cut neckline it could fall into my L post. 

Hope you love and enjoy my L word Sumer or festival style pieces from Forever 21. Below will be links to all the items I can find on my widget you can also go to the Forever 21 website and click on their festival muse section for all these styles or looks. Enjoy browsing and I promise there are many other pieces I didn't pick just because my post would be five pages long. 

Aren't you attending any cool music festivals in your area? If so which ones? Which bands are playing? We go to the annual weekend festival in Jacksonville Florida called, Rockville. It's a two festival with 3-4 stages of bands. Don't forget all these styles are perfect for summer time. 

Peace, love and rock n roll always. Xoxo

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