Monday, November 16, 2015

Perfect Fall Sweater and Shoe game

Monday blues, not today. Found out I won some bracelets on IG and then my Fashion Junkee package arrived. 

I was so excited they sent me this gorgeous rust color, cowl neck, chunky knit sweater. It is gorgeous and really I see myself wearing this a lot this winter. 

Looked gorgeous with my vintage watch necklace from Exalted Heights and bohemian wrap bracelet from Bohemian Vibe boutique. Below I will post links to all items. 

Paired it with a pair of my Jbrand jeans  with ripped knees and the black ballet flats. Looked amazing and really trendy for fall or winter. Luckily living in south Florida these shoes can be worn year round. 


Above are the ballet flats that I posted about last week, they are amazing. Love them. They fit very good, run true to size and are very comfy. Can't wait to style these with jeans, skirts and more. They retail for $25 link below.  These flats also come in camel, brown color on the site.

Wanted to add this photo below with some leggings I found at Forever21 that match the sweater perfectly.

Also found the gold necklace at Forever21 and a pretty rust color stone, triangle necklace that sits perfectly right on my collar bone and can be seen with the fold over neck of this sweater excellent. I got all the items in the store not online but they should have them on the website also. I will look tomorrow and if they have them I will put up links. 

Hope you enjoyed my quick post and links below to find items. Be sure to check out the entire site at they have awesome sweaters, accessories, jeans, dresses and so much more. I always have at least 5-10 items on my wish list between paydays lol. Happy Monday. Xoxo ✌️❤️

( Huge Thank you to Fashion Junkee for the lovely sweater and flats, they are my new faves. Always fast shipping and the best customer service) 

Where to find:

Thank you and hope the links help.  Also some amazing sales, the J Brand jeans are marked down over 50% off I am going to order another pair myself, I got them for $94 but $79 is awesome. Love bargains and finding deals on fashion.  XOXO


  1. I purchased this same sweater in a beige tone they only had cream or the darker beige color at the store I found them. Love this color. Do they have a facebook or Instagram page? Wanted to get a promo code if they have any. Love your shoes also those are very cute. We have similar style and taste. You should check out this blogger Coren that I follow, will send you a link to your email. You will love her blog and she also has a shop. Enjoy your week

    1. Stephanie,

      Thank you so much. I love the rust color, this shop also had the other cream and tan or beige colors. They have the cutest stuff and always have promo codes. You just missed the Veteran's day sale but I am sure they will have something for Thanksgiving and black friday is so close. I will check my email later after dinner to see the blog you mentioned. I always love to follow and find new bloggers with cool style. Working as a stylist bloggers inspire me more than anything. Really the bloggers out there are amazing some are so talented and have such a great eye for fashion. I have a bunch of my own faves. I like to blog for fun but hope to one day have more time to get a domain and really grow my blog. I have dreams of what I want my blog to look like and what I want to do with it but it isn't easy. I have been lucky to meet some great shops and designers though social media along with Etsy, EBay and Amazon. I feel blessed. Ty again for your comment made me smile and hope you have a fab week ✌️❤️

    2. Also forgot to say they do have FB and IG @Fashionjunkeedotcom. Ty again

  2. Searching for lace up ballet flats I was brought to your blog, I love your flats and I really like this sweater. I have been reading your blog since stumbling upon it early this am and have really enjoyed all your posts. Thank you for sharing and all the details I am happy I found your blog. Happy holidays

    1. Good morning and thank you for your kind words. I am so happy you found my blog and even happier that you enjoy it. I love fashion, decor and more than anything I love sales or bargains. Hope you enjoy your flats and be sure to look at their other items, they have so many trendy items. The sweater is amazing and so comfy. Ty again and same to you, have a happy holiday season. Xoxo ✌️✌️