Sunday, November 29, 2015

Weekend Wanderlust wear

I want to start off by saying, I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I had a lovely time with my family and enjoyed decorating our tree Friday. Still a lot of decorating to do with lights on the outside and little things inside but this year keeping it simple since things have been rather hectic lately. I am very excited for Christmas break with my daughters and some time to unwind without so much on my plate. I have made several New Years resolutions already for the upcoming year and really looking forward to all that is to come. Looking back on 2015 I had so many amazing experiences and memories that I can't imagine what is to come for 2016. Hopefully lots of wonderful new memories and adventures✨ I am open to just about anything new and ready to really spread my wings this year. I feel like as my children get older I am really starting to enjoy the time I have for me.  After several years of being a stay at home mom on and off, I have learned over time it is okay to make time for myself and focus on me instead of just being mom. Through this experience I have truly become happy with who I am and trust me for a couple years there I was lost trying to find out what I wanted to do, but life has this funny way of always working itself out. If things are meant to be they happen. I really believe if you are a kind and good person great things happen.  I am so grateful for all the support and kindness that has been extended to me by not just my blog readers but by the many amazing people I have met from school, work, and social media.  Now onto my weekend wanderlust and fun fashion.

Yesterday we decided to head over to a local market that has lots of booths from food, hand made items and more. I always love to visit the local markets and support local small businesses. I found some amazing gifts for the holidays along with some great produce and fresh made bread. 

My Saturday look was casual wearing my Wanderlust graphic tee from Tilly's paired with some American Eagle skinny jeans with torn knees and a long knit duster I got on clearance from Pacsun. I finally broke out my canvas tote I got last spring from Forever21, last time I used this was over the summer on our family trip. I love the feather graphic and deer head pin. Canvas totes are great for taking shopping because they are light weight yet large enough to carry your purchases as well.  The gorgeous arrowhead necklace I am wearing is made by Simply Quinn's and I will post the link to her etsy shop below along with a code for 20% off for my blog readers. Bracelets are Alex and Ani then my shorter necklace was a three piece set from Pacsun. 

Above these gorgeous bracelets are from Rose Gonzales designs and I actually won these off a contest she had on Instagram. I love the colors and that they can be worn mixed and matched with many of my other pieces. 

On Friday we had to purchase a new fake tree for the house, it seems last year both trees we own decided to have some of the lights go out. They didn't have the feature where one light burns out and the rest stay on sadly so I had to make do last year adding a strand of lights to the areas that were burnt out. It wasn't easy to find a tree we liked, I didn't want to spend $200 but at the same time I like a full realistic looking tree. We always had real trees until we discovered my daughter was allergic and my cat decided he wanted to eat the needles. We had a gorgeous tree for our living room we got after Christmas almost ten years ago for $30 that retailed for over $200 but since we needed one right away I went with a 7.5 foot tree Walmart had on sale for Black Friday. It was only $70 and looks amazing. It isn't as wide as I like but after Christmas I hope to find one like my last one, I saw one perfect already at Walmart with clear lights for $199 hopefully they will have some left then I will use this one in my family room. We usually do two trees haven't decided if I am doing that this year since I am keeping it simple, but my family room is a smaller area and this new tree is beautiful with both white and colored lights, it would work perfect there. We plan to donate the two trees we have to families in need that don't have a tree along with some ornaments and lights. Every year we enjoy the local adopt a family holiday programs, also my girls school adopts a family for each class. I know the trees will be very appreciated by someone. 

My Friday outfit was this fall graphic tee by Robby and Dee Studio on Etsy paired with my Walmart flannel, Rag and Bone elephant bell jeans and Pacsun necklace. 

Above photo was taken after my daughter had applied my makeup the day before and was back to my natural self for Friday. It was awesome to see how much she knows about makeup and to have a glam look for the holiday. I really did enjoy it and I am more open to having her do my makeup in the future for fun. 

After we had the tree up I decided it was time for some comfy clothes to decorate the tree so after a shower I threw on this soft vintage graphic tee with a buffalo. It is an old tee so I don't have a link for this tee but I will find some close styles for anyone who likes Buffalo/Bison as much as I do and add to the link below. I paired it with some tie dye gray sweats by Pam & Gela, love this brand. I purchase 90% off my collection off eBay then the other 10% off their site when they have sales. For Black Friday I ordered several graphic tees, a black dress, camo skirt and some more jogger style bottoms. They have the best tees and tanks. I love all their designs. 
Use my link for 20% off Pam & Gela

My Tilly's floral dress with thigh/knee height slouch socks and suede black boots. Boots are Steve Madden and very old, dress and socks are from Tilly's. The necklaces are Forever21 and Blackblackmoon. 

Love this dress it's cute with leggings or tall socks and boots. 

I paired it with my shaggy fringe best here for a more bohemian look. 

Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. Xoxo 

 ( Sorry for typos I left up over night had proofed it for misspellings but did not read the entire post over and a lot of my did were turned to didn't, I recently got the new iPhone 6s plus and I am still getting use to my keyboard and auto correct is always the worse on my phone.  I am working hard to make sure typos are corrected and all posts are proof read, everyone makes mistakes.  Also I am not a writer so I try to post more photos and links lol)

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  1. How cute is that dress, love it. Saw your post during the week and was waiting for you to post this dress on. Beautiful.

    1. Thank you will have more details tonight. I am loving Tilly's right now I have loved their clothes for awhile but right now they have some really adorable stuff check out their site. Have a great weekend xoxo

  2. Tilly's has some amazing dresses and flannels right now I have to agree with you. I have the pink lace dress you posted last week. I also have a dress almost exact to this just the flowers are slightly different. I was looking for ideas of ways to style it for a Christmas party and love your look with the vest. I know you always mention you love to hear feed back from your followers and usually I have a hard time leaving comments but wanted to try so I could let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I have followed you on Instagram for some time and only realized you had a blog recently thought it was ironic when I googled for ideas for my dress your blog came up. Would love to see you wear the dress with leggings like you mentioned it is chilly where I live and I think that would look really cute. I am having a hard time following your blog through google plus, it won't allow me I have been following through bloglovin instead. Happy holidays

    1. Not sure why my google plus name doesn't show up waiting for you to post the comment because it makes me use anonymous. Maybe because I am using my phone. My name is Beth and I am from Canada

    2. Thank you Beth, I have heard a lot of people mention now that they have issues with posting comments. Funny because I have had a series of not so kind comments that they seem to have no issue leaving lol, hate to think real readers have issues. I am happy you enjoy my blog and my choices of pieces I have posted. I am happy you took the time to leave your comments and not sure why it isn't registering with your name. I will notify Google I already have them working on some other issues for me so maybe they can fix the comment feature. Again thank you for your kind words and I will be wearing this dress with leggings soon, I tried them on today with the dress and love the look. It is opposite where I live it's actually warm but I am use to that. I have family in Canada by Prince Edward Island it's beautiful. Hope you also have a Dliteful and happy holiday. Ty again for your support and kind words xoxo ✌️❤️

    3. Happy the message got through and you are so welcome. Have a happy Monday.